1. The Keeper

    Best algae eater with predator fish

    what is the "perfect" algae eater with large tropical predatory fish predator fish such as datnoids bichirs and jardini arowana tank is about 80 degrees fahrenheit
  2. F

    5/27/16 New Stock update !!

    We open on Memorial Day, Normal business hours from 10am-8pm. 12" Blue Eyed pleco $399 (SP) 2.5-3" Baby Blue arowana $45 (mention MFK when check out) 2-2.5" High Fin flag tail $25 (limited) 5" Vittitus Tiger fish $80 8" Clown Loach $200 (SP) 5" Nile Perch $100 6" Fahaka puffer $80 7-8" Sierra...
  3. F

    5-15-16 Complete stock list.

    Hello everyone, below is the list of what just came in in the past 1-2 week that you guys might be interested, you could always send in request of the fish you want me to bring in :-) I have to apologize for not being active on the forum. Best way is to communicate thru Facebook message and make...
  4. Cowboy4LifeNYP

    Indo Datnoid Help

    Hey Everyone! I'm fairly new to the hobby. I started in early November 2015. So I have a serious question. I recently acquired a 5-6" Indo Datnoid. I bought it because of its stable bars. I put it in my tank and it immediately hid. I wasn't too cautious because my other datnoid hides when the...
  5. A

    My old fish

    I just got back in the boards after a 4.5 year lay off. Just curious, does anyone know where the 4 fish ended up. 2 ST datnoid, 1 Ceara Kelberi, and 1 other fish in the photo. Here's my original thread...
  6. F

    New Stock April 19th 2016

    We have tons of fish came in recently. See below list. Please call in or message me on Facebook for any shipping quote. Please mention that you saw price list on Monsterfishkeepers. For pictures please go to our Facebook page. Or PM for more pics. Tiger Scats 3" $150 5" $250 NTT Datnoid 6"...
  7. L.Z.

    3 Bar Tiger Datnoid for Sale

    Selling my 3 Bar Tiger Datnoid. Over 6½ inches long. Unfortunately I cannot keep him due to not enough space for this fish and would like to sell him to someone who will take better care and has more space for the fish then I can offer it. Unknown if Datnoid is male or female Eats Sinking...
  8. L.Z.

    Looking for a small Gold (Siamese) Datnoid (Tigerfish)!

    I've been wanting a nice looking Datnoid for a while and it would be a great addition to my predator tank! Has To Be SMALL!! Due to having four (4) small Green Terrors and a small Vampire Pleco I need help finding one locally in Southern California, in Los Angeles County or Orange County! Any...
  9. T

    For Sale  Indonesia Datnoid Tigerfish

    Selling my approximately 9" Indo Datnoid. He is very healthy, eats like a champ and slowly starting to learn to eat pellets and freeze dried food. Changing tank setup so selling. Asking 190.
  10. F

    Weekly stock list. Mar 7 2016

    Kelberi Peacock bass 6" $78 Zebrina Pike 10" $550 Meleniae Xingu Peacock bass 10" $300 Albino knife 14-15" $260 Azul peacock bass 6" $78 Red Pike 10-12" $120 Short body Giant Gourami 8-9" $150 Short body red tail catfish 10" $450 Flag tail 4-5" $38 Flag tail 6-7" $78 Flag tail 10" $200 Albino...
  11. AQUATiC213ZOMBiE

    FS - NGT / New Guinea Tiger - Los Angeles, CA - PickUp Only

    Selling a 5" NGT Currently eating Krill shrimp, Blood worms, Brine shrimp & Market shrimp. Pick Up Only in Los Angeles, CA Asking $170 OBO! Please MSG Me here to arrange meeting for sale or for any questions. -AQUATiC213ZOMB!E-
  12. G

    My indo tiger cannot close mouth

    Hi guys need help with my dat. He recently panicked and hit the driftwood inside the tank head on. There is some wound near the mouth. The problem that I see is that his mouth is open and it seems he cannot close it. Can anyone recommend some things i can do to help him ? thanks !
  13. D

    Eheim jager heater problem

    Hi guys, I just recently purchased a 125W of the whisk Hager heater for my 40 gallon tank running with a 10 gallon sump. I thought a 125W heater should be enought because it is for 40~53gallon. And I set the temperature at 82°F for the first day and let it run for 24 hours, but my thermometer...
  14. Kolossus

    Datnoid Dance

    Love these guys...
  15. Kolossus

    Monster Bowfin

    Loving this guy...
  16. FunWow!

    My first baby Indo grow out

    Don't think I ever made this guys own thread. Some pics from when he was a small fry to now.
  17. A

    Breaking ngt to shrimp

    Hey guys, my ngt is very shy and only eats live. What kinds of methods have you guys used other than starvation that helped in converting your dat to frozen or pellets. Thanks in advanced!
  18. a_dilshan

    My Monoculus and Tank mates

    here's a couple of pics of my monoculus and Others
  19. Empyreal

    Indo Dats - new pick up

    About 6in each and 3 bars on one side for both. Not bad pick up 70 for both :)
  20. FunWow!

    NTT update

    Love this guy! Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app