1. Blakewater

    For Sale  23” Juli Barb BAY AREA

    A friend and I are selling a 23” Julliene Barb. Eating good absolutely massive. Extremely rare to see one this size. Pick up only around San Jose no shipping sorry $550 OBO.
  2. itrebebag99

    Carp Feeding off Method Lead

    Got some footage of some carp feeding off of a method lead, as well as a few other native species.
  3. itrebebag99

    GoPro footage of Big Goldfish Feeding

    The quality isn't the best, but I did get some footage of big goldfish feeding off a method lead, as well as some other native fish:
  4. T

    TL's 60,000 Gal Pond Update + New Fish Project!

    Subscribe to my youtube for more updates and new vids!
  5. itrebebag99

    Are Carp Tough or Sensitive to Handling?

    I was just wondering if carp are really tough fish, who don't stress out easily when handled; or if carp are really sensitive fish that need to be handled with care, and easily die? Because I have heard both many times. I am going to guess that they aren't easily stressed out, because carp...
  6. itrebebag99

    Silver Carp Control Methods

    What is everyone out there's opinion on the best method for controlling populations of silver and bighead carp? There is a lot people saying that a food market for them should be started. I think many Americans will have a problem with eating fish fillets with so many bones. Also, the small...
  7. B

    Wild caught pond UK

    So I had this idea to buy a small pond for my garden around 100 to 1000 litres (20 to 200 gallons) And keep fish I catch in rivers and lakes like freshwater bullheads,sticklebacks and one carp or trout and a eel if it's legal to catch and keep European eels so is this legal and would you...