black piranha

  1. N

    Black piranha

    Hi guys new to this. My lfs sold me two piranha, they said they were black piranha and around three years old. They are very speckled and mottled and aren't really shaped like the typical rhombus I'm unsure as to whether they are actually black piranha. They do have red eyes. Also they have...
  2. The-Almighty-Zugs

    What kind of black piranha is this?

    What kind of black piranha is this? A Jet Black?
  3. C

    Black rhom

    Hey guys! have had a black rhom for about 4 months now and he's doing great. Just wondering, can i get some of your advice or tell me what your Parameters are for each of your tanks? just curious.
  4. S

    Piranha: Serrasalmus Rhombeus or Serrasalmus Compressus?

    Could anyone please ID my Piranha? I was told by the seller it is a Rhombeus (Black Piranha) collected from Peru. Some are saying it is Compressus and some are saying it's Rhombeus. Size of my fish: 10 cms from snout. Without tail fin. Please let me know.
  5. P

    More Black Piranha Questions

    Hello, I once again have more questions. I was wondering why black piranhas get bumps on their chins and why these bumps sometimes turn white. I was also wondering if you guys think I'd be happier with a black piranha in the long run. I have never owned any pygos or serras, so I do not know...
  6. P

    Black piranha potential size

    Hello, I am here because I have a question. I was wondering how big black piranhas get when raised from a juvenile in a tank. Now, I've heard tank raised black piranhas only reach 12 inches, I've also heard people say that they reach 16 inches when tank raised. Also, are black piranhas better...
  7. P

    Black Piranha Question

    Hello, I have some more questions. Are serrasalmus rhombeuses, or black piranhas technically piranhas? I've heard that they are not really piranhas. Also when do these fish start to get their dark color and red eyes? Oh yeah, one more question, please tell me how much and how many times a day...
  8. P

    Final decision

    Hello, I have decided to go with a black piranha. I have a tank that is over 100 gallons, I am not sure how many gallons it can hold, but it is 6 feet long, 22-24 inches tall, and 18 inches wide. I was wondering if this it big enough to raise a black piranha for it's whole entire life. If it...
  9. P

    Black Piranha Information?

    Hello, I have decided to get a black piranha for my 100 gallon tank, please provide details and information if you are experienced. Also what tank would be good for it's whole life, and how often should it be fed?
  10. P

    Need help deciding.

    Hello, friends. I am trying to decide between a solo serrasalmus rhombeus or a small group or pygocentrus nattier. Please recommend the better option to me so I can decide on which species. I have a 100 gallon tank with double filtration, and low light levels. Thank you.
  11. G

    My Serrasalmus Rhombeus

    Hello, this is my first post, so sorry if it's a bit unorganized. This is my rhom. His name is Jack@ss. He is about 5 inches. He is currently in a 90 gallon, 48x18x24. There are anachris plants, dwarf hair grass, a water lily plant, duckweed, and dwarf water lettuce in the tank. His tank mates...
  12. P

    Red belly piranha question

    Hello, I was told that red belly piranhas will sooner or later kill each other. I was wondering if this was correct or if it would only be if they weren't taken care of correctly. Please respond if you know answer to this question, Also if this is true should I just go with a Serrasalmus...
  13. JSpilo

    Rhom has a snaggletooth

    Hi, my rhom, Gummie, has a snaggletooth in his lower jaw and has been there for some time... I've first noticed it since December, so around 4 months now. Doesn't impact his eating. Is this normal to occur? Will it fall out and be replaced eventually? It does give Gummie a bit more character...
  14. Brock11

    Is this guy from Peru?

    I'm guess no one can tell me because I don't know where it was collected but I'm still curious. Thanks guys
  15. Brock11

    New piranha with wolf fish

    So I got this 5" piranha yesterday and I thought I would attempt to put him in with my 9" mala to see if just maybe they would leave eachother alone. (I know not the best idea, but it would be such an awesome combo.) 12 hours later experiment over. Tank will be divided today as another tank...
  16. Brock11

    This is my new piranha I got today. Does anyone know what it is?

    I bought this piranha from the local fish shop today. He couldn't give me a scientific name. He just said it was a "True Black Rhom". He said he picked it up from his wholesaler a couple months ago that had gotten it in a large shipment from Brazil. Does anyone know the species? If you...
  17. Brock11

    Black piranha identification please help.

    Hello everyone, I mentioned in an earlier post that the local shop had 2 piranhas, one labeled true red eye black rhom. And the other was just labeled black piranha. I went in today and tried to take some pictures but the quality wasn't great. If someone could please Id them for it it would be...
  18. Brock11

    Piranha identification help

    I am looking at buying a piranha from a friend that he had ordered off of aquascape. He said it's a sanchezi but he also said red spilo. They are different fish correct? I would like to know which fish it is and the different requirements they need. Thanks