central american

  1. H

    Stocking advice needed for Central American 125 gallon

    Hi guys! This is long but I wanted to give you a good idea of the situation so I can get the best advice possible. I got a new 125 gallon tank and am setting it up now. Trying to figure out what I want to stock it with once I get it cycled. I was going to go with South American (I love those...
  2. Vivekcichlids

    Please help.

    I have a 5feet long 90 gallon tank. I've had an Oscar in it for almost 2 years. He was really healthy and grew big from a very small size. But recently I lost him all of a sudden. He was gasping and died. I do the water changes weekly 40-50% always and it has worked for me really well. I brought...
  3. T

    Shy Blue Acaras

    Hello everyone, I have 90 gallon tank stocked with 4 blue acaras, 2 angel fish, and a dwarf pleco. The tank has been set up for about 4 months and all the fish get along great luckily! However, the acaras are still very shy even though I have a fair amount of decorations and the light is an LED...
  4. ..puSkar..

    .....Post'em VIEJAS .....

    I recently got a vieja hybrid from my friend. And imo they are one of the prettiest fish one can have . I've seen a lot of threads on different types of VIEJAS here on MFK. But very few have pictures of fish or a complete shot of the tank. I wonder if all MFK people keeping VIEJAS could post...
  5. M

    Hypsophrys nicaraguensis tank set up

    Good day friends! I quit the hobby last 2018 where I had been a Flowerhorn keeper for 3 years. This year, I am transitioning to caring for natural Cichlids, in particular, Central American cichlids. I would like to seek your guidance setting up my first Hypsophrys nicaraguensis species tank. Can...
  6. Edward345

    Honduran Jaguar Cichlid

    Is this considered as a Honduran jag?
  7. Edward345

    Male or female jaguar cichlid

    My guess it’s a male I might be wrong.
  8. J

    For Sale  Blue convicts cichlids, Amatlitania

    Hello every one, I have for sale some central american cichlids. They are 2.5 to 3 inches. They are very active and healthy. They show blue, yellow and red colors.
  9. R

    For Sale  Syspillium

    10" Syspillium for sale. $100.
  10. Cichlids keeper

    Show me your older Cichlids!

    I am interested in the affects of aging on Cichlids. If you have a Cichlid that is about about 3/4 through its lifespan please show me. This also includes hybrids and African Cichlids but there is no section for Cichlids in general so I posted it here.
  11. J

    Want to Buy  Salvini wtb

    Looking for a very colorful straind of the salvini cichlid to keep and breed. F1 would be nice located in ohio will pay shipping let me know thanks
  12. C

    Umbee Sexing

    Two Rio Guatape umbees. Wondering if there both female or if one is male and other female. Was told one was male and other female
  13. blazin_dragon18

    For Sale  Oscura Heterospila AKA Montecristo cichlid, pick up in LA (Rare)

    Selling a rather rare CA cichlid - my male 8" Oscura Heterospila or Montecristo cichlid. very health, active and mellow CA cichlid, one of the most beautiful imo. First $60 picks him up.
  14. S

    Central and south mericn fish in Canada

    Does anyone know where to order or any good fish stores that sell central/american cichlids?. Looking to get back in the game and get a pair of dovii or umbee or festae pair. Was going to travel to toronto to see if they had anything but I thought I'd ask the forum first.
  15. C

    Jack Dempsey Sexing and pair

    I was wondering if this a a male and female jack Dempsey. Trying to get a pair going.
  16. C

    Texas cichlid sexing

    I have a electric blue Texas cichlid around 5 inches and was wondering if anyone knows the sex.
  17. C

    Mixing cichlids!?!?

    Has anyone had success with mixing Central/South American and African cichlids? I know many are purist and only have fish from the same regions and some same exact lakes...BUT if water parameters are ok and feeding is fine has anyone done this successfully?
  18. HybridFinatic

    Hardiest Central American cichlid?

    From your experience, what is the hardiest medium-large Central American cichlid you know of or have kept? I’m talking rock solid. A fish Resilient to diseases compared to others. A fish that is stronger than the others.
  19. Lawton C

    Finally going to get it.....

    After 4 years of this hobby, I think I'm finally ready to get a tank bigger than 75g:). I'm looking at something in the 180-250 range for my living room. I'm cycling a 60 gallon for a pair of sajica and other fish atm. I have alwyas loved SA/CA cichlids and want to do a community including these...
  20. C

    Jaguar Pair

    is my jaguar cichlids pair. I just got them so their stressed right now but they don’t stop following each other.