1. OlgaMolga

    Breeding Red Worms for live food

    I just bought a can of 50ct Red Worms from my local bait store, I'm not sure how long it will last in my fridge before they die off in the lil can, I did some small time research online and I found out that I can raise and breed my Red worms properly feeding them table scraps, potato peels...
  2. B

    Fry dying - killing each other or disease?

    Hey everyone, My Vieja Guttulatus and Vieja Hartwegi recently started to breed after they hit about two years old. One batch of fry is about two and a half months old now, and I've been finding dead ones each morning. Sometimes I will find two or three, and sometimes I will wake up to ten dead...
  3. K

    apistogramma male or female

    I recently got two cockatoo cichlids and when I first got them they were both very colorful. I think one is a female and one is a male, but the female has lost all her yellow color. Could this be because the “male” is actually a female and is the dominant one? The “male” is always chasing away...
  4. G

    For Sale  Stingray Breeding Group

    Posting all 5 of my rays for sale in hopes of parting with them before I sell the tank and setup as well. Great group of proven rays for anyone interested in getting into breeding! The male is a Thai black diamond, and I keep him housed with 2 female mantilla hybrids, a female motoro, and a...
  5. giseok jung

    Breeding of Polypterus delhezi (W.C X C.B pair)

    Female parents from Indonesia. 37cm, 5 years old Male parents from Ubangi river, D.R.Congo. W.C 27cm, over 3 years old 2~3 hours after hatch. they born without any extra gills and eyes and barely move. don't have any action about light. 2 days old Still don't have any eyes yet. Swim...
  6. J

    Ropefish Babies?

  7. S

    Super Red Tiger Cichlids and ManU Jaguar Cichlid

    Hi there. This is my first post, so I don’t know if it’s in the right category or not?! Lol I’m looking to start up a project. I’m looking to selectively breed a ‘Super’ Red Tiger Cichlid, keeping the pattern of the RTM, but breeding the reds of the Red Terror into it. Once/ if, I can achieve...
  8. Adrianrios1085

    For Sale  fish tanks 92505

    90 gallon tank with stand 100$ 2-40 gallon breeder rack system complete with led lights filters air pump digital heaters 170$
  9. W

    Dovii Hybridization

    Here is a hypothetical: Dovii x Convict Cichlid hybrid. I know, I know, these are very different fish that will never get along. Again, this is just hypothetical. I just read a thread on cichlid crossbreeding, and it sounds like almost all Central American cichlids are genetically similar...
  10. Mr geophagus

    How to breed flowerhorns?

    How do I breed flowerhorns? I’ve recently bought two small flowerhorns and I’m pretty sure it’s a pair. How do I breed them when they’re old enough?
  11. Nm1

    Breeding in community tank, Fry?

    I had temporarily put rainbow cichlids in a 240 SA community tank. Got eggs 4 days ago which have since hatched and been moved to a planted area. As expected parents are psychotic and scrapping quite a bit. What’s a good plan for removing the fry and parents before my other fish get hungry and...
  12. slava2929

    Cichlid custody dispute among rainbow cichlids. Divorce pending?

    I have a breeding pair of rainbow cichlids who have successfully bred and raised fry before and have been together without incident for at least 6 months. Their latest batch of fry has led to a real mystery and something I never thought I would see with fish. The male has about half the fry on...
  13. N

    3 angelfishes paired up!!!

    I have 75 gallon tank with 8 angels and 5 guppies.. and I have two PVC pipes places on both corners. Now there are 3 angels in one corner (2 males and 1 female). One male mainly protect the territory and other two take care of the eggs. Is it common in angelfish?? And if i wanna move this pair...
  14. Adrianrios1085


    SRD IMPORTED FROM THAILAND 4in Kamfa upon request 80$ each for SRD Message me if interested 626 203 3120
  15. N

    Can a group of adult angelfish pair off???

    I have recently added 7 Platinum angelfish and 8 Koi angelfish in my 75 gallon tank. Tank is fully cycled and all water parameters are as required for angelfish. Can I find at least one breeding pair out of these 15 adult angelfish? Cuz all the angelfish breeders I see in youtube asks to get...
  16. Adrianrios1085

    F.S pick up only breeding pair jaguar Cichlid

    Proven breeders need gone ASAP Male 12in Female 8in 626 203 3120 120 obo Pick up only riverside ca
  17. Adrianrios1085

    Breeding pair of jags for sale pu riverside ca

    Selling my proven breeding pair of jaguars need to make room Male 12in Female 8in They’ve produced plenty of fry for me 120$ obo
  18. Adrianrios1085

    Jaguar breeding pair 150$ riverside ca

    I’m selling my proven breeding pair Pick up only in riverside ca 150$
  19. O

    Acara won’t lay eggs!!

    I have 2 EB Acaras 4”&6”, one 10” Oscar, a school of 11 guppies, two 3” yo-yo loaches in a 120 gallon tank. Water parameters are very good other than hard water, light is on 12hrs per day, water is 80 degrees. There are turtle shell fragments, and a couple of pieces of a coconut in there that...
  20. baxtor_lex

    New Male for the Marbled Convict, possible breeding project.

    Hey guys! So some of you may have seen my last thread. Well the Marbled Convict turned out to be female, abit bummed. But went out and found what i think is a fantastic male for her. My intention will be to breed them, and then breed one of the babies back to her in the hopes of getting some...