1. Adrianrios1085

    For Sale  fish tanks 92505

    90 gallon tank with stand 100$ 2-40 gallon breeder rack system complete with led lights filters air pump digital heaters 170$
  2. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    FERNO the red oscar update!

    Ferno the red Oscar has been growing like a weed! He’s a bottomless pit and growing fast! Here’s some pics of him below, he’s somewhere around 6 or 7 inches!
  3. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Anyone here in NH or northern Mass ?

    I'm now offering aquarium maintenance and cleaning, Anyone here interested or know anyone that may be?
  4. Adrianrios1085

    Flowerhorns Srd pu only riverside ca 40$

    I have 5 3 in srd imported from Thailand 40$ each Also have 1 srd Flowerhorn male 4.5-5in big kok nice color very active 100$
  5. Adrianrios1085


    SRD IMPORTED FROM THAILAND 4in Kamfa upon request 80$ each for SRD Message me if interested 626 203 3120
  6. Green Devils-Red Terrors

    Black Convict Cichlid, viable with introducing small babies while in tank??

    Is it safe to introduce my new Green Texas and Blue Acara (half an inch at most), into a tank with 1 1/2 inch convicts (breeding pair)? The convicts are already circulating at the bags, as I'm acclimating. Anyone, have any tips on introduction, of new small babies into a tank while avoiding...
  7. Nm1

    Stocking 200 gallon

    I put together my first SA tank with the exception of loaches. I have a 200 gallon 84x24x24 tank with 2 fx6 filters. All fish are juveniles and 4-7 inches with the exception of the pleco. I plan to move the tigers, arowana and pleco to a 300 gallon tank in the near future. Everyone is peaceful...
  8. salt_creep

    Assortment of South American fish - Central Florida

    I've got some earth eaters and plecos I need help rehoming. I'm not really wanting to ship as I've got a place I can dump everything for cheap if I need to. L256 Royal Sunshine Pleco (x4) LG $400 L014 Sunshine Pleco XLG (x2) $300 L114 Leopard Cactus XLG (x1) MD (x1) $100 and $40 XLG Proven...
  9. Adrianrios1085

    Breeding pair of jags for sale pu riverside ca

    Selling my proven breeding pair of jaguars need to make room Male 12in Female 8in They’ve produced plenty of fry for me 120$ obo
  10. AquaScape

    4/18/19 Stocklist!!! & More to come!! ***10% OFF MFK CALL IN SPECIAL!!!!***

    We wanted to thank all of our MFK members who have supported us as well as supported MFK all these years buy giving you guys something in return. So thank you guys!!! We will be getting in some more stock in the next two weeks including catfish, oddballs, some more piranha species as well as...
  11. Adrianrios1085

    Jaguar breeding pair 150$ riverside ca

    I’m selling my proven breeding pair Pick up only in riverside ca 150$
  12. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Red Oscar update

    Well plans have changed a little with the trio of oscars I have. Today I got rid of 11 fish which cut the bio load I had in half leaving me with 8 fish, I did a large water change and then got things back to normal. I have been housing 3 oscars temporarily in a 20 gallon long set up as a lot...
  13. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Pothos added to 125

    Got some pothos yesterday, so today after work I got a piece of driftwood I had laying around that likes to float rather than sink and used rubber bands to attach the pothos to the drift wood, leaving the roots in the water with stem and leaves out of the water. Let me know what you think, never...
  14. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Ideas for DIY canister filter

    I have a 125 gallon South American setup currently filtered by a fluval fx6 and a 80 gallon HOB filter. Looking to get rid of the HOB and do a DIY canister filter made out of a 5 gallon bucket, Anyone have any good tips, designs or ideas for this ? I was originally gonna purchase a fluval fx4...
  15. H

    Severum Identification

    I was sold a turquoise severum yesterday, but the more I look at him, the less he looks like a severum. The body seems too long and there seems to be no stripped bands at all. It was the last one among a mix of golden and turquoise severums so that is a possibility as well. If this is not a...
  16. Zak03

    Depressed Oscar?

    So, i have two oscar cichlids, a sun cat, and a common pleco. all fish are under 3" and are in a 10 gallon tank. theyre in the 10gal while i reseal the bigger tank, dont worry. Tank decor: i used to have 4 natural rocks, 3 big, one medium as decor. i have gravel as a substrate. i had a lot of...
  17. Zak03

    Tank Cleaness

    Alright, so i have two oscars, one common pleco, and one sun catfish (all fish under 3") in a 10 gallon tank. Dont worry, i will upgrade to a bigger tank, theyre just in the 10 gallon while i reseal. i have bright green algea growing on the sides of the tank. i wipe it off, but it's back full...
  18. H

    Help ID this Geophagus please!

    Hello everyone, I got 4[1jumped out and passed away :(] geophagus labeled as geophagus tapajos red head. It was like 8months ago and they were probably 3/4months old. The thing is I already had a couple 4years ago and they were a lot light color and with more red and orange than this ones, and...
  19. J

    S. American Cichlid Community Tank Ideas

    Hello Fellow Fish Lovers, A little background to explain my situation. For the last year I have been testing a "no water change" 220 liter aquarium for a company. The goal of this test is to determine if their filteration system works as they advertise - basically, beautiful tank with little to...
  20. B

    Stocking a 125g

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I have a 125g tank that currently houses a jack Jack Dempsey. I would like to stock it with other cichlids, I tried adding my firemouth wich is the same size as the JD but they fought too much so I removed him. I've decided to add multiple cichlids at once to reduce...