1. C

    Oscar eating mud dauber

    My Oscar just ate a mud dauber that managed to get close to the tank and I just want to make sure it’ll be okay or not ? If not is there anything I can do?
  2. RubyRuby234

    Dinner time

    My hungry girls are wanting their pellets with the remaining goldfish they haven’t eaten behind them.. apparently I am running a restaurant where you just order what you want when you want.
  3. H

    p. dolloi is a finicky eater

    i bought a p. dolloi last year and its weird how i feed it. its still alive, and healthy its not eating as much as i would want, seeing its a little one and i want to avoid stunting it. its around 15 inches now, and ive only ever seen him eat once or twice. i think he only ever does it when...
  4. viper0397

    Mmmmm pellets.

    Love that my new girl is pellet trained. In fact she will not eat tilapia or shrimp, but pellets are like crack to her.
  5. AG458

    How long before new clown knife fish start eating?

    Hi guys- I recently purchased a 3 1/2 inch long Clown Knifefish a couple of days ago. He kind of hangs around one part of my tank, where he rests. I was suggested to feed him sinking cichlid pellets. I was also told that he wouldn't eat right away. There are currently five pellets at the bottom...
  6. R

    How to know if Fire Eel is eating?

    Hello, About 3 weeks ago I purchased a 6-8" Fire Eel. I am concerned because I have never seen him eat. I've provided a number of foods (listed below) but have not actually seen him consume anything. Is there a way to determine if he is actually eating? Food I've provided: - frozen Blood...
  7. The Dave

    An Incredible Video Of My Rosetail Betta Feeding On Mosquito Larvae

    Has anyone here ever fed their mosquito larvae to their Betta ? They love it, and it's fun to watch them chasing the larvae all around the tank. I put out several containers of water in a shady area near my home every year to allow mosquitos to lay their eggs in the water. I check it everyday...
  8. The Dave

    Hand feeding My Electric Blue Jack Dempsey ( ebjd )

    I thought that it would be fun, though a bit scary, to hand-feed worms to my 8 inch long Electric Blue Jack Dempsey. He is everyone's favorite fish, but he's a bit of a bully. So, he lives in a tank by himself because he eats anything that goes in with him. It's a great video that I am sure you...
  9. The Dave

    My Polypterus Hunting For Nightcrawlers. High Quality Video.

    In this professionally produced, high definition video, we will see the species Polypterus delhezi in action feeding on nightcrawlers. This is one of the best polypterus videos on the internet. These are incredibly intelligent and beautiful fish. Highly recommended. Enjoy ...
  10. freshfishin727

    New 9" african aro not eating

    Only had him for almost 2 days now, he's swimming around but not eating at feeding time. I'm currently feeding my fish cut shrimp. Cut Tilapia, frozen mysis shrimp, floating hikari and sinking hikari as well. Any info would be awesome
  11. Primitive Jaws

    Most predatory livebearer you've kept

    Name or list the most predatory species of live bearer you've ever kept ? Of course pictures are always welcome. ^,..,^
  12. Primitive Jaws

    Most predatory livebearer you've kept

    Name or list the most predatory species of live bearer you've ever kept ? Of course pictures are always welcome. ^,..,^
  13. Primitive Jaws

    Dietary diversity, what's your take the subject?

    I'm just tryna get some other views on this subject. For any fish really, but mostly for medium to large carnivores, what would you say you give your fish and what would you say is the benefit of having a wide diet ( depending on the species of course )? Also live , frozen, or freezedried it...
  14. U

    something not right with red high fin wolf fish (ery ery)

    About a week ago I made the mistake of over feeding my 6" ery ery. He must have eaten 6 super worms in 5 minutes. The follow day he stopped eating which I initially thought was just because he hadn't digested the previous day's worms. About 3 days later of no eating I noticed white solid poop...