1. amazontank

    European Nightcrawlers living in my aquarium

    I'm getting a shipment from uncle Jim worm farm this week. So I have to ask how can these worms live underwater for a couple months. I found couple dozen alive and living well from my last batch. Has anyone ever just let them live in an aquarium until the fish eat them?
  2. amazontank

    1,000 European Super Nightcrawlers

    So I ordered 2 lbs of European Nightcrawler Earthworms last month from Uncle Jim's to feed all my fish. I have some in a 5 gallon bucket and some in a habitat V worm bin. I been keeping them in my room and been using Uncle Jim's worm food & bedding. Things have been going great and all my fish...
  3. amazontank

    pipa pipa frogs

    I had a question about food ideas for my pipa pipa frogs. I bought at a bait n tackle earthworms, freshwater live shiners, fresh salt water sardines. Now I am nervous that all this stuff might carry diseases. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. I put the sardines in the freezer and...
  4. itrebebag99

    Feeding Black Bullhead Earthworms