p. dolloi is a finicky eater


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Dec 26, 2008
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i bought a p. dolloi last year and its weird how i feed it.
its still alive, and healthy its not eating as much as i would want, seeing its a little one and i want to avoid stunting it.

its around 15 inches now, and ive only ever seen him eat once or twice. i think he only ever does it when all the lights are off, like pitch black. Because i notice when i peep into the tank after a while of absolute dark, i see him swimming around apparently looking for food.

He doesnt really display the attitude of a P. aethiopicus that would eat anything that was in front of it, lights be damned. Basically the only way i know he eats now is that when the lights turn on the pellets are gone and the characteristic poops.

I saw a video about lungfish on how people would fish for them with coconut meat as bait, maybe im feeding it wrong? as far as i know theyre omnivorous and simply love snails and shrimp. Odd thing again, he wont touch frozen shrimp or any of the baby apple snails i put in with him.

anyone own a dolloi and had a similar experience? id love to know how and what you feed yours