1. L

    Driftwood for sale ( hope I did this one right)

    I will have all size driftwood for sale and all prices, from large rootballs to small driftwood branches so from $2 to $100 for the monster tanks! There are some tree trunk size rootballs down to Bonzi size rootballs so pricing will depend on the piece. I’m kayaking out tomorrow and will post...
  2. ukgoffer

    Clearing out some extra fish stuff

    Time to clear it out. I’m a big fan of eheim canisters. I’ve got an XL that runs my 240g and can do it solo with only a small weekly WC. They are easy to service. Eheim 2217 - up to 159 g. 264 gph flow. 8”x8”x16”. $30 Eheim 2213 - up to 55 g. 116 gph. $25 Eheim Ecco 2232 - up to 35 g. 132...
  3. Jexnell

    Manzanita driftwood

    So my manzanita driftwoid showed up today. I got it from Manzman in the vendors section of the forums. My question is does this have to be boiled before use?
  4. Mr Pleco

    Driftwood adhesive?

    I have a XXLarge piece of driftwood that I'm going to saw in half . My question is Id like to affix the flat part of this driftwood against the back wall (glass tank. ) What would be the best adhesive to use? Would GE 1 Work ? or do I need something stronger ?
  5. Treekiller

    Algae bloom from driftwood?

    So I found this amazing old live oak tree that had to have been laying dead for many years.. I grabbed my chainsaw and chewed off some huge chunks of the root of the tree, took them home and gave them a very through presssure-washing and set some of the wood in my 150 gal aquarium. Now my water...
  6. xDestro

    Driftwood mold?

    I recently took a fairly large piece of driftwood out of my tank and I just set it in a large container, well a about a month later I go to look at it so I can cut it up and use it in other tanks and I notice green on it, it's kinda light not really dark. Driftwood is completly dry.is this mold...
  7. N

    Driftwood preferences? also anyone near me? Utah?

    so i want to buy more driftwood specifically somewhere that sells it buy the pound or on ebay buying single larger pieces... but my main question is what do you guys prefer to use in predominantly new world cichlid tanks i want some long branching pieces like Manzanita that i can then lean in...
  8. xDestro

    Soaking driftwood

    I have been soaking a piece of driftwood fir about 3 days now and I went to change the water and I noticed some white resin in a spot. Any idea what this is? And what should I do with it? * iv been soaking it in water with double dose of prime*
  9. Paige

    Driftwood with riccia moss

    Hi I'm selling 2 pieces of spider wood with riccia moss( crystalwort) attached. The taller one has monte Carlo growing down the legs of it. Both of them are gorgeous pieces. The taller is about 12inches tall by 14 inches long and the tree like one is about 10 inches by 9. I'm selling each one...
  10. MorningStar

    Fish for sale. Dats, Clown Loaches, Endli, Delhezi, etc.,

    Hello Everyone, I am selling a few of my fish and giving away. I'm located in SoCal area in the 92551 area. Here's whats up for grabs; * 5 - IT Dats. (2-4" eyeball) $30 for all 5 * 6 - Clown Loaches. (2" eyeball) $20 for all 6 * 1 - Delhezi (3.5" eyeball) $5 * 1 - Endli (6-7" eyeball) FREE *...
  11. jamntoast

    spider wood

    I like it! I recently picked up a new ~60g tank, dimensions were 60x15x15 and was thinking what I could use to decorate it and all my other tanks have just had the Malaysian dw so I wanted to try something a bit different with this one. spider wood seemed a good option because of the small space...
  12. koizilla714

    WTB | Large Center piece driftwood | 10

    What type of listing is this?: WTB What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Large centerpiece driftwood What are your prices?: 10-50 Where are you located?: Socal Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Looking for some large centerpiece driftwood approximately 3-5 feet long and 1 ft tall...
  13. N

    Odd growth on driftwood

    I set up the tank about a month ago but haven't added any fish yet. I've owned the wood for years and used it in other tanks but I've never seen anything like this. Can someone ID what's on the wood and if is harmful to fish? I'm ready to get it stocked. Only water treatment I've done is...
  14. Bubbles_n_worms

    150g need ideas :)

    Hey folks! I am the proud new owner of a gorgeous 150g! In keeping with my freshwater fanaticism, i'm looking for ideas, pictures, or items. I have so many ideas floating around in my head it's hard for me to figure out what's going to work. I'll start out by saying that I love the look of...
  15. Y

    Driftwood n java moss

    Who wants to help me by sending me some driftwood n java moss
  16. M

    Manzanita Driftwood - Premium Grade Aquascaping Branches

    Hi guys, my name is David! I joined this community here to let you know that you can get great custom manzanita driftwood pieces, and you can hand pick the ones you want directly from us! You can view our stuff right here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/driftwoodmanzanita and we are always...
  17. littleturt

    Driftwood Slime

    I was curious about some slime on my driftwood. It is completely clear and I actually can't see it with my own eye. I could only tell it was there when I touched the surface of the wood. It was slimy in certain areas and in others it was not. This slime appeared while I was soaking it and it...