1. C

    For Sale  15-16 inch Indo Tiger // Datnoid for sale

    For Sale - 15-16 inch 4 bar / indo tiger / datnoid. Healthy fish that is eating krill and market shrimp. He goes in and out of being stable Pickup only at 11704 $350 firm
  2. R

    For Sale  8.5"- 9" Sumatra Datnoid

    Large 8.5" to 9" Sumatra perfect 4 bars Datnoid. Thick and healthy. Perfect tank mate for Arowana. Txt: Nine096382448
  3. Blakewater

    For Sale  NORTH BAY | 3” Oddball 3 Bar Indo Datnoid

    Oddball Indo 3” 3 Bar Datnoids for sale. Have a few for sale, $50 each. Some have ghost bars, 1/4 bars, split bars, a random dot, etc. All eating, in and out of being stable. All eating plankton and sometimes floating pellets. Will eat shrimp from your hand. Very fat and healthy, no fin or body...
  4. R

    For Sale  6.5" Sumatra Datnoid

    6.5" Sumatra Datnoid Clean 4 bars. $180 Willing to trade for a smaller 3 bar indo datnoid. Txt: Nine096382448
  5. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  NGT Datnoid

    Looking for a small to medium sized NGT Datnoid, anything over 2". Can buy or trade 3 Bar Indo Datnoid
  6. Rayfishowner

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy Indo Datnoid

    Hey! Looking for an indo datnoid in central Jersey area. Let me know if you have one to sell!
  7. M

    For Sale  Group of (4) 3 Bar Datnoid Super Sale! Only this Weekend

    For sale is a group buy of four 3 bar datnoid. Three of them are between 5"-6" with one pushing closer 6" and one is about 3". $600 takes them all. Healthy and eating shrimp. I'm very FIRM on this price. Price will be much higher if you don't buy the group. I need to tear down the tank by this...
  8. Rayfishowner

    Silver Datnoids longterm in freshwater?

    Can silver datnoids live comfortably in 100% freshwater. There are many stories of silver datnoids who die in 3-4 years and I want to know from general datnoid keepers, whether a silver datnoid in freshwater is good practice. Also general care is appreciated. Do they eat pellets, can they be in...
  9. Rayfishowner

    Datnoid ID and general price?

    Hey guys, Went to my lfs and found this datnoid labeled as as a Siamese tiger datnoid. The price is outrageous $149.99 for a four inch bugger, but was wondering if the species is correct or not. I’m in NJ so idk if prices can vary that much but for a small indo/Siamese datnoid how much is fair...
  10. Fogs

    Planted Tank, Datnoid, lighting Qs.

    I currently have a planted tank with some Mermaid Weed, an Amazon Sword, Ludwigia, and one other plant idk what its called. Anyways, i have a juvenile Silver Datnoid (Datanoides Polota) and he is clearly light sensitive. Possibly he is sensitive because hes young or it might just be a species...
  11. AquaScape

    Update and 05/13/20 stock-list!

    First and foremost we hope everyone is doing okay amongst the pandemic and staying safe as well as family and friends. I apologize for any recent latency in regards to customer contact as we have been dealing with the pandemic as well and making sure our families are safe too as we do have...
  12. Blakewater

    For Sale  15” Indo Datnoid High Quality

    Selling my 15” Datnoid. 15” is my conservative estimate though I assume he is closer to, if not over, 16”. Eats shrimp, sometimes pellets. Very personable, likes to swim sideways in front of you to get your attention. Stabilized in my tank within 2 minutes when I first got him. Very high quality...
  13. Jush

    Sumatra vs Borneo

    Hello, I've read all the threads on Sumatra vs Borneo in the past & really come away with nothing other than wild adult Datnoid photo comparisons which aren't really beneficial when trying to determine if what I am trying to purchase within the UK Fish Shops at 3-5" is actually Sumatra or...
  14. D

    For Sale  group of 6 x dirty 3 bar datnoids

    Hi have a group of 6 x 3 bars (not clean little markings between the bars) for sale $400 for the group they are around 2" taking on worms/shrimp and some are on pellets. shipping is available (you pay shipping) or pick up in Garden Grove 92840. Please pm me if your interested.
  15. Blakewater

    For Trade  11.5”-12.5” Indo Datnoid “Sumatran” Bay Area

    I’ve been giving it a month or two and my two datnoids seem to just constantly stress each other out. So, I’m looking to trade my smaller IT off to a new, good home. I’d also consider selling him for the right price but currently I’m leaning more towards a trade. My dat is a light yellow/tan...
  16. W

    For Sale  2 Silver 2 albino arowana

    Hello I have 2 silver and 2 albino Arowana for sale. All eating pellets. Albino 5-6". Silver 8-9" Silver 30$ each OBO Albino 120$ each OBO 6266206577
  17. Blakewater

    More Monster Pick Ups: Tat & Dat

    Added some new beasts to my tank again today. Got the hook up on a nice 12”-13” Tatau and a 15” IT beast. Both are moving in real nice and don’t seem to be afraid of me at all haha
  18. agent1207

    NTT Datnoid with African Cichlids? Aquarium Upgrade Help! Pics attached.

    I am currently looking into upgrading my aquarium set up to a much larger system and was wondering if this could/would work. Right now, Aquarium #1 100 Gallon African Cichlids/ Central American 2x yellow lab 4in (known to get aggressive when larger) 1x zebra mbuna 3in (most aggressive in tank...
  19. T

    For Sale  4 bar datnoid

    4-5” datnoid Message me if interested Eating pellets krill and talapia