1. W

    For Sale  8.5" Crenicichla Lenticulata

    Selling my male crenicichla lenticulata because I want to expand the species of my community tank. He is 2 or 3 years old. Between 8 and 9 inches in length. Eats Hikari Massivore Delight, Hikari sinking carnivore pellets, nightcrawlers, feeder fish, earthworms.
  2. jamntoast

    breeding crenicichla regani

    i've pulled my pair out of the main tank and have them in a 3' 50g tank on their own with the intentions of breeding them. ive got a bunch of plastic plants for cover some drift wood creating some shelter and cave ish things and i put a couple of the small terracota pots in, one on its side and...
  3. jamntoast

    Crenicichla Regani with apistogramma Agassizii

    I decided to try something out today, I needed some tank space so I evicted a little female a. Agassizii from her tank. I first tried to move her to a community type tank where the only fish she'd worry about were some guianacara and some heros but that tank had too much current and she was...
  4. mrrobxc

    Australaheros red ceibal and crenicichla cf. Saxatilis rio mecedo

    Here is a 30 gallon breeder I am using g to temporarily house my 4 crenicichla saxatilis rio mecedo and my group of 6 red ceibal. I'm using their 75 as a qt for my discus and didn't expect to see any spawning activity since both groups of fish are young. Well...the red ceibal are breeding...
  5. NHKG

    ID Crenicichla

    Mine local distributor is selling this fish as Crenicichla inirida, approximately 30$ each. They should have 15cm (6inch). I don't think they are Inirida. They look like young Crenicichla sp. Atabapo Red II. Can you please ID this fish? I want to ad this fish (male and female) in mine 450l and...
  6. jamntoast

    C. Regani "tapajos" possible spawning behavior

    So I picked up a group of these a little while ago and they are still all cramped up in my quarantine tank, but recently I've noticed one female in particular has coloured up more than the others. Today I noticed her and my biggest male hanging out and flaring at each other. I think it's prob...
  7. M

    ID? Info?

    New here...Ive been told its a sp. maldonado by some online. I cant find much about it...any help? Thank you!
  8. Theepikester

    Ok better pick of my pike

    So I am bad with id on juvie pikes. He is mad cause i did a wc and moved some stuff around but got a decent pic of him so if you could help me out I would apprciate it! Sean
  9. jamntoast

    Getting pikes onto pellets

    Anyone have a technique that's worked for them before? Mines eating bloodworms no problem, but it would be nice to mix it up a bit sometimes. What works?
  10. jamntoast

    c. alta

    what can you guys tell me about this species? on fish base it says that they get to a max size of 16 cm and like a temp between 24-27c (which I hope is a little flexible, I usually keep my tanks over 28c). there are some supposed to be coming in at an lfs near me soon and I've been wanting to...