blood parrot

  1. Cichlids keeper

    Fertile Male blood parrot YouTube

    On YouTube there is this YouTuber called Ghettofish360 and they have a male Blood Parrot that is fertile and has produced fry. Just posting this here in case anyone wanted to check it out.
  2. Cichlids keeper

    What is a Yuan Bao Blood Parrot?

    What is a Yuan Bao Blood parrot, and does anyone have pictures of one?
  3. Cichlids keeper

    How to pair up blood parrots?

    Does anyone know a good way to pair up multiple blood parrots in the same tank. After they pair up I plan on putting the pairs in different tanks.
  4. Jacob._.merc

    Eye biter or other suggestions

    Hi I am in need of some help. I have an aggressive blood parrot, 7 in female. She won't stop harassing a red peacock cichlid I have. There is a 5 inch black convict in the tank, yes I know about the pH differences and it's a bad idea and stuff but they do completely fine together. The blood...
  5. J

    Blood parrots, will they stop fighting?

    I've got a 120 gallon. I have a bichir who's the absolute must in the tank. I had a severum and a blood parrot and three tinfoil barbs. The severum kept wanting to swim with the blood parrot, but the blood parrot didn't really seem interested. At the fish store they didn't have severums, plus I...
  6. Nano Vanisher

    Red Texas F1 Fry

    In pursuit of the best possible hybrids we have F1 red Texas from Jewels my Carpintis and Cheesepuff my Blood parrot. so far we are grabbing a few to hold for the F2 stage some short body and regular. We have a lot of fry available they are healthy and growing fast. Had one report that one...
  7. S

    New to Central & South American Cichlids

    Hi there, I currently keep African Cichlids but now looking to get into American/South American Cichlids.. the large ones! My tank is 63 US Gallons - Dimensions: 47.6" x 16.1" x 21.7" Water parameters: PH = 8.2 , GH = 21 After doing loads of research, I was looking to get a Green Terror, 1 or...
  8. G

    My flowerhorn won't eat pellets

    Recently got a baby flowerhorn and he won't eat Pellets only feeder fish and bloodworms how do I get him to eat the pellets?
  9. Jacob._.merc


    I think I may have found some eggs in my 40 gallon tank. But the only pairs I have in the tank are bichirs and blood parrots. They look like little white clusters on the glass. There are three clusters. Could the be eggs or something else?
  10. Jacob._.merc

    Glass jar in aquarium

    I just thought of putting a Mom Olive pickle jar in my aquarium. The aquarium has 2 peacocks, an oscar, a sleeper goby, a callicthys cat, Raphael cat and 2 blood parrots. Will it be safe for them or is the glass different from the actual aquarium glass? I also have another set up with three...
  11. Nano Vanisher

    Should I seperate my Carpintis and BP?

    hello, I have been moving alot of fish around between our tanks. My female Blood Parrot and Male Escondido Carpintis appear to be pairing. Should I separate them to not let them hybridize? or is this cross desirable?
  12. jmf

    BP sick or normal peeling?

    Hi Is it possible for you guys to take a look here and tell me if this is normally what happens when BP "peel"? I have 2 BP's and this guy is the smallest, the much larger one is still grey. Sorry in-advanced for the poor quality photos and dirty tank. I moved the guy to a spare 30g tank...
  13. jmf

    Aggression and might be missing scales

    Hi all, I posted a few days ago about what I thought was missing scales on my smaller BP, but looking closer I decided it wasn't. I had separated both BP's with the smaller BP going into the new 60g and leaving the bigger in the 45g, so to heal what I thought was missing scales on the smaller...
  14. K

    Interactive wet pet & appropriate tank size

    Hi everyone, Long time lurker, Lots of wet pet questions out there but hopefully this one gives me all my answers. Sorry if the post gets long or if its in the wrong spot, feel free to move it mods :) There's a tl;dr at the bottom I'm planning on getting a larger interactive fish as a wet pet...
  15. Jacob._.merc

    blood parrot with puffed gills

    Hey guys so ive had my blood parrot for about 3 months now and he is about 3 inches. He has had the black stuff come up on him a lot but i know how to treat him for that. My main concern is his gills. They are super puffed up and there is like a really thin whit layer at the end of the gills...
  16. Jacob._.merc

    Dragon goby with senegal bichir or africans

    I am looking to get a dragon goby for a 40 gallon tank. The tank already contains two peacocks and 2 mbunas a blood parrot and a callychthys cat. I also have a Senegal bichir, about 6 inches in a 20 gallon. Which would it be better with?
  17. Jacob._.merc

    Malawi eyebiter with other cichlids

    I am looking to get another eyebiter for my 40 gallon aquarium. I had one before but she died unexpectedly. I have residence already in the tank and I have another wit a really mean cobalt zebra. The fish are - 1 dragon blood peacock 5 inches - 1 blue peacock 3 inches - 1 mbuna (not sure what...
  18. Hybridfish7

    Blood parrot strain

    I have a big blood parrot, about 10" long. He's also a good 3 inches thick and 6-7 inches tall. He has that trademarked triangular mouth, but he's more of a pink color with black outlined fins. He also has a sort of nuchal hum i guess you could call it- that dip between the head and back on...
  19. L

    Blood Parrots- PoP eye & Not eating at all - Help please

    Hello, post looking at the information available on this forum, i am fairly confident and feeling lucky that valuable advise would be given for my fish problem/s. I looked at the list of Treatments and is such a valuable information for the people with the hobby. Coming to the tank details and...
  20. jmf

    Why so much hate/dislike others for owning BP?

    As the title asked. I find it strange way people knock others for the fish they like to keep. I understand the dislike of people selling fish as a "pure" species but actually mixed but not for people that just want to keep what they want. I, for instance, cannot understand the love for...