1. F

    Want to Buy  WTB: Large Malaysian Driftwood - Jersey Shore NJ or Shipping

    Looking for a few pieces 18" - 48". Please Malaysian driftwood only no manzanita etc
  2. C

    Driftwood for bio-filtration?

    Hi, What if I have a sponge filter and plenty of driftwood in the fish tank and avoid a three stage filter with bio balls? I have heard that driftwood serves as a surface area for beneficial bacteria. So can a large driftwood or multiple driftwoods replace bio balls for bio-filtration?
  3. getmethatgeoplease

    For Sale  Driftwood and Rocks

    Hi All! I've got driftwood ready to go. Shoot me an offer if you are interested.
  4. icptoke3

    Royal pleco plumping up

    Hi, my royal pleco I've had about a year now recently got extra plump. I added a piece of driftwood from one of my other tanks and he went to town on it. Is he just a fatty, or is there something wrong with him? He definitely sucked on that wood nonstop for about a week. There was previously...
  5. C

    For Sale  Driftwood and Anubias plants

    Looking to spice things up? I got the wood for you! Each piece has been in my tank for 4+ years and no longer release tannins. Please refer to the # and photos below for sizes and pricing. Measurements are length x width in inches. Everything is for curbside pick up only in 92880. I know i have...
  6. Blakewater

    For Sale  24"-32" Natural Manzanita Branches | Bay Area, CA

    Hey guys, been redoing some tanks and I have a TON of leftover Manzanita. All natural and already boiled but not tannin free. Branches are anywhere from around 24" to 32". Shipping is possible, buyer pays. Possible bulk deals if you buy a few. Currently have 8 branches around 24", 4 around 32"...
  7. CYBR

    For Sale  Ghost wood

    It’s in a 90 gallon 4ft length and about 22-24 inches in height $50 bucks
  8. mattybecks

    South Amercian Community - newly added drift wood.

    Just added a new piece of drift wood into my aquarium, I was hoping someone would be able to help me identify the type of wood? when I google it there a few different types, but they look the same. I would like to find out how long it will take for the tannins of this particular type to finish...
  9. HarleyK

    For Sale  220 gal tank = $220 + free stand + free driftwood

    Howdy, I’m moving and I can’t take my big glass tank with me. 72’’x24’’x29’’. Must go ASAP. My loss is your gain. $220 for the tank w/ glass canopy. Stand and driftwood and custom background (behind tank) are FREE for the buyer of the tank. PM me your cell number. Silicone is perfect between...
  10. PrymeTyme-716

    Driftwood sinking

    Anybody have an idea or estimation for how long it will take for this piece to sink? It's been in since Saturday am and Ive been rotating it. Trying to get the plants in asap
  11. PrymeTyme-716

    For Sale  Universal Rocks Stonecluster-001: Set of 12 river stones

    Here is the link to the website(https://www.universalrocks.com/fish/rocks/river-stone-clusters/stonecluster-001) I bought them from. Will trade for plants or driftwood. Email me at Cody@shandrawcapital.com for pictures or message me on instagram cbanksgo
  12. Vertigon_z

    Driftwood Question

    Good Morning All, I recently purchased 2 pieces of driftwood online. When I received them I noticed they were way lighter (Weight-wise) than I expected (I have many driftwoods that are all heavy and solid feeling) and these are kind of soft (I can dig my nails into them). I love how they look...
  13. Vertigon_z

    Driftwood Question

    Good Morning All, I recently purchased 2 pieces of driftwood online. When I received them I noticed they were way lighter(Weight) than I expected (I have many driftwoods all are heavy and solid feeling) and these are kind of soft (I can dig my nails into them). I love how they look but I am...
  14. GiantFishKeeper101

    Blackwater Setup

    Share your Blackwaters! I always fascinated with blackwater. What lies underneath it. The sinister feeling to it. Hope to see some of the same style. I'm new to aquascape, the layout still rough. 720 gallon: 120 gallon:
  15. Rob909

    Looking into some cholla wood

    I’m doing some research on chola wood for my tanks. Mainly because I have plecos in each tank and I wanted to provide another food source. I have Malaysian wood in each tank and they eat that but I want some different kinds. That being said, is there anyone in Southern California that goes out...
  16. R

    Marbled Gar Photoshoot

    Just a few pics of my marbled gar enjoy..
  17. F

    FS: Fluval FX6’s and one FX5 $200 $150

    Location: SoCal. Southbay Several FX6 filters in excellent condition. Up and running and fully cycled for freshwater. $200 each. One FX5 available for $150 as well. Local pick up only Firm on the price.
  18. PGJE

    how to cure driftwood

    i found a cool piece of driftwood i want to use in my planted tank. How do you cure driftwood to make it sink and be safe for the fish? is honeysuckle okay for fish? thats the kind i found.
  19. Deadliestviper7

    End all driftwood thread

    ok because driftwood questions come up frequently I decided to devote a thread to driftwood.