1. Blakewater

    Help ID This “Vaillantii”

    So I purchased this guy about a month ago online and at the time it was listed as a B. Vaillantii. Even the picture online was a true Vaillantii I believe. But since then this catfish has been hiding so I couldn’t really look at him much. Well he’s gotten a bit bolder and now that I’ve had some...
  2. Scottymac22

    Advice on B. rousseauxii

    Acquired about 2 weeks ago, 4" not including caudal fin, in 55g QT, temp 82-83° on average on calibrated IR temp gun, cycled emperor 400, 4" aquaculture stone, koralia 600gph wave pump(good amount of circulation and oxygenation), heavily decorated with large driftwood and plants, near Blackwater...
  3. amazonfishman

    Piraiba/Dourada Fishing Suriname 2019

    I'm planning to head back to Suriname in late July/early August 2019 and was going to see if any fellow members would have interest in tagging along. I will be fishing with the same company as last trip, Andree's Expeditions and the price is 2,199 Euro or about $2,550 USD for the trip at...
  4. Chicxulub

    Maelys the flash zebra catfish (Brachyplatystoma juruense) growout thread

    I'm back! And trying my best to pick up where I left off. :) In keeping with my tradition of naming my fish after Game of Thrones characters, and in honor of how much yellow this fish is beginning to display, I decided to name him after the fabled leader of the Golden Company: Maelys the...
  5. J

    Brachyplatystoma part 2

    So if some of you remember from my post months ago, im trying to find and keep all brachyplatystoma species, so far, i got all except the B.vaillanti, which somehow never showed up in my country (importer oredered vaillantis a couple of times but different species show up. Even a filamentosum...
  6. J

    B. vaillanti (?)

    Guys can you confirmthis cat's species? He was labeled as vaillanti at the lfs.... Thanks