black diamond

  1. D

    For Sale  19" Adult Black Diamond Male

    Looking to sell my BD Male. He's roughly 19" in diameter and around 3-4 years old ready for breeding. He is 100% pellet trained and will eat sinking or floating pellets. Will eat shrimp/fish fillets as well. $1350 picked up. I am located in the Hartford, Connecticut area. Willing to drive up...
  2. Natural Cyborg

    For Sale  Empire Black Diamond Male

    Empire Black Diamond a line breed by Kenny Lim Male fully rolled 9-10 inches With some small spot poping though Contact 4407990713
  3. C

    Energy cut

  4. Z

    Now on MFK!!! - serving Chicago area

    Hello, Very excited to become an official MFK vendor. We are based out of the northwester edge of Dunning in Chicago (soon to be Des Plaines) and only provide local pickup of fish, absolutely no shipping under any circumstance, please don't ask. Through the focus on local sales only with some...
  5. mscamp02

    For Sale  Leo and Motoro Rays

    I'm getting out of the hobby and need to find new homes for all of my livestock. Prices are posted but feel free to comment or make an offer. Located in Central KY. $900 9-10 inch female leo/bd from CODiscus and Stingray. 4-5 years old with nice belly spotting. 12-14 inch motoro female. The...
  6. G

    For Sale  Stingray Breeding Group

    Posting all 5 of my rays for sale in hopes of parting with them before I sell the tank and setup as well. Great group of proven rays for anyone interested in getting into breeding! The male is a Thai black diamond, and I keep him housed with 2 female mantilla hybrids, a female motoro, and a...
  7. DanHOB

    For Sale  BD x Motoro pups

    We have just welcomed a very beautiful litter of BD x moto pups so won’t be ready for at least 6-8 weeks UK only collection or possible delivery depending on location.
  8. C

    Looking for stingray

    Hello I am searching to purchase some stingray , approx 4-6 pieces only. Shipping is a must unless you are local to London Ontario or Toronto Ontario. No specific species of choice as any stingray of any kind is rather rare for a decent price in this area. Thank you for your time and Please feel...
  9. viper0397

    Some of my rays

    Here is a collaboration of some of my rays and tankmates.
  10. Y

    WTB rays

    Looking for black diamond and/or pearl rays. HMU
  11. Exotic Aquatics LLC

    Tons of Ray's! FREE SHIP!

    Hey all! All the current Ray's are posted to our website! Check them out at: MFK members get free airport shipping on all orders over $250!! Use code "freeshipping"(only good til the 7th) Signup for sms updates and recieve 10% on top of the sale prices!! Click...
  12. viper0397


    just was curious if this looks like fungus to anyone or if it is just a love bite.
  13. J

    What do you think about this BD?

    Hi, Someone offered me this ray. It looks light/washed out to me. It's a 8" male. Apparently was kept in tap water for months so maybe that is why its light right now? What do you think about the quality/can it get dark in the future?
  14. AquaScape


    We got some more beautiful stingrays in! BDs, Motoros, and Pearls! Motoro 3.5"-4" -SOLD OUT Hybrid 4" -$250.oo Pearl (m) 4"-5" -SOLD OUT Pearl (f) 4"-5" -SOLD OUT BD `1812(m) 8"-9" -SOLD BD `47 (m) 6"-7" -$500.oo BD `85 (f) 6"-7"...
  15. Capt_Rick_Dixie

    Repaired a cracked 150 *PIC HEAVY*

    Hey guys! Just to give you fair warning this post is going to be a bit pic heavy but I'll try to keep the amount of reading to a minimum for ya :D A couple of months ago I found a cracked 150 gallon tank on Craigslist for a steal. I was already planning on building a plywood tank so I...
  16. viper0397

    New BD hybrid I picked up

    Got my first black ray just recently! A hybrid I picked up. Originally bred by vamptrev!! She is a beauty! I included a pic of the parents so you can get an idea of what she might look like when she grows up. Dad is pure BD mom is a Heinz 57. No one really knows. lol.
  17. B

    Tank stocking

    So my question is if have 1 125 gallon W/ common wolf fish 6 inch Endelzi bichir 6 inch Cuban cichlid 10 inch Jaguar cichlid 8 inch The Cuban and jaguar are a mateing pair I also have a 150 gallon W/red wolf 6 inch Fire eel Black diamond cichlid 4 inch...
  18. feeling2good

    My bds

    Gotta thank @vamptrev for the awesome female and @CODISCUS for the awesome males. These guys are currently in a 125 grow out and eating like crazy. They look much better in person. Female The whole gang. 2 males and 1 Female
  19. feeling2good

    FS/back diamond stingray pup $500/Milwaukee WI/pick up only

    1 male pup around 5 inches for $500. The tail is broken right before where the stinger grows so he doesn't have stinger. Was told broken shortly after birth. He is healthy, eating chopped up shrimp, tilapia and nightcrawlers. He is not a big fan of pellets yet but does chew them.