1. koizilla714

    For Sale  15” Endlicheri Bichir

    15” bichir Left eye is blind, eats tilapia fillet and shirmp.
  2. J

    55 gallon bichir tank mates

    Hello all, I recently upgraded my 2 young angel fish and my 4 in Senegal bichir into a 55 gallon tank and I’m curious about if I could put something else in there. Like an acara or Firemouth or something of that sort?
  3. A

    Baby Ornate Bichir With Red Stomache

    Hi, I’m new to this form and I just recently got a baby Ornate Bichir. Today I was cleaning Dragons tank when I noticed her belly Looked irritated and bright red. I googled Ornate Bichir stomache irritation and saw a form that talked about Bichirs having red irritation around their anal fin...
  4. P

    For Sale  Datnoids and Polypterus Buffalo NY

    (5) Indo Datnoids 1.5-2" (1) Silver Datnoid 3" (1) delhezi polypterus 3" (1) Ornatipinnis polypterus 3" all $125 pickup buffalo ny pics upon interest
  5. Breeze

    For Sale  12"-13" Teugelsi Bichir Fs-Ft

    Hey all, I have a beautiful 12" or so Teugelsi Bichir. Great health. Eats great (tilapia, hilario carnivore, etc) My bichirs are still a bit too small for this guy, as I just got him and realized too late that he wouldnt be compatible with some of my fish. I'm in Denver, CO PM for more details
  6. S

    Small Bichir and Bush Fish

    Hi all! I am back after lurking for about a month. I had some questions about getting some very small senegal bichirs and leopard bush fish to eat. Also, my plan is somewhat coming to fruition! If you look at my only other post you can see that I wanted to get a 300 gallon tank. Well, about a...
  7. Jush

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy predatory fish (list)

    Looking for a whole host of new fish for my new upcoming system! Please get in contact with me if you have any of the following up for sale, refer to the linked document for sizes, etc. (created document for easier updating of list.) Updating LIVE updating list of fish click here (google...
  8. Jush

    Want to Buy  Looking for Predatory Fish!

    [PLEASE IGNORE THE REGION & STATE BECAUSE I'M BASED IN THE UK! PLEASE REFER TO "LOCATION"!] [ALSO PRICE BECAUSE DEPENDING ON WHAT THE FISH IS DETERMINES THE PRICE!] Looking for a whole host of new fish for my new upcoming system! Please get in contact with me if you have any of the following up...
  9. J

    Shy Fire Eel

    When my prior tank crashed I lost my fire eel. He was my favorite fish. I finally found another one at the store that seemed outgoing, but the lady netted the wrong one I think. He or she is super timid and just hides all the time. My old one would take worms from my hand. This one runs away...
  10. J

    Haku the magnificent

    Haku is my 16 inch ornate. I had to show him off.
  11. J

    Top swimming bichir tank mates.

    Moving 4 bichir into a 210 in a few months. 1 ornate 15 inches 1 senegal 5 inches 1 lapradei 9 inches 1 speckled 9 inches 2 big angel fish 1 fire eel. I want a top swimmer. Also realize fire eel may get too big and need his own tank eventually. An Arowana would be ideal but too big. Any...
  12. E

    WTB: Large Bichir

    Looking for a large bichir, preferably endlicheri or lapradei. Thanks
  13. IgnatzMcJockel

    Hand Feeding Bichirs

    Hi MFKers I already had the first trys getting my poly pack used to hand feeding...but until now i only had success, if i put my hand lower then the half of the tank...but i would like to feed them near the surface (no wet arm every time^^). Has anyone of you experience in getting bichirs used...
  14. E

    Wolf fish compatability

    Picked up a 265g the other day, 7'x2'x2', going to be housing some bichirs, a florida gar, a lima shovelnose, a female parachromis motaguense, and possibly a spiny eel, something like a dayi. Could a red wolf fit into this mix? Red wolf would end up being the smallest fish in the tank, and most...
  15. IgnatzMcJockel

    Delhezi sex determinition

    Hello MFK, Keeping Delhezi Bichirs has been a very big Wish of mine for the last few years. I prepared a long time , before buying my first two Dels this February (i often read that it's easy to gender polys). They were both worm-size (~2"). Becaus i wasn't shure if they'r male or femal i...
  16. Ashan Kavinda

    Some Moves Of My Newly Added Endlicheri Bichir

    I call him as "ROYAL TIGER" <3
  17. M

    Bichir tank mates

    Just got a 90g bow front and I want to get a Bichir or two but I need some suggestions for tank mates. Also can I put different kinds of Bichir together?
  18. FishBeast

    Bichir Autopsy

    The other day I discovered one of my fish belly up on the bottom. Quite a shock as it was behaving normally the night before. The only change to my usual routine is treatment with levimasole recently due to seeing a bunch of white stringy poop in the tank. I don’t have a microscope so examining...
  19. Serpentine

    Stocking A Monster Tank

    We are about to build a 750 gallon monster tank. It will be 10 feet long, 4 feet deep and 30 inches high as planned. Acrylic if we can swing it. Glass is too heavy and the risk of breakage spooks us. I could use a bit of help with part of the stocking. We already have most of the fish...
  20. J

    What kind of bichir?

    Pet store said fathead. (Weeksii) But also had ansorgii and lapradai in the same tank. I think it is one of the later two. Doesn't look like a fathead to me. But maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe its something else entirely. Sorry for spelling and not great pictures. It does have the little tufts on...