1. A

    WTB: NTT Thinbar Datnoid

    Looking for NTT thinbar datnoids. 90638 is my location. 5" or bigger please. Text for faster response Noah (six26484587eight)
  2. Luxury Fish Keeping

    FS 7 inch Vittatus African Tiger FIsh VATF SoCal Garden Grove CA 92841 $140

    Up for sale is my 7" VATF $140. Meet up in Garden Grove/Westminster area in CA, Orange County. Very healthy and strong. Eats cut fish, shrimp, and sinking pellets. PM for meet ups or leave number.
  3. F

    Need advice please

    (Originally posted this in another section but didn't get any answers) So I have an empty 36 gallon bow front tank rn and I wanna put a fish in there that I can grow out before transferring it to my 250(I’m in the process of building the 250 because my 225 is currently being used for a salt...
  4. F

    Need help with fish decision!

    So I have an empty 36 gallon bow front tank rn and I wanna put a fish in there that I can grow out before tranfering it to my 250(I’m in the process of building the 250 because my 225 is currently being used for a salt setup and I don’t want to add any more fish to my 350). I want to keep these...
  5. Iamfish

    Datnoid tank size?

    I have been reading though datnoid tank size articles today and half of them say a 125 is big enough and half say It should be bigger. I was wondering if I really could house 1 Dat in my standard 6x18x21 125 gallon tank. He would be the only top swimmer in the tank and would have all open...
  6. islandguy11

    Little Datnoid, Big Aspirations

    This guy's a character....video clips were taken on his 3rd day in tank (not long after he started eating pellets). I was surprised by how outgoing he was, but even more so when he started attacking the juvi Flagtail, which is nearly twice his size... Fortunately it was only for about an hour...
  7. islandguy11

    Baby Datnoid already eating pellets

    Perhaps the trick is to start them out young, I don't know, but I'm happy to report my new 3" baby NTT is eating pellets after less than 2 days in his new home (8' Aro tank). At the LFS he had eaten blood worms only. I had first dropped some pellets (Hikari Sinking Carnivore) behind the sponge...
  8. Miks786

    Datnoid ID?

    Hey guys Can I please get a ID of this datnoid? And growth rate on them? TIA
  9. pancakes

    Datnoid 94% Price hike In 9 years?!

    [ST Datnoid] 9 year price difference 2008 12” = $400 https://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/threads/st-datnoid.147608/ ============================= 2017 —> 7-7.5 inch ... ——>$6,500 !!!! OMG https://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/threads/fs-st-datnoid-6-500-los-angeles-area-pickup.690555/...
  10. A

    How long did it take to train your dats to take pellets?

    I have 4"+ NTT and 5"+ NGT. The NTT was bought from a fish store and was probably fed feeders and the NGT was wild caught. I only feed pellets to my other 5" IT, clown loaches, and African cichlids. NGT haven't ate in 49 days and the NTT haven't had anything in 55 days. They were thick when I...
  11. AG458

    Something you guys will probably appreciate

    So I went to a fish store earlier to browse their current stock. I came across this monster for sale; around $400 to be exact. The owner had it for two years before returning it to the store he bought it from. I figured, since I've been off of MFK for a while, this would kick off my return!:)
  12. N

    New PNG Black Bass and Indo Dats!!!

    Just picked up this little 3.5" PNG black bass. One of two in the US, I think. Also got a bunch of sumatra golden dats. I included a pic of one of my 7" wide bar 3 bars from the same tank. All fish very active and eating well!
  13. N

    How much are datnoids worth?

    I’ve heard that indo datnoid numbers in the wild are rapidly declining causing the value of high quality specimens to increase. How much are high quality 3 bars and ST worth now in the US? Thanks - Nick
  14. N

    Datnoid stability in a group?

    Recently bought 4 nice 3 bar IT datnoids around 5-6”. Keeping them in a 180 gal. Two are very active and stable, and two are less stable and like to hide on their side in the corners or behind the heater/filter tubes. I don’t see a lot of aggression, maybe a little chasing now and then. Any...
  15. N

    Suggestions for rare fish to buy

    Setting up a 300 gal which will house 3-4 SB datnoids, a platinum bichir, and a SB silver aro. What rare fish do you think I could add that would look cool? I like the look of platinum fish and am open to suggestions. Thanks!
  16. spencer0t

    Legit or not

    I wanted to know if anyone has ordered from sevender aquatics they sell datnoids but I don’t if it is legit before I buy one
  17. AquaScape

    New & Updated Stock-List 10/25/2017

    -Piranha- Red Bellies(Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1” $8.oo ea. Or 10/$70.oo 3”-4” $30.oo ea. Or 4/$100.oo 4”-5” $40.oo ea. Or 4/$130.oo Caribe(Pygocentrus notatus) 3.5”-4.5” $45.oo ea. 5”-6”...
  18. AquaScape

    NGT Datnoides Campbelli!

    We just got in two 10"-11" NGT that are looking amazing up for sale for $500
  19. AG458

    Is this uncommon?

    My new indo dat has seven stripes on one side, and five and a half stripes on the other. @krichardson pointed this out, and I've been wondering ever since. I've attached pics for you all to see. What do you think?
  20. AG458

    My First Datnoid

    So, I went to my LFS and bought the golden datnoid I asked about. MFK introduced me to this fish, and when I saw one for sale at my LFS, I had to buy him. He's small, but he's VERY territorial (he asserted dominance over my temensis pbass, the most aggressive fish in my tank). Here's some shots...