1. Fishpony

    900 gallon monster pond stocklist

    Hello all, My father and I are building a pond, which is 10 ft in length, 3 ft deep, 4 ft wide. We are currently in the planning stage but we have the area it will be in. We plan for 1 foot of the pond to be in ground and 2 feet of it above ground. We are trying to keep it as cheap as possible...
  2. greenerinks

    ATF x dorado x aimara update

    Thought Id share a new update on my stock.
  3. greenerinks

    Big characin update (dorado x aimara x gatf x vatf)

    Hey everyone, saw that there was quite a bit of updates so I decided to snap up some pix and join the party. Enjoy! And yes I know I need to build out a mini swimming pool for these guys soon.. Or it will be a mission to transport to a friends monster setup. I also have a friend trying to donate...
  4. greenerinks

    Brasi update

    Posting a quick update on my super aggressive brasi. She's grown maybe 2" and some girth since I first got her. Finally can see some golden sheen come through on her belly and gills.
  5. Kangadrew

    Ultimate DIY Fish Room - Nearly 100K Gallons in Total!

    Well, once I get enough money I plan to design a massive private aquarium, that will house lots of large, custom tanks and my freshwater collection I already have. I plan on constructing a building around the room, which will be pretty huge, so I'm really packing on the dough here ($250K budget...
  6. greenerinks

    Golden Dorado ID

    Hi guys, I wanted to get an expert opinion from you guys to see if what I picked up is a juvenile Brasi. He is one mean little sucker, has been harassing all tank mates regardless of size differences like chasing a VATF 3-4 times larger.