1. F

    cracked glass

    hi, i recently bought a 200 gallon drilled tank form my LFS. i was fitting the bulkhead and found this crack in the glass. will this affect my tank and cause leaks or will the bulkhead be fine

    Overflow Bulkhead Location + Support

    Hi, I'm not sure if this post belongs here or the DIY section so any mods feel free to move it if you feel that's necessary. So I got a used 555 liter tank (~150 US Gal) and I want to make a sump system for it. I already bought the bulkheads and the pump, but not the stand and the actual sump...

    How to measure bottom panel thickness?

    Hi, I know it's a somewhat weird question. But does anyone have a way to measure the thickness of the bottom panel of a tank? The tank has a bottom trim that is glued on so it isn't visible from the side. I can measure the side thickness and assume they're the same, but one can only be so sure...
  4. W

    What size loc-line is this?

    Can you identify the size and type of the nozzle, tube and the size of the bulkhead? Need to buy something identical.
  5. TexasMFK31

    1" Bulkhead for 2" wall

    Morning fellow MFKers, I am in the planning stages of upgrading my tank here in the next 2 years (I know a ways out but I want it done better than my last build). The tank is an "L" shape and there will be a seam in the plywood on the bottom. My thoughts/current plan is to utilize the true 1"...
  6. N

    Drilled tank - Drain and Return Setup question

    I have a 240G. Acrylic with drilled drain and returns in both of the back corners. My question is, when I hook up the drain and return piping. Do I want the rubber seal on the inside of the tank or outside? I have all the bulkheads, rubber seal, tubing and whatever else.... I just dont know...