1. S

    Albino bichor

    So here's the thing, I've had this little guy for about almost 2 months now but out of no where he got this big lump on his neck and I'm scared, I just wanted to get people's thoughts on it and what to do, also he has a white string coming from his gills and I think it's just skin but I doubt it
  2. G

    For Sale  Downsizing Various Fish

    Looking to downsize a little bit, potentially open to trades. Located in northeastern TN but can meet 27” wallago leeri - $350 OBO 24” Ripsaw - $250 2x 12” Ornate Bichirs - $150 each 6” Softshell turtle - $100 Various small green terrors, Jack Dempsey, Bala shark etc - 5$ each 8” albino Senegal...
  3. R

    Worm or Feeder Fish Breeding Setup?

    Which is better for providing the occasional treat of live food for several species of larger fish (oscars, clown knife, bichirs, Barbs..etc) and a more consistent dietary supplement for a red hi fin wolf fish? Starting thoughts are feeder tank will look more attractive and interesting in the...
  4. R

    Bichir “Peaceful” Tankmates

    Hey everyone (I know this is my third thread posted today; I have a lot of questions lol), but can you guys suggest tankmates that would be peaceful with my lapradei bichir. I have a 75 gallon and would like colorful and active fish since my bichir hides 70 percent of the time. I also have live...
  5. Justepic

    200 Gallon Fish with terrapin stocking?

    Possible ideas for a 200-gallon fish tank with 2 red ear sliders in it. Any of these fish work well or not? 1) Ornate bichir 2 oscars Fire Eel ( i...
  6. Ashan Kavinda

    Polypterus Congicus / Congo Bichir

    Some detailed pics of my WC Congicus 35cm+ 🖤🇱🇰🖤 For more follow -
  7. A

    For Sale  Del and endli bichir for sale

    Del 6-7” -$50 endli 7-8”- $60 Text me 562-309-1815 (moses)
  8. L

    What Bichir for a 160g/600L tank.

    Hello! Liaker here, I'm setting up a large paludarium project this this spring. The goal is to have a lovely view, but also hold a or some bischirs, while a semi aquatic lizard will hold the land. I am able to set up a 160+ gallon (600+Litre) worth of water in it. (Haven't built it yet so...
  9. K

    Need advice in tank requirement

    Can i keep bichir in this tank size in a long term.. Tank dimension 3.5ft (long) x 2ft(width) x 1ft(height) ?? My bichir : 2 delhezi & 1 endlicheri. They still in 6-7 inch size
  10. P

    Why my fishes acting weird? Please help me!

    Hi guys, I'm new here from Taiwan. Don't know if it's right to post this question here. I'm sorry If anything wrong. I have a 6*2*2.5 foot tank with one 1.5 foot silver arowana, one 1.5 foot alligator gar and a 1 foot Saddled bichir. They all just eat pellets and all acted normal until last...
  11. D

    For Sale  Arowana Peacock Bass Bichirs Fahaka Puffer For Sale

    I'm downgrading and looking to rehome a few things. The list as follow: 15" Silver Arowana (no drop eye) - $90 12" Monoculus Peacock Bass - $90 10-11" Temensis Peacock Bass - $75 3" Temensis Peacock Bass - 2x for $45 5-6" Ocellaris Peacock Bass - $35 7-8" Fahaka Puffer - $75 8-9" Delhezi Bichir...
  12. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  6”-10” Polypterus/Bichirs NORCAL

    Looking for 2-3 Polypterus currently between 6 and 10 inches. Preferably ones that get larger than 16” with an ornate or p.b.b. Being most wanted. Pm me with any offers and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Not looking to deal with shipping right now due to the holidays. Just meet ups or pickups...
  13. Ashan Kavinda

    Bichir Congo (Polypterus congicus)

    Its Happy to say that this image is officially posted on Facebook & instagram pages before i post it here !! 🖤🇱🇰🖤 follow below for more pics
  14. ptgabrys

    For Sale  Tarpon, pearl stingray, vaft, etc.

    All fish for sale are extremely healthy and eating a variety of foods including hikari, massivore, blood worms, tilapia, and market shrimp. I am only selling them because I am going a different direction with my tanks. Many of them have been in my care for a couple years or more, I care a lot...
  15. Jush

    Bichir Water

    Do Bichir prefer soft, medium or hard water with what ideal PH? I was thinking 3-6Kh with a Ph around 7-7.5? But all comments appreciated.
  16. Jush


    Fish for sale; I'm open to offers on induvidual fish, groups of fish, or the whole lot. All sizes are approx, WhatsApp - 07523 218429 Location - North West UK, Preston/ Blackpool Collection, Shipping or possible drop off on ALL FISH! Longfin "Platinum" Senegal Bichir - BOUGHT AS PLATINUM...
  17. Iamfish

    Gonna try polys again

    So I have been thinking for a while of trying out poly's again. So today I decided to sell one of my cats and get a poly, it will be here on Friday :) Will post pics when it gets here
  18. koizilla714

    For Sale  15” Endlicheri Bichir

    15” bichir Left eye is blind, eats tilapia fillet and shirmp.
  19. J

    55 gallon bichir tank mates

    Hello all, I recently upgraded my 2 young angel fish and my 4 in Senegal bichir into a 55 gallon tank and I’m curious about if I could put something else in there. Like an acara or Firemouth or something of that sort?