1. B

    For Sale  Jaguar Cichlid Breeding Pair

    Hello all , I have a breeding pair of jags I’d like to get 25 for. Located in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
  2. Unit-3

    Blood Parrot Breeding Age

    I have a male flowerhorn (3”) and two female blood parrots (2.5” and 3”) in a tank with some other fish. I believe the male’s old enough to spawn because his papilla are a lot more visible than when I bought him last year, and his nuchal hump looks fairly well developed (at least for what he...
  3. F

    Are they pair?

    Last time they spawn a ton of eggs and it's their first clutch in 50gal tank, but 2 days ago all the eggs turned white then they ate them all. I'm suspecting they're both female, so please can someone identify their gender. Well I hope you can give me some advice on breeding too Thank you very much
  4. W


    Hello everyone 👋 My lab cichlid had been acting all aggressive lately.. . . . I just found out why I saw that the female's mouth is bulging After I looked closely i found that she is carrying eggs in it.. So guys can you pzl give me some advice on what should my next step be? How do I know...
  5. MicroQuatics

    For Sale  Shrimp Breeding Project with Tanks Available

    Large Scale Shrimp Breeding Project, includes filters/ tanks/ plants ect. LOCAL PICKUP Make an offer! Shrimp Types: Tangerine Tiger *Caridina Crystal Red *Caridina Bluebolt *Caridina Yellow King Kong *Caridina Tangerine hybrids (Tang Thai) *Caridina Super Red Santa Hat *Caridina Yellow King...
  6. Rayfishowner

    What to feed angelfish fry

    Hey guys, my angels have spawned multiple times this past month, but the fry never get past the free swimming stage. Every time they are gone, possibly from angel parents and other inhabitants eating them. I've recently set up a small 10 gallon fry tank and they just laid eggs. After they are...
  7. J

    Blood Parrot.

    I have a 12” male BP, someone has now spiked my interest on what he may be a cross of. He suggest a Synspilum x Midas. Does anyone have an idea? I currently have a female who has laid (not the first time either of my 2 females have laid eggs) and it’s now day 4 of them not molding or turning...
  8. T

    LF Jaguar cichlid breeding info!

    Hello, I have recently discovered that my 2 juvenile jags were in fact a compatible pair and well you know what that led to. Now I have wigglers and off first spawn. Go me right. But I was just wondering if gold morphs are an albino sort of situation? And if so how rare are they amongst a...
  9. N

    Pleco problem?!

    Hi, I’m asking this in breeding because I figured this group would know. Do sailfin pleco spray milt or do they have a penis? see picture. My son insists he’s had this for at least 6 months (that he noticed it a long time ago when he was in our smaller tank). I really hope this isn’t a worm, we...
  10. Edward345

    Is a 75g enough for breeding Cubans?

    Is a 75 gallon aquarium 48x18x21 good enough for a pair of Cuban for breeding?
  11. W


    I have a preagnant crayfish. she doesn't seem to be eating... what can vegies can I feed her??? I have separated the crawdad.. Pzl help me it's my frist thread and also frist cray preganancy...
  12. S

    How to Promote Peacock Cichlid Breeding

    40 Breeder 83 degrees Sand Substrate with large rocks covering 60% of the tank floor (I move rocks around every water change) 1 male sunshine peacock (4 inches) 3 female aulonocara (3 inches, 3.5 inches, 4 inches) Bi-Weekly water change at around 30-40% (Wednesdays and Sundays, I do colder...
  13. P

    Krobia Red Cheek Xinguensis

    Very little info online about ideal parameters or triggers for breeding these. I understand that they are now extinct in the wild. I've have what was sold to me as a young breeding pair about a year and a half ago, before the Brazilian dam was built that eradicated their native habitat. I...
  14. S

    Please help me with Peacock Cichlid sexing... and other things

    Hey everyone, I had posted this question before and there's another whole thread of me talking to people about this issue. I am posting this again as an "update" while in reality I still really need help and potentially some expert advice. I have also asked this same question to another forum...
  15. AlexCR

    New borns Convicts Cichilds

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to show you my newborns. On April 27th I found a lot of eggs in one stone and my couple of convicts bravery taking care of them. So I move them to a breed aquarium with a little hope of getting results since is their first time and they are less than 2 inches long. But...
  16. Cichlids keeper

    Anyone have any hybrid projects going on?

    Does anyone have any hybrid projects that they are working on, that aren't the typical hybrids(Flowerhorns, Red Texas, Blood parrots)?
  17. T

    Peacock Cichlid Growth rates

    Hey everyone, Long does it take for Peacock Cichlids on average to get to 1-2 inches after losing their egg sacks? I realize water changes, quality, and space all make a difference and because of that Ill lay out my plan. If I have a holding female, I would either strip her or relocate her into...
  18. N

    Not laying eggs but cleans the slate!!!

    This pair of mine after two successful batches, now they are busy cleaning the slate since a month but never layed eggs yet. All water parameters are accurate and Ph is always between 7 and 7.5 and TDS is always between 140ppm and 200. And tank is situated near other breeding tanks and is free...
  19. T

    OB Peacock Cichlids breeding

    Hey guys! This question has probably been asked a billion times but I'll ask again just because I can't find it anywhere online. What two subspecies of African cichlids breed to create OB or RB peacocks? I can take the wild card guess and assume you take a yellow one and breed it with a blue...
  20. Cichlids keeper

    My end goal for a Red Texas line.

    This is my end goal for a Red Texas line, this isn't really talking about the time it would take to make a line or those things, just my goal. Large short body with a square like shape. Semi water kok/a water kok that is on the smaller side. Thick white pearling and a cherry red color for the...