1. W

    My new 125 gallon aquarium

    Yesterday i got a 125 gallon aquarium off of craiglist with a stand and filter and a lid. It is 72" 18" 22". I want to get some cichlids for it. I either want to do peacocks and haps or central and south american cichlids. For peacocks and haps I was thinking about doing a few different types of...
  2. Cichlids621

    HELP! Green Terror Lip

    Today I noticed that there was something wrong with my Green Terror and I noticed that half of his bottom lip was not attached and wiggling around. Its with one other fish but It's divided so i don't think it can be from Lip locking. If someone can tell me what I should do I would appreciate it...
  3. Rensille

    Large Cichlids that play nice with tankmates?

    Hi! I want to set up a new tank for medium to larger sized cichlids as they seem to be the most colorful fish around and I have no idea which ones go well in a community tank besides severums and geophagus eartheaters from what i heard most cichlids tend to be aggressive. I would like to know...
  4. vitaly

    Fish Trap Testing: South Florida Cichlids

    South Florida is the place to be, if you are a North American native fish keeper. However, in addition to native fish, there are also invasives and exotics. I went out to a lake near my house to test out my brand new fish trap. While I had no luck with it, I got a chance to see a ton of Mayan...
  5. AquaScape

    NEW STOCK-LIST 12/14/18

    -Piranha- Red Bellies (Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1” $10.oo Ea. Or 10/$80.oo Caribe (Pygocentrus notatus) 3”-4” ON SALE **$65.oo Ea.** 5”-6” ON SALE **$85.oo Ea.** Piraya (Pygocentrus piraya) 5”-6”...
  6. huntery18

    best substrate for jack dempseys

    hey guys so my jack dempseys are not very colorful and someone pointed out that since my gravel is brown it wont have there color pop so i went and picked up some black gravel, but is gravel better or should i go with sand, currently i have a aqueon water changer with a 25 foot hose that i use...
  7. T

    Cichlid ID (what is this?)

    So after posting this in the salt section haha Hey there every one. I'm new here, in fact, this is what prompted me to sign up. So I have a cichlid it's around 2 inches in length as it stands right now. I bought it with one other cichlid and was told it it was a chocolate cichlid like other...
  8. T

    Cichlid ID (what is this?)

    Hey there every one. I'm new here, in fact, this is what prompted me to sign up. So I have a cichlid it's around 2 inches in length as it stands right now. I bought it with one other cichlid and was told it it was a chocolate cichlid like other cichlid I bought. Now I know that on of them is...
  9. E

    Melanochromis auratus with Julidochromis marlieri

    I picked up a single M.auratus juvenile today on a whim. Any chance I could keep it in a single tank with 3 J. marlieri juveniles? I know M.auratus can get aggressive when they're mating but what about a single individual? The tank is 20 gallons but I can move them to a 50 gallon in a couple of...
  10. coreybecker

    Just ordered 300 gallon setup suggestions welcomed

    So wife wants new hardwood floor and my 120 gallon has a small crack on a seam. Holds water now just fine just don't wanna risk moving again. So I just ordered a new tank. 8 feet long 30 inches wide and 24 inches deep Starfire from Pannell regular glass all other panes. 3-4 weeks away. Now the...
  11. pancakes

    Freshwater Stock | SoCal | 92880

    Going different direction. All eyeballed... 1-400 Odessa (1-2” & 1-300 filaments) 100 20-25 RummyNose Tetras 30 3 LG (6-9”) male & 1 F Tapajos 200 20-25 (2-4”)F1 Tapajos 125 Discus (5-6”) take all 500 or 100ea F (Confirmed) Altum F F1 (Confirmed/Proven) Alenquer x2 Unsexed San Merah x2 M...
  12. C

    125 gallon Central American stocking ideas?

    Hey guys I’m looking for ideas on stocking my 125 gallon that is currently cycling. I currently am housing a juvenile jack Dempsey a juvenile jaguar a juvenile tiger Oscar and juvenile Texas cichlid in my grow out tank. am I pretty much maxed out already? Thanks
  13. A

    New cichlid community tank

    So my tank cracked and lost all my fish (managed to save 1 very large pleco). Tank had only cichlids-oscars, green terrors and convicts. Got a much bigger tank now 470 litres(125 gallons)...wanna restock with oscars and green terrors but also want some other non cichlid fish as well. I was...
  14. AquaScape


    We currently have a few awesome freshwater pufferfish species available!! 4"-5" Dragon Puffers - $65.oo Ea. 5"-6" Mbu Puffers - $200.oo Ea. 3" Twin-spot Puffers - $35.oo Ea. 1" Red-Eye Puffers - $10.oo Ea. Or 3/$25.oo
  15. Deadliestviper7

    Albino cichlid thread

    post your albino,leuestic,xanthic and platinum cichlids here!
  16. cichlidfan77

    Looking for people in Washington

    I am looking for people in Washington Possibly to get together or bye fish or equipment. I am about to be starting a African cichlids tank and are looking to get mostly peacocks has anyone been to Conway tropical fish store they say they Specialize in cichlids bit of a drive want to know if...
  17. A

    Green Terror Sexing and aggression problems

    Hello, I have recently ran into some issues with green terrors and aggression in the tank. I have a 55 gallon tank currently with all juvenile cichlids. -1x 2.5" Firemouth -2x 3" Green Terror (One slightly larger than other) -1x 2" Jack Dempsey -1x 2" Common Pleco The tank is decorated with...
  18. O

    Newbie to Oscars

    Hey guy, im a fairly new fish keeper. I recently lost my chocolate cichlid and have decided to pick up a tiger oscar. Hes only abount an inch and a half currently. I was thinking of doing a black water setup for him. Has anyone tried this and have some tips youd be willing to share? Also i...
  19. BMG94

    African Cichlid finally had babies

    My male peacock cichlid and the mystery silver Cichlid female had mated and she had babies in a nursery net, it's been five days now and the babies have grown quite a bit.. lol I have video of them that I'll be posting later on just to let people observe
  20. C

    Convict cichlids !!??

    Convict cichlids about 16-20 weeks old, had them since fry and now in a 30 gallon tank, im not sure if its male or female. Theyre both about the same size but one is more darker and purple-ish, And the other is grey-ish color. Darker one has a greenish blue hints in the top dorsal fin , Grey...