1. D

    For Sale  group of 6 x dirty 3 bar datnoids

    Hi have a group of 6 x 3 bars (not clean little markings between the bars) for sale $400 for the group they are around 2" taking on worms/shrimp and some are on pellets. shipping is available (you pay shipping) or pick up in Garden Grove 92840. Please pm me if your interested.
  2. Blakewater

    For Trade  11.5”-12.5” Indo Datnoid “Sumatran” Bay Area

    I’ve been giving it a month or two and my two datnoids seem to just constantly stress each other out. So, I’m looking to trade my smaller IT off to a new, good home. I’d also consider selling him for the right price but currently I’m leaning more towards a trade. My dat is a light yellow/tan...
  3. W

    For Sale  2 Silver 2 albino arowana

    Hello I have 2 silver and 2 albino Arowana for sale. All eating pellets. Albino 5-6". Silver 8-9" Silver 30$ each OBO Albino 120$ each OBO 6266206577
  4. Blakewater

    More Monster Pick Ups: Tat & Dat

    Added some new beasts to my tank again today. Got the hook up on a nice 12”-13” Tatau and a 15” IT beast. Both are moving in real nice and don’t seem to be afraid of me at all haha
  5. agent1207

    NTT Datnoid with African Cichlids? Aquarium Upgrade Help! Pics attached.

    I am currently looking into upgrading my aquarium set up to a much larger system and was wondering if this could/would work. Right now, Aquarium #1 100 Gallon African Cichlids/ Central American 2x yellow lab 4in (known to get aggressive when larger) 1x zebra mbuna 3in (most aggressive in tank...
  6. T

    For Sale  4 bar datnoid

    4-5” datnoid Message me if interested Eating pellets krill and talapia
  7. A

    For Sale  Indo datnoid 9” 3/4 bar

    Good healthy datnoid feeding on pellets and anything else. Stability is usually good but i redid my whole tank and it changed a bit . Has a slight white on the right eye as seen in pics but not blind. 320$ text me 562-309-1815 located whittier 90604
  8. jsodwi

    For Sale  Out of hobby large IT dats

    3 IT dats 10”+. Unstable 4/4 4/3 bar eating tilapia, silversides, shrimp, hikari so long carnivore pellets $200 each all 3 for $500 Pick up in north jersey Pm me I’m not on the site much to check the threads
  9. Blakewater

    For Sale  Thinning Out The Extras

    Happy New Year! Decided to thin out the unnecessary fish in my Cichla/Amazonian Catfish tank a bit more. Not in any hurry to get rid of them but I feel they take away from the general look I'm going for. I have tried to make my prices pretty reasonable as I'd ultimately rather they go to a good...
  10. Blakewater

    For Sale  2x 6" NTT Datnoids

    Selling my two 6"+ NTTs. They just cant compete with my bass for food or territory and I figure a lower total bioload is always nice. Grab them both for $120 or $70 ea. Eating cut shrimp [when theyre not feeling shy] and of course, minnows. Located in 94928. no shipping sorry guys just too crazy...
  11. Jush

    Gene variants of fish?

    So we all know Platinum is white with Black eyes Albino is White with Red eyes Melanistic is Black with Black eyes Xanthic is Red with Black eyes so what is leucistic & what is Lutino? Is leucistic another name for Platinum & Lutino a variant of Albino/ Platinum where its almost golden/ yellow...
  12. A

    For Sale  Moving Sale - Datnoids, Archers, African Cichlids, Tanks, Supplies - 90638 - $70

    La Mirada, CA 90638. I'm moving and selling everything. All fish only eat sinking pellets. Shoot me your offer, you just never know. Text for questions or other details 626484587eight 4 bar symmetrical white base IT and smaller NTT is already accounted for. $400 - 13" Dirty 3 bar IT. It was...
  13. F

    latest Monster Stock list

    Below Is the Full list, we ship fedex & cargo. message us on facebook, email and call us ~ Arowana Size Availabilty Price Albino Silver 3"-4" $150 5"-6" L.S. $180 8"-10" N/A 12"+ N/A 15"-16" L.S. $1,500 Short Body Albino Silver...
  14. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  Datnoids, Chinese Perch, other Perch Like Fish and Pinima Bass 4"~9"

    Looking to buy any of the above mentioned in norcal. Can pick up within 75 miles of 94928. Can also pay for delivery if you need to ship. Please Indo Dats unless its a Sumatran. Also looking for Pinima Bass. No set price but unless its exceptional I probably wont be interested in anything over...
  15. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Is a 96 x 24 x 24 big enough for an adult Siamese Datnoid?

    Is a 96 x 24 x 24 big enough for an adult Siamese Datnoid? Do I NEED more width? Or would this size of a tank be good?
  16. P

    For Sale  Datnoids and Polypterus Buffalo NY

    (5) Indo Datnoids 1.5-2" (1) Silver Datnoid 3" (1) delhezi polypterus 3" (1) Ornatipinnis polypterus 3" all $125 pickup buffalo ny pics upon interest
  17. PrinceFish

    For Trade  NGT Datnoid

    Willing to trade my 5-6" rare high-body NGT Datnoid with very nice and dark blackberry silver dollar. LA 90024 8582529166 Justin
  18. PrinceFish

    For Sale  5-bar Indo Datnoid, NGT Dat, 4-bar Sumatra Dat, Albino Arowana, Albino discus,

    Trying to lower the bioload of my tank: NGT High-body Datnoid 5" $200 Sumatra 4-bar Datnoid 4"+ $70 5-bar Indo Datnoid 3" $100 Albino silver Arowana 6" $150 Albino discus 5.5" $30 Take all for $450!!! Text me at 8582529166 Justin
  19. jsodwi

    For Sale  Dats, Ray, pike cichlids

    5” NGT only eating frozen bloodworms $100 12”+ Leticulata pike pair $150 eating shrimp, tilapia, silversides, hikari sinking carnivore 2 10”+ indo dats eating the above $200 ea. 8”+ female BD/motoro cross eating the above as well $300 Pick up or meet up in northern NJ Pics of IT will be up soon
  20. Jush

    Datnoid Cloudy Eye

    One of my 3 datnoids in a specific tank has developed a cloudy eye, only on one side, I haven't treated yet due to it being just the one & I don't know whats caused it. I have the tank stocked with silver aro, African aro, stingray, 3 dats and 5 bichir. I've read it can be water parameters, but...