1. S

    Breeding Gold Nuggets

    Curious if anyone on here has successfully spawned Gold Nuggets. I currently have three L018s around 2.5” so they have some growing to do. I know that sexing them much less breeding them is pretty tough. Thanks!
  2. xenacanth9

    Might start selling apistos

    Thinking about getting into breeding/selling Apistogrammas, wish me luck, I'll make a website and share it with you guys in the marketplace if and when I go through with this idea. I am probably going to start with double reds, and eventually expand to other strains, other species, and...
  3. A

    Going for Kilifish for the first attempt at breeding

    As the title says. First time trying to breed anything and going for something a little more robust. Looking to get up to breeding some Delhezi Birchir eventually. Any tips on the kilifish so I don't massacre them immediately? I have watched some videos on youtube and read about getting them...
  4. Gaspergu

    My 55 gallon and breeding green terror's

    My 55 gallon and fish in tank.
  5. UKA710

    My 2 Jack Dempsey

    Hey other MFK, These are my 2 jack dempsey I have. I think I have a Male, Female pair but I'm not 100 percent. I know for sure I have 1 female the larger of the 2.
  6. Rayfishowner

    How the move baby angelfish fry

    Hi, Currently I have a pair of angelfish that are taking care of 100 fry. It’s their first day freeswimming. Recently my datnoid got injured so I removed it into a quarantine setup. The datnoid is now healed and I would like to add it back to the display tank tank. Obv it would eat the fry, so I...
  7. Benthebassmaster

    Hybrid angelfish

    What will happen if a koi angelfish and a black and white striped angel have baby’s. They have laid eggs before but they are the eggs or my Cory’s are them. How will they turn out. I’m not completely sure what type of angel the koi one is. It might be a sunset blushing.
  8. Benthebassmaster

    Angelfish laying eggs

    My angelfish just layed eggs and the male angel is fertilizing the eggs. I don’t really know what to do. I did research about it a while ago. There is corydoras in the tank and the angels are being very aggressive towards the Cory’s. What should I do.
  9. Rayfishowner

    Breeding Angelfish (second time the charm?)

    Hey guys, I posted in this forum about breeding angelfish a few months back and after that batch died, I took a break from breeding them. Last week, one of my pairs were able to raise the eggs to wigglers (usually I leave the eggs and let the other fish eat it) and I thought I’d give this...
  10. T

    Channa Fire and Ice pairing

    Hello all, Thanks to some people on here and some digging ive confirmed my new fish is indeed a fire and ice. Which now leads me to my next step in the master plan is to try and form a pair for breeding so any and all advice welcomed please.
  11. D


    MAIN QUESTION BEFROE YOU READ THE DETAILS: HOW LONG AFTER CLEARING A NEST DOES IT TAKE FOR THEM TO BREED? so 2 of my red heads have paired off and have made what seems to me to be their choice for a nest, there is long flat rocks to lay on, and is surrounded on one side (facing the center of...
  12. Benthebassmaster

    How much endlers in a 10 gallon tank

    I a have 1 open 10 gallon tank that i want to stick with endlers. How much endlers can I put in a 10 gallon tank. I want them to breed so what would be a good ratio in a 10 gallon tank.
  13. F

    Breeding Gar fish

    I’m from sydney and I’ve have two males and a female gar fish at full maturity growth. They are legal to have here in Australia but they cannot survive in our wild habitat. So there are only a handful of us here that house them. Us as a small community have tried hormones so that they may breed...
  14. Benthebassmaster

    Wild type betta breeding

    How to breed betta albimarginata. Also could you breed them in a 10 gallon tank
  15. D


    Shes in with my male SRD who is fertile and has bred multiple times with a blood parrot and produced great babies ive currently divided them because the female shows no breeding behavior and is super aggressive, does anyone has any idea or experience with SRM and whats the best thing to do for...
  16. B

    For Sale  Jaguar Cichlid Breeding Pair

    Hello all , I have a breeding pair of jags I’d like to get 25 for. Located in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
  17. Unit-3

    Blood Parrot Breeding Age

    I have a male flowerhorn (3”) and two female blood parrots (2.5” and 3”) in a tank with some other fish. I believe the male’s old enough to spawn because his papilla are a lot more visible than when I bought him last year, and his nuchal hump looks fairly well developed (at least for what he...
  18. F

    Are they pair?

    Last time they spawn a ton of eggs and it's their first clutch in 50gal tank, but 2 days ago all the eggs turned white then they ate them all. I'm suspecting they're both female, so please can someone identify their gender. Well I hope you can give me some advice on breeding too Thank you very much
  19. W


    Hello everyone 👋 My lab cichlid had been acting all aggressive lately.. . . . I just found out why I saw that the female's mouth is bulging After I looked closely i found that she is carrying eggs in it.. So guys can you pzl give me some advice on what should my next step be? How do I know...
  20. MicroQuatics

    For Sale  Shrimp Breeding Project with Tanks Available

    Large Scale Shrimp Breeding Project, includes filters/ tanks/ plants ect. LOCAL PICKUP Make an offer! Shrimp Types: Tangerine Tiger *Caridina Crystal Red *Caridina Bluebolt *Caridina Yellow King Kong *Caridina Tangerine hybrids (Tang Thai) *Caridina Super Red Santa Hat *Caridina Yellow King...