1. Rayfishowner

    Bichir bump near anal fin

    Hey y'all, I noticed today that my 15 inch WC Nigerian lapradei bichir had a weird bump on the right side near its anal fin. Any thoughts on what this is and whether its a cause for concern? Should I treat the tank or keep up water changes and ride it out? Thanks, Ray
  2. S

    For Sale  Bichir -P. Polli

    I love this guy. I have had him for about 10 years. He has moved with me three times, but alas I just bought a new house and it won’t support a tank that is big enough to house him properly Up for sale is my P. Polli bichir. He is 10”-12” long and eats pellets. Super cool fish. Pickup...
  3. zdolla3

    Bichir + leopard bush fish + ?

    What’s up y’all. I’m currently looking for one more tank beast to be tank mates with my 7 inch Senegal Bichir and 4 inch African ctenompma bush fish. Any suggestions? I originally wanted to do a flowerhorn but it probably not worth it and don’t want my two boys attacked. I like unique...
  4. Rayfishowner

    What’s in the Box 2.0 🤩

    Hey y’all, Hope everyone is doing well. I got some more bichirs (it’s starting to become an addiction!). Can y’all guess what they are? Here are some pics :). Thanks for viewing 😎 Cheers, Ray
  5. The Masked Shadow

    Senegal Bichir Broken Back?

    Hi, I haven’t been posting in quite a while, but I have a Senegal Bichir in a 90g tank with a couple other bichirs. I found him at the surface looking like this. This is very recent, happened in the last 24 hours. Is there anything I can do? Do I have to euthanise?
  6. zdolla3

    Bichir tank sizes plus little more

    Hey y’all. Currently I have a 37 gallon tank but will be upgrading in about 2 months. I have 2 clouded archers and a Senegal bichicr. I was wondering if a 55 gallon would be good for life for them and possibly adding a Delhezi later on Once I have the tank. It would be 48 inches in length.
  7. Rayfishowner

    New fish :)

    Hey all, So recently purchased 2 new fish and they just came in today. The first is a 4-5 inch lapradei bichir (looks wild caught nigerian but correct me if I’m wrong) and the second is a 2-3 inch fire eel. The bichir is currently in a 5 gallon quarantine tank and the fire eel into my 10 gallon...
  8. Rayfishowner

    Bichir ID?

    Hi All, One of the local fish stores near me listed this as a PBB bichir. Can someone verify this? Looks like a normal lapradei to me butany insight is appreciated! Cheers, Ray
  9. Stanv03

    Want to Buy  looking for Medium/Large bichir!

    Anyone Selling any Medium to Large bichir? Delhezi/Endli/Ornate?? Near me (ATL GA) willing to pick up!
  10. Norsynth

    Reasons for a Senegal Bichir to glass surf?

    Hi all, Have a good 40g grow out tank for my sen, she's about 4.5 inches. Parameters. Ammonia Nitrate pH 0ppm 5-10ppm 7.5 Tank is planted with anubias/java and tank mates are 1-inch green terror and firemouth. Was just curious how often your bichirs do this? Of course she does it...
  11. K

    Aggression In Tank?

    Hi guys! First time posting and I’m looking for advice on my tank. I currently have a 150 gallon that houses 3 bichirs that are all the same size (between 6 and 7 as I got them all at the same time. Two of them are saddled bichirs and one is a platinum Senegal. I also have four rope fish all...
  12. Rayfishowner

    Keeping a pair of bichirs?

    Hi all, question regarding bichirs. Currently have a 15 inch female Nigerian lapradei. Would it be a bad idea to add another 8 inch male lapradei? They would be the only bichir in the tank. Always wanted to breed these prehistoric fish and wanted y’all thoughts on compatibility. Any input is...
  13. Jim_Pirarucu

    For Sale  Bichir - Endlicheri

    5 Bichir Endlicheri are up for sale $50 each. Their sizes are vary from 12 - 15 inches They are currently on pellets Pick up only. Take all for $225
  14. neko1

    help bichir ?

    What are these black spots in lines on my bichir? He has 2 rows of these black spots. I have had him for 5 years and i dont think i have ever seen this. Should i worry or is it just normal ?
  15. neko1

    bichir sick?

    Hello my senegal is in a hunger strike for already a week. He does look fat and i see a red spot on his belly. Could it be septicemia / blood poisoning? I feed tilapia, hikari and sometimes meelworms and crickets. He appears to be more at the surface of the tank. Sometimes even laying half on...
  16. E

    Bichir and Kuhili Loaches?

    From what I understand, the moment you put a kuhili with a bichir it’s as good as spaghetti. I’m not about to try it for myself, but I’m curious if there’s a single person here who was brave enough to try and found success. Love to hear, thanks!
  17. Rakunio

    For Sale  Selling Fish Tanks! (40 Gallon and 5 Gallon Bowfront)

    Rehoming all the fish and tanks I have, which are 2 lol. ------------------------------------- 5 Gallon Bowfront Tank is homed with 1 betta and some live plants with snails that grew in the tank itself. 1x Mixed Color Longfin Dragon Scale Betta, Male *20$* 1x Red tiger Lotus *10$* 2x Java Fern...
  18. B

    Ornate Bichir brackish?

    I recently read that ornate bichirs can live in brackish and even saltwater. Anyone know if that's true?
  19. Wharf

    My Bichir Beginnings...

    Here is a quick vid of my new Upper Jaw Polypterus 180g tank. I want to thank @Hao for several awesome fish as well. Current Stock: Polypterus Senegalus Platinum 7-7.5 inches, (An assumed WC) Polypterus Weeksii ~7 inches, (An assumed WC) Polypterus Mokelembembe ~ 9.5 inches, (An assumed WC)...