1. F

    For Sale  Jardini Arowana - Orange Spot 15 inch

    Hello Monsterkeepers, sadly I have to remove my well cared for Jardini. I've had him for about two years now raised from 4 inches. Super healthy and only fresh food for diet, worms, mealworms, shrimp, mussels and silversides. I don't believe in processed pellet food. He is quiet aggressive now...
  2. D

    For Sale  Nice and clean 14" 4-bar Datnoid

    14" 4-bar datnoid - pellets trained and also eat shrimp and tilapia. PM if interested. Local pickup or meet up is preferred but I can also ship at buyer's expense.
  3. Rayfishowner

    Lower Jaw Bichir and BN Plecos?

    Hey all, I have a planted aquarium with a 14-15 in lapradei bichir, 5 in Indonesian Tiger Datnoid, 6 Adult Angelfish. This stocking is not set in stone and will likely decrease as the bichir and datnoid grows. I’ve already seen Datnoid aggression on some of the angelfish as they get close to...
  4. H

    Datnoid with holes in the head

    Hi Everyone I’ve been detecting my Datnoid with hole in the head. The water parameters are all good with 7.0-8.0 around the middle of with 0 ammonia, 0 nitrate , and 0 nitrite based on my api testing kit. They have not been eating for a few days . I’ve also seen them scratching themselves off of...
  5. Rayfishowner

    My datnoid injured it’s body (again...)

    A few weeks back I posted that my datnoid hurt it’s eye. I separated into a quarantine tank and it healed nicely. Last week I added the datnoid back into the main tank and it somehow injured its body. I’m beyond upset rn and it’s mainly my heater fault as the datnoid uses it as a structure and I...
  6. Rayfishowner

    Monster planted tank with co2

    Hey guys, I’ve been keeping my 100 gallon planted tank now for over a year now and it houses: - 6x koi angelfish - indo tiger datnoid (5 in) - Nigerian lapradei bichir (14 in) - mystery snails (cleanup) I’ve always been a monster fish and planted aquarium finatic and really want to create a...
  7. Rayfishowner

    Datnoid eye damaged

    Hi all, really bad news today :(. My datnoid that I’ve kept for a few months now suddenly has a damaged white eye. Water parameters are fine imo although I have not tested it since my test stripes expired. Yesterday the datnoid was fine and eating but this morning found one of his eyes...
  8. O

    For Sale  4 bars 4-5” Datnoid (3)

    Looking to sale really nice looking Datnoids. Preferably sell as a bulk- 300$ total
  9. F

    Datnoid and Arowana Eye Symptoms

    Hi all. I just started this hobby last January and I am worried about my siamese datnoid and HBRTG's eyes. My HBRTG's eyes have suddenly developed green colors behind their eyes and my datnoid's eyes become all whitey/cloudy. I am not sure if my datnoid is blind because when I am feeding it, it...
  10. D

    For Sale  Datnoid

    ngt Datnoid really beautiful color gold. He is around 9.5 to 10 inches wide and fat . Would trade for 2 Indo 10-11 inches Pick up only. Dm me at 9292773980 For price and can work on a great deal!
  11. D

    For Sale  Datnoid

    ngt Datnoid really beautiful color gold. He is around 9.5 to 10 inches wide and fat . Would trade for 2 Indo 10-11 inches Pick up only
  12. D

    For Sale  NGT Datnoid

    Rare NGT Datnoid. He is around 6'-6.5' healthy and golden. He has a orange color on his head. Very nice fish. 280 for this one.
  13. J

    For Sale  Frozen trained Datnoids for Cheap

    Hi, recently ordered too many datnoids and want these gone asap. I have 2 good looking 2 inch indo datnoids that have already been dewormed, treated, etc and have been weaned off of live food. Asking $25 pickup only.
  14. O

    For Sale  Datnoid 4-5” (3)

    Selling 3 Datnoid 4-5” some off bars but all eat healthy and swims actively Selling 3 for 200$
  15. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  4-8" Datnoids

    Looking to add some Datnoids into my growout tank. Im not worried about species as much as I am quality but no AT's. Located in the north bay area and can drive anywhere within the bay area (California) to pickup. Let me know what you have and we can go from there. Thanks!
  16. O

    For Sale  rehoming(frontosa, Datnoid, albino heo, yellow albino discus)

    Rehoming some fishes. Arowana getting to bully mode. Frontosa 4-5” 60$ Indo Datnoid 5” 160$ Yellow albino discus 4-5” 70$ Albino geo- 60$ Fatty koi japanese- 80$ Cuban cichlids - 35$ 8059946719
  17. O

    For Sale  5” Tiger Datnoid

    Bought for 200$ but needing to rehome .. asking 160$ , 5” , healthy, eating well. Pellet trained .
  18. N

    What kind of medication should I give?

    Hi. I am sorry if I keep asking for help from you guys about my fish health. But I need some help from you guys again. It is about my datz that I ask in previous thread that have a some kind of bump or nodule should I say. I havent give it any medication yet since I havent got any reply and I...
  19. B

    For Sale  3 bar datnoid

    3” stable additonal available, drop a PM pickup or ship (extra)
  20. B

    For Sale  3 bar Sumatra

    3” stable pickup or ship (extra) pm me