1. T

    For Sale  Adonis Pleco

    10" Adonis Pleco looking to re home
  2. mr cichlid

    For Sale  Egg layers

    Different sizes and species
  3. Ockis27

    For Sale  240 gallon acrylic with stand and 150 gallon pond

    Hey everyone, I've got a tank with stand and pond that I am no longer using. The 240gal is 8x2x2. The stand is in good condition. The tank has 2 repairs on it, one of the top and one on the bottom. Both have been repaired and bonded, zero issue with leaks from the repairs, the tanks was up...
  4. fugupuff

    Vendor  Rare Fish- vendor stock list 11-3

    Rare Fish vendor info, link, pictures I've been keeping fish most of my life, selling fish with import, export worldwide for nearly 20 years. Check out my reviews and pictures. Shipping via fedex overnight with live arrival guaranteed. Local pick up available in So. Cal. Wholesale inquiries...
  5. Poseidon2.0

    Force feeding or live feeding a starving cichlid?

    My wife’s Flowerhorn (2 years old and 8” long) got ich about three weeks ago and while we cured her of that with a strong salt treatment (3 lbs per 100 gals per Duane’s suggestion from an old post) she has stopped eating altogether. She probably hasn’t eaten in about three weeks or more. We...
  6. U

    Do I need an automatic fish feeder?

    I'm going away for 14 days and I'm debating whether I need an automatic fish feeder or not. I have an over stocked 70 gallon (upgrade is coming). Main poopers are pleco that's over foot long and blue texas who's approaching a foot and a black cuban about 8 inches (she fat). Then I have 3 green...
  7. Bassmaster360

    Humor & Comedy: People who don't like hybrids are like Hitler

    "Species mixing is an abomination of nature" "Pure-bred cichlids are the only way to go" "Hybrids are muddying up the pure-bred gene pool" "Mixed-species fish must be eliminated" "Pure-bred cichlids are superior to mixed-species" :ROFL::popcorn:
  8. S

    Active freshwater predator fish for a 75 gal?

    Hello all, does anybody have some good cool very active fish that would be fine living in a 75 gal? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. C

    Stocking advice + "plant-safe" SA cichlids?

    Hello everyone, I recently added fish to my 2 m/6.5 ft, 650 l/180 g planted aquarium which holds a variety of Anubias, java ferns and Echinodorus osiris, the latter of which has been anchored down. For filtration I am using 2x 1800 l/hr (= 514 g/hr) external filters. My current stocking is: 1x...
  10. T

    For Sale  Selling 6ft Tank and Most of the Stock!

    Hello, I have decided to sell my 125 Gallon Tank and its' stand. Also, I will be selling most of my Peacock Cichlids and two Starry Night Cichlids.
  11. F

    Male Gold Jack Dempsey x Female Jaguar

    Hello MFK members… So I have a male Gold Jack and a female Jaguar…. And so far Been together for about a month. Nothing yet. But I’m wondering will that make a Gold version of the Jag? I’ve seen Gold Jag’s and wonder where they came from. If anyone has done this already please post pics. If not...
  12. F

    For Sale  Asian River Prawn - 4 inches

    Hi Fishkeepers, it's time to let my prawn go to a more suitable environment. I've had this prawn about 2 years raised from 2 inches. It needs to be housed with more aggressive fish, cichlids or larger tank mates. He is predatory in my tank and is chasing the other fishes around. (i.e. clown...
  13. T

    For Sale  Mixed cichlid for sale.

    I have a 600 gallon tank with over 80 different species every fish you see in the pictures are for sale. Male me an offer for what you want. All fish are extremely healthy and not very aggressive. Pick up only. If you don't see a fish you want ask I might have it. There are breading females...
  14. H

    Stocking advice needed for Central American 125 gallon

    Hi guys! This is long but I wanted to give you a good idea of the situation so I can get the best advice possible. I got a new 125 gallon tank and am setting it up now. Trying to figure out what I want to stock it with once I get it cycled. I was going to go with South American (I love those...
  15. M

    FREE  Rehome 3 Oscar's

    Need to rehome 3 Oscar's as soon as possible. A 75 gallon tank and tank stand will be included if taking the single Oscar. Willing to sell the Marineland Emperor 450. Would prefer to keep the pair together as I bought them together about 1 year ago when they were 3 inches. If taking the pair, I...
  16. O

    For Sale  Cuban cichlid pair

    4-5 black Cuban cichlid pairs. egg layer female Healthy male 4-5” Cuban cichlids.. Easy breeding experience that can make $ back
  17. R

    Want to Buy  ISO: Group of juvenile CA/SA Centerpiece cichlids- Gold Saum/Red Texas/Vieja etc

    Looking for a group of 3-5 juvy cichlids 2" - 3" or so that I can grow out. Top species are: Gold Saum/orange trim Green Terror Super Red Texas Carpintis Vieja Regani/Argentea/etc. Not looking for Flowerhorns, Red Terrors, Convicts, or any fish that don't 'pop' in the tank. Goal is to...
  18. ..puSkar..

    .....Post'em VIEJAS .....

    I recently got a vieja hybrid from my friend. And imo they are one of the prettiest fish one can have . I've seen a lot of threads on different types of VIEJAS here on MFK. But very few have pictures of fish or a complete shot of the tank. I wonder if all MFK people keeping VIEJAS could post...
  19. C

    Can cichlids tolerate air conditioning?

    I live in a country where summers are extremely hot and humid. Temperature often hits 40 degree Celsius. If I turn on AC, how would that impact my cichlids? I usually do not keep the temperature below 20 degrees but is it okay for the fish? The tank and the AC are placed on opposite walls, but...