1. S

    Polypterus endlicheri losing balance while swimming

    Hi, Yesterday, after making a regular 15% water change, I added a plant fertiliser of 20ml to my 150Litre tank. After some hours, my 7 inch Polypterus endlicheri, started losing balance while swimming with laboured breathing. I also fed him frozen shrimp more than the regular quantity...
  2. B

    Bichir broken back?

    Hey guys, so I recently got an ornate bichir. He’s very active and has been swimming around just fine, but has a big curve in his spine. Do you think he has a broken back? I haven’t noticed this before yesterday
  3. F

    For Sale  L155 Adonis Pleco 7 inch

    Hello Monsterkeepers, time to let my Adonis go. He's bullying the other plecos now. He's beautiful and healthy specimen. Only way to picture was to catch him out of the tank. Note pickup only, in Lake Forest, Ca
  4. Y

    Good sources for live food

    I’ve been feeding crickets, earth worms, minnows, tilapia, shrimp cutlets, blood worms, brine shrimp and probably something I’m forgetting like 3 times a week other than that they eat hikari sinking carnivore pellets(they absolutely love these things). I was wondering about any other foods y’all...
  5. D

    Fossorochromis rostratus in Polypterus / Bichir community?

    Any hobbyists who have had fossorochromis rostratus in their polypterus community tanks? Greatly appreciate any advice on this. Thank you in advance "
  6. A

    Bichir endli has white spots

    I am not sure what happened but I just looked at my tank and found my endli has white spots on BOTH sides of his body it doesn’t look that white in the picture buts it’s literally paper white I don’t know what happened I been doing the same thing I have for two years someone please help
  7. E

    ID Please

    Hi guys, I got this poly at 6 inches, it came as an ansorgi x endli hybrid. I'm still unsure what it is and I want to find a new home for it so I have to be honest while giving it away! Please don't mind the tank, I snuck these photos in as I was doing a clean up.
  8. B

    Fish attacking bichir b- hole

    Ok laugh, but seriously. My barbs have been relentlessly biting my bichirs on the cloaca. Even after being fed to satiation, they keep doing it! Im worried this is going to lead to injury and infection. I noticed it for the first time last night. Has anyone ever dealt with this? Do I need to get...
  9. A

    For Sale  24” endli Bichir

    Very healthy fish for sale you will never find another one this size this guy is probably like 6 inches thick
  10. T

    Moving Albino Silver Arowanas to 20K Gallon Pond!

    MOVING my 7 SIlver Arowanas to Pond!
  11. Rayfishowner

    Bichir slime coat loss or bacteria fungus?

    Hey guys, Recently I moved my 15 in lapradei bichir to a smaller 30 gallon tank for the time being since I wanted to rescape my aquarium. That would prove to be one of my worst decisions since the bichir was super unhappy and kept jumping and hitting the glass for 2 days. Started developing red...
  12. F

    For Sale  Jardini Arowana - Orange Spot 15 inch

    Hello Monsterkeepers, sadly I have to remove my well cared for Jardini. I've had him for about two years now raised from 4 inches. Super healthy and only fresh food for diet, worms, mealworms, shrimp, mussels and silversides. I don't believe in processed pellet food. He is quiet aggressive now...
  13. E

    New Life Spectrum (NLS) pellets for bichir

    I’m planning to switch to New Life Spectrum Thera A to feed several of my 5-6” upper jaw bichirs. Right now I’m feeding them Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets and the pellet size is just perfect for them. Since I’m planning to purchase online, and didn’t want to make the mistake of getting a...
  14. B

    For Sale  24" silver arowana, 14" endlicheri bichir, 8" ornate bichir ***MUST SELL ASAP***

    I've recently been hired onto a new job where I travel outta town for weeks at a time. It hurts to give up my fish I've kept for years but the time has come to part ways with this hobby. I really need the fish gone asap. So I will be open to offers for each fish. Silver arowana has one drop...
  15. E

    Help ID these Bichirs ?

    Can someone help me ID these Bichirs ? Saw them at my LFS and not quite sure which type they are. Thanks in advance !
  16. FishBeast

    For Sale  Bichirs - PBB, BV Endli, etc

    Selling my bichirs. All between 14-17”, 4-5 y/o, some raised from babies. Lots of pics of these guys in my threads... local pick up only in WA - WC male Endlicheri ‘Black Volta’ $150 - WC female Lap Koliba $100 - WC female Lap Koloton $100 - WC male Lap Faranah $100 - WC female Weeksii $100 -...
  17. Rayfishowner

    Lower Jaw Bichir and BN Plecos?

    Hey all, I have a planted aquarium with a 14-15 in lapradei bichir, 5 in Indonesian Tiger Datnoid, 6 Adult Angelfish. This stocking is not set in stone and will likely decrease as the bichir and datnoid grows. I’ve already seen Datnoid aggression on some of the angelfish as they get close to...
  18. A

    Lapradei Bichir colors washed out

    Hey guys I have had two baby laps for about 3 months both were about the same size one now is about 5 inches and the other is like 3 1/2 inches but the one that’s 5 inches completely lost all colors he looks looks like a Senegal now but the other smaller one didn’t lose his colors so I’m so...
  19. Rayfishowner

    How to move large bichir

    Hey all, I currently have a 14 inch Nigerian lapradei bichir. I will be moving it to a separate tank in the near future and just wanted some insight on how most of y’all move it. Because my tank has plants, rocks, and driftwood, I don’t want to ruin the scape or hurt the fish. What is the best...
  20. Rayfishowner

    Monster planted tank with co2

    Hey guys, I’ve been keeping my 100 gallon planted tank now for over a year now and it houses: - 6x koi angelfish - indo tiger datnoid (5 in) - Nigerian lapradei bichir (14 in) - mystery snails (cleanup) I’ve always been a monster fish and planted aquarium finatic and really want to create a...