1. F

    For Sale  Asian River Prawn - 4 inches

    Hi Fishkeepers, it's time to let my prawn go to a more suitable environment. I've had this prawn about 2 years raised from 2 inches. It needs to be housed with more aggressive fish, cichlids or larger tank mates. He is predatory in my tank and is chasing the other fishes around. (i.e. clown...
  2. xenacanth9

    xenacanth9's Invert Profiles

    Giving it a shot. This is an extension of my fish of the day thread. Plan on posting a profile each Thursday.
  3. xenacanth9

    Anyone have these?,comparison%20to%20other%20Procambarus%20species.&text=This%20crayfish%20is%20almost%20never,range%20in%20Florida%20and%20Georgia. This is a rare dwarf cray known as the christmas tree...
  4. W


    I have a preagnant crayfish. she doesn't seem to be eating... what can vegies can I feed her??? I have separated the crawdad.. Pzl help me it's my frist thread and also frist cray preganancy...
  5. X

    Shrimp identification?

    Hey I got the sky the other day, and well I'm not sure what he is now... Looks like a super small crayfish to me... And has some major attitude.
  6. T

    Crayfish Male form 1

    Hi everyone, I would like to know if anyone can give me a good idea of what it looks like for a male crayfish form.. clear pictures perhaps. Or a better explanation.. all I find online is a picture I don’t really understand. Thank you for your help. Elenor
  7. F

    crayfish problem.

    Hi ! i'm new here, i stumbled across this website as I was looking for a solution or an explanation to an "issue" with my both male and female scarlet crayfish . I bought them roughly a week ago, i'm not an expert but, they seemed ok, and I added ladder for them to climb up to the surface. only...
  8. T

    Tank Mates?

    Alright, sooo... I posted about adding an Oscar to my tank with Tiger Barbs and Crays, but have decided against it... However, I now took out the more aggressive, two-pincered Cray and put it into my father's large tank after one of the barbs had lost a fin on one side and couldn't swim, only...
  9. T

    Oscar With Tiger Barbs And Cray?

    So I have a tank with a school of 5 Albino Tiger Barbs and 2 Common Crayfish (One missing a pincer) However, I've been thinking that maybe an Oscar would be fine too? The Tiger Barbs are decent size, though I think still pretty young and not at full potential in growth. The Cray with only one...
  10. J

    Best food for P Clarkii (crayfish)

    What is the best food to feed P Clarkii crayfish? Food that provides them with calcium and iodine but are less harmful to the quality of the tank water. Thanks
  11. J

    New to this forum

    Hi all I’m new here, but I’m not new to using a forum or to aquatic aquariums. I have owned and helped others who owned forums and websites. My father loved everything about fish. He had many fish tanks when I was growing up, he also loved fishing. Currently I’m getting back into...
  12. N

    Need help with berried cpo.

    I wasn’t planning in breeding my cpo crayfish since I was told they won’t breed if you don’t have enough hiding spots(I have a 10g nano tank) so I only set it up to have my current crays(taco, sachertorte/tori for short, sushimi, and scampi.. I love food) but I woke up and saw that Tori is...
  13. S

    Crayfish mouthparts shell rot

    My crayfish is unfortunately suffering from shell rot. I have been vacuuming out the substrate to keep it clean, doing frequent water changes, and dropping him in a salt bath every few days, but they don't seem to be doing much. The shell rot appears to be on his maxillae so I suspect he's been...
  14. N

    New Tank Mates Need Help

    I just bought two cpo crays for my nano tank, I have one male and one female. The tank size is 10g and I’ve read on here that they need hiding spots. I have tons of spots for them to hide such as kola logs, live plants, pots, and morimo balls. My problem is that I only see one, will they hide a lot?
  15. J

    Help silver arowana seriously injured

    My juvinile arowanas tail has been completely bitten off anal and dorsal fins nipped and damage to scales aswell had him since saturday been completely fine til i woke up this morning and found him like this what do i do, hes around 4-5" in a tank with a 2" jack dempsey, a 2" electric blue...
  16. fishblahblah

    Are these CPO eggs fertilized?

    I have 3 female cpos in a 10 gallon. I really wanted 2 females, one male but was having a hard time finding a male in the batch. One of the females was berried with all black eggs when I bought her so I figured I'd just wait for the babies and eventually get a male. I don't know how long she was...
  17. Narwhal

    Underwater Crayfish Hunting

    Although not fishing for fish, earlier this summer my local Dive Shop had a Crayfish hunt in a lake. It was really neat and I got some good footage of the adventure. Has anyone else gone SCUBA Diving to collect crayfish?
  18. itrebebag99

    Cleaning Parasite from Crayfish?

    I want to indroduce a couple crayfish into my native fish tank? How do I treat them for parasites, though? Won't anything effective on parasites also kill other invertebrates?
  19. B

    Broken Claw

    I have a Blue Crawfish, his name is Blue (I know very original). Today he somehow managed to break his claw. He didn't break it off, he broke one of the 'prongs'(?maybe I'm not sure what it's called) in the middle. It didn't snap clean in two, instead it's just a break with his muscle and tissue...
  20. P

    Dark spot top of crayfish's leg

    Pterry molted about 4 weeks ago, and since then, I started noticing a small dark spot on the undercarriage in front of his back left leg. It has been getting progressively bigger. I think that leg seems to be not doing as much as it used to. The local pet store did not recommend a salt bath...