1. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Is there a way to lower timidness in Piranhas?

    So I have heard that Piranha's are usually very timid in nature but was wondering what ways there are to counteract this other than adding more fish. Can interacting with them or having a certain environment do anything to change their timid nature?
  2. LBDave

    Splitting Up The Oscars (a story)

    For those that appreciate the behavior of oscars: As I have posted before I have 4 oscars. They grew up together since they were about 1.5". Now they are about 7" and I have moved them to a larger tank. The tank was not what I ordered. It's smaller than expected. (Which is a whole other...
  3. Zak03

    Baby Sun Cat Behavior

    Hey, I have a baby sun cat in a 40 gallon tank (will upgrade when he grows older). I did a water change today, and rearranged the rocks/decor, although keeping them in the same general area. PROBLEM: The sun cat keeps "freaking out". Swimming frantically against the back glass wall. Other days...
  4. C

    Gar Behavior

    Hello MFK, First time posting but have used MFK as a resource for quite a while. I did search but could not find an answer to this as it pertains to my setup: My Gar (sold to me as a Florida, I believe it is a spotted) goes through periods of pretty aggressive glass surfing. Swimming top to...
  5. Pitty27


    (I'm sorry if this is a repeat thread). Hey guys, I know there is a ton of stuff on Google about care and details on these wonderful little floppy discs, but I would really like to hear what everyone can say about their behavior from personal experiences. I've noticed some cues my pup will give...
  6. AG458

    Weekend Vibes

    My endli is absoultely DONE with the week and ready for the weekend :)(Should I post a tank update soon?)
  7. Kiryoku

    Are My Discus Showing Pairing Behavior?

    I have 1 larger discus and 1 smaller discus (barely larger and smaller about the same). I rehomed a discus from my girlfriends house which is the larger one, I went out and bought another one at my LFS. Me and the shop owner took the time to try our best to pick out the opposite gender based on...
  8. AG458

    Ok then...

    Just another normal day in my tank. What are some odd places you've found your polys in?
  9. N

    My rainbow doesn't want to eat...

    Hi. I want to ask. I just recently bought a 5 cm rainbow shark yesterday. I put him in my temporary 20 gal tank that already have 2,5 - 3 cm black tetra, which there are 3 of them and one leopard bush fish. I am not intending to add another fish since it is pretty much overstock i know. But he...
  10. mattybecks

    What are these polys doing?

    Hi guys, I have taken a video however this site dosnt seem to allow me to post it. So you only have a few pics. There are 2x polyeptrus Seneglaus in this 5ft 100gal, along with syndontis, Oscar and some SDs. So the Polys rub up right next to each other, top to tail, and start rubbing their...
  11. clm08k

    Poly being ostracized?

    My smaller female moke (moke 1)has been sitting in the left hand corner of the tank almost all day today. I saw her on the right side of the tank for a second. But the larger moke (moke 2) had the smaller mokes finlets in his mouth again. Moke 2 is so gentle, so it’s very bizarre. Over the past...
  12. AG458

    CK Needs Live?

    I recently bought Hikari sinking carnivore pellets for my fish. My juvenile pbass like loves them and eats them before they hit the ground. My pleco will try to eat them if they sink. However, my CK will not eat them. He's looking thinner than normal, and I don't want him to starve. I also don't...
  13. AG458

    Black Ear Shark Catfish Twitching?

    So this morning, I noticed my black ear shark catfish was twitching while swimming. He wasn't going crazy or anything; he was swimming very slowly, and every now and then he would make some jerky movements that were definitely not normal. His mouth would open whenever he twitched; it almost...
  14. AG458

    CK scraping on the ground?

    My CK, who I've had for around a month, has survived all of the water changes that occur during the first week of a new tank setup. Recently, he has started scraping his side on the ground. And before that, he developed a small bump on his left side. The fish store I bought him from told me that...
  15. AG458

    Black Ear Pangasius Going Nuts?

    So I've had my black ear pangasius for a little while now, and he is starting to gain confidence as a member of my tank. However, at random times, he'll go absolutely nuts for no reason. He will swim from one side of my tank to the other at lightning speed. He'll hit the glass so hard I can hear...
  16. AG458

    Nocturnal-only pleco?

    Hi guys- I bought a small pleco a while back-around 2 1/2 inches long-and he enjoys staying in the one cave (so far) in my tank. However, that's all he does during the day. He NEVER comes out. The only time he came out was the day I put him in my tank; he also only comes out at night. Is this...
  17. L

    Fish freaked out and hide/sink to bottom when light is turned on

    60gal 9 small/medium sunfish variety Fish all normally swim around and interact with us and thus far display normal behavior. Just yesterday they appear to have been spooked by an unknown cause erratically swimming around the bottom of the tank kicking up rock substrate almost in a frenzy...
  18. M

    Keyhole cichlid behavior

    I've noticed one of my keyholes will turn on its side and start nudging toward a select few of the other keyholes in the tank when they get near it. Does anyone know if this is a territorial behavior or a breeding behavior?
  19. Roberto G

    Few questions on Arapaima.

    Hello MFK! First of all, please don't turn this into a "why did you bought an arapaima in the first place?" kinda thread. This is my first arapaima but not my first monster fish, I've kept south-american and jardini arowanas before as well as some big catfish, so I have a slight idea of what...
  20. moe214

    Interesting behavior

    Just wanted to share some cool behavior my curu has been doing the last couple days, and wonder if anyone else ever noticed something similar. So my ornate bichir hides a lot, if you look at my old thread the two were practically inseparable and were always together, now whenever my bichir is...