1. Jjiang00

    Bichir id? Nile bichi or Lapradei?

    Hi! Just saw these bichirs listed as senegals for $6 and am pretty sure they arent senegals. What are they? They look lapradei to me but the upper jaw seems more pronounced than the lower jaw? Any id would be helpful thanks!
  2. neko1

    help with forming community predator tank

    hello, first of all. Im i in the right forum subject? Second of all I got a 2 meter aquarium around 800liters so thats 211 gallon My fish right now are : 3x polypterus (orni/delhezi/senegalus) 5x silver dollars 2x bullhead catfish (idk why but they are so friendly) 1x rope fish I wanted to add...
  3. B

    For Sale  Bichir ornate and endlicheri 12”+

    Ive been raising these guys for about a year. Both are at least 12in. No live foods. Chill temperaments. $100 each, discount for both Text me if interested: 8589350566 Thanks!
  4. N

    Endlicheri Bichir all of a sudden very predatory?

    Hello all, I'm new here so let me preface. About a month ago my 90 gallon basically snapped in half and burst causing a whole mess, and it took me 3 weeks to get a replacement 125 and I still need money to pay for the mold that that mess had caused, I'm a college student mind you. I had in that...
  5. N

    For Sale  [FS] 14 inch Endlicheri Bichir South Florida

    Hey! I'm new here but I have a 14 inch Endlicheri Bichir for sale, I'm in South East Florida and would only do pickup. I've had her for 4 years now, and I'm quite attached but she's simply not what I want anymore. I'm asking $200 for her. My email is wahmed0405@gmail if you would like to talk to me.
  6. Ashan Kavinda

    My 180 Gallons Tank

  7. Rayfishowner

    What time and how often do you feed your bichirs

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to know how often and when everyone is feeding their bichirs. I'm currently doing every morning 11 am massivores, and my lap is usually a bit slow to the food. I'm thinking of doing 5pm instead and every other day since I know a lot of notable members have told me that...
  8. Rayfishowner

    Nigerian Lapradei Bichir Growth Rate

    Hey all, I have had my female wild caught polypterus lapradei Nigerian for 3 years now (if you check my past posts may remember i asked tons of q about them when I first got mine). She was 11.5 inches approximately back then and now after 3 years is 12.5-13 in. I’m wondering if this is normal...
  9. EnbyNewbie

    Hey guys! After my albino Senegal bichir passed away, this little Endli called to me!

    Hey guys, I’m a long-time lurker and first-time poster and I just came to share my new baby! My very friendly, loving albino Senegal I had for 2 years sadly contracted SBD and passed very suddenly, and while reminiscing at the store I bought him from, I met this adorable little Endli and...
  10. Rayfishowner

    2 months of growth on my planted aquarium

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying this hobby. A few months back I posted a pic of the beginning of my planted aquarium journey and here are some updates to show the growth of plants! Inside this tank I have a polypterus lapradei and 10 angelfish. I know the stocking is def too...
  11. P

    Want to Buy  Small - Medium Sized Unique Bichirs / Melanistic Tropical Gar

    Looking for all Unique Bichirs. Do not try to sell me your Dinosaur Bichir purchased from PetSmart Located in Peoria, IL. Willing to drive up to 2 hours or have them shipped Melanistic Tropical Gar The black gar. I would drive a far distance for the right price and fish. Willing to have it...
  12. P

    FREE  REHOMING two jack dempseys and marbled bichir

    Hey everyone I’m looking to rehome my two jack dempseys (male 5”, female 4”) and my marbled bichir (5-6”) I’ve had them for a while so they are sentimental for me and they need to go all together or not at all, I need to rehome them due to a change in space and needing to switch stocking. I’m...
  13. S

    For Sale  Delhezi Bichir

    Up for sale is my Delhezi. Had him ever since he was a little 3 inch worm, about 3 years ago. He is now 10 inches. I feed him pellets only. Pick up in Garden Grove, CA. $60
  14. N

    FREE  Free Albino Bichir and Tiger shovel nose cat

    Both free. Both roughly 5-6 inches. Beautiful fish but wrong tank mates. Local pick up.
  15. B

    Want to Buy  Delhezi bichir

    Hey all, Im keeping an eye out for a delhezi bichir in SoCal. My bichirs are 9-10in so I want at least 6in to be safe. Might be open to trade my black ghost and ornate. Or if you see some in a shop and could let me know thatd be awesome too. Thanks!
  16. B

    Strange bichir eye injury

    Has anyone seen an injury like this before? Im honestly puzzled how it could have happened. Right eye only. I took out a few hides that maybe he could have squeezed in between, ill check everything in the tank for sharp edges... other than that i dont know what else to do but monitor it.
  17. F

    Floating Bichir

    hello everyone, I've recently got a bichir and he is looking pretty sick. He was fine, eating swimming etc until today when I noticed him floating up the top. I tried feeding and that helped for a little bit but he's back up there. What can I do
  18. Feesh4life2000

    Rip ornate bichir

    March, 22, 2018 / July, 9, 2020 got him at two inches lost him at a foot Rest In Peace buddy:(
  19. Rayfishowner

    Update on my Lapradei Bichir

    Hey guys, just wanted to share an update on my wild caught Nigerian lapradei bichir. She’s around 12-13 inches now (honestly hasn’t really grown from when I got it) but is way chunkier and is eating relatively well on hikari sinking pellets. Will be posting updates as will be adding several...
  20. J

    Injured clown knife fish

    So my 6” clown knife, Gonzo, got attacked by my Senegal bichir and is now missing a good chunk of his tail but he’s swimming fine, still has an appetite, but he lost some energy. Is his tail going to grow back? I attached a picture.