1. B

    For Sale  Sell all my fish, Bass, and pacu

    Orino bass 18 plus he’s huge, slight scaring on face it’s (nothing contagious) I’ve had him over a year and a half and he’s been like that since I got him. X2 Azul Bass, I’ve I’m not mistaken one is a male and one is female. 13-14 inches and healthy 1 black Pacu 11 inches. 1 albino Pacu 6-7...
  2. B

    For Sale  Bass for sale or trade

    2 azuls both 12+ 1 Huge orino 2 pacu 1 albino 1 black looking to trade or just sell all of them
  3. K

    For Sale  12”-14” Monoculus Peacock Bass

    She is eating frozen shiners and shrimp. I unfortunately don’t have space for her anymore.
  4. J

    For Sale  Albino Arowana & Kelberi Bass for sale

    Hello, Selling the following below: -Albino Arowana - 18-20 inches $650 -Kelberi Bass - 12 inches $100 -Large Scale Archer - 2-3 inches $20 Prices Negotiable
  5. J

    For Sale  Selling Albino Arowana, Kelberi Bass, Datnoid..

    Selling the following: - Albino Arowana 20” $650 - Datnoid 8-10” $120 - Kelberi Bass 12-14” $100
  6. B

    For Sale  Big Peacock Bass

    I have 2 azul bass both are 14inches very healthy fish and 1 bass that’s 18 inches and very big . looking to sell all 3 for 280$ obo might sell separately but depends on what the offer is, if Interested let me know and I’ll leave you my number for more info
  7. T

    Want to Buy  Looking for Large Fish

    Looking for Larger Fish for a 8,000 gallon plus Willing to meet or I am able to pickup at airport
  8. B

    For Sale  Large azuls and rip saw cat

    2 large azuls for sale asking 100$ per fish or 180$ for both. They are both around 13 inches and i believe one is a male and one is a female. also have big ripsaw catfish he’s around 18-20 inches asking 125$ for him. If you are interested in all 3 we could work out a deal I just need them gone...
  9. B

    For Sale  2 azul bass 13 inches

    I have a pair of azul bass for sale asking 220 for both. I also have other fish as well including a large Ripsaw catfish and a bigger bass. Also willing to trade for smaller more exotic bass or any smaller albino arowana+ cash
  10. M

    For Sale  6"-7" Peacock Bass $65 and 3" Yellow Flagtail for $90

    Not sure what of type of peacock bass. I'm no expert. 6"-7" Peacock Bass $65 and 3" Yellow Flagtail $35 or take both for $90. Healthy eating pellets and shrimp. Not interested in trade. Venmo or exact cash pls. Not free. my bad lol
  11. J

    For Sale  Leucistic peacock bass

    This is rare beautiful leucistic peacock bass that was caught in Coral Springs florida
  12. J

    For Sale  Leucistic Peacock Bass

    This is rare beautiful leucistic peacock bass that was caught in Coral Springs florida
  13. B

    Want to Buy  Want to buy bass

    Looking for some 10-12 inch bass..
  14. Benthebassmaster

    Smallmouth bass tank size

    I know a large mouth bass needs at least like a 8 ft tank but does a smallmouth need that much room. I was wondering if it could be in a 180 gallon tank
  15. LBDave

    Tetra Krill

    I feed FD krill to my pbass and sometimes my oscars. Silver dollars and Jurupari's also eat it. They love the Tera krill. But none of my fish will eat any other type/ brand of krill. The smell must be involved. After they have spit it out the first time they will not touch again. Days...
  16. L

    For Sale  4 Fogo peacock Bass 3-3.5"

    Hey guys I have 4 Fogo peacock bass for sale. Pickup Only, Willing to meet if within reasonable distance. 75$ per Bass or 350 for the group. One of the more rare species of Bass.
  17. C

    For Sale  Temensis Peacock Bass

    2 Temensis Peacock Bass available possible male and female pair about 6/7”
  18. Blakewater

    For Trade  Wild Brokopondo For Trade!

    Looking to trade my 4.5" Brokopondo for other decent quality cichla around 3.5-6.5". Only species I am not interested in are monoculus. Also possibly open to trading for certain plecos like L600s, L014s, L160's, etc. or a black arowana. Willing to drive up to 40 miles to meet. My broko is...
  19. Blakewater

    How Many Cichla Would You Stock in This Tank?

    No serious advice is needed but I wanted to hear some of our communities thoughts on this. I can't ask this question on any other group, however, due to the fact I'll get a bunch of unintelligible answers that're way off. So here's the question: How many Peacock Bass would you stock long term...
  20. L

    For Sale  4”-4.5” inch monoculus peacock bass

    Monoculus peacock bass Pm for more information !