1. A

    Feeding Ghost shrimp to baby bichirs

    So I bought about 10 feeder ghost shrimp to see if they would get eaten but they haven’t even been touched lol I think they’re too quick for the bichirs also One of the ghost shrimp is pregnant hahaha idk what to do! Are ghost shrimp bad for bichirs or does it affect baby bichirs in ANY way or...
  2. gsemeraro8

    Shrimp Tank!

    Just started a shrimp tank! I built a shelf out of poplar to support the weight of this rimless 6gal, and its sitting on the outer rim up on legs so i can still open the glass lids and have the LED bar underneath for the lower tank undisturbed. i have some live plants and shrimps coming...
  3. MicroQuatics

    For Sale  Shrimp Breeding Project with Tanks Available

    Large Scale Shrimp Breeding Project, includes filters/ tanks/ plants ect. LOCAL PICKUP Make an offer! Shrimp Types: Tangerine Tiger *Caridina Crystal Red *Caridina Bluebolt *Caridina Yellow King Kong *Caridina Tangerine hybrids (Tang Thai) *Caridina Super Red Santa Hat *Caridina Yellow King...
  4. the_deeb

    For Sale  Macrobrachium assamensis shrimp

    I’ve got a breeding colony of these very cool long arm shrimp and am looking to thin down the group a bit. They grow to around 3” and the dominant males have claws almost as long as their bodies. They also have tons of personality - way more interactive and outgoing than the more common...
  5. S

    Bamboo Shrimp

    Hi Everybody! I was wondering if anybody knew of a fish store that sells bamboo shrimp in northeast of the US, preferably in or near MA. I really would rather not buy online, but if you guys have suggestions for online stores that would be helpful too. Thanks.
  6. R

    For Sale  15" Jardini Arowana *Need to sell ASAP*

    Price to sell!! Need him gone ASAP!! I have a large 15" Jardini Arowana for sale. This Aro is strong, healthy, and king of the tank. Beautiful color all over, from head to tail. Feeding shrimp, tilapia, mealworms, and superworms. I need to downsize my stock to smaller fish. Please txt me...
  7. GraveyardHound

    5g CRS Tank (Plant Advice)

    For some reason in September I decided to set up a high-tech 5g Crystal Red S tank. I guess I forgot how hard it is to maintain a nano tank. Anyways, I have been struggling with this tank since then. There were some bumps in the road but now it is nice and stable. However, some of the plants...
  8. Kingster

    For Sale  Wild Discus, Panda Uaru, Plecos

    - 4 Wild Caught Young PANDA UARU $150 each - 6 Wild Caught Medium RIO NANNAY DISCUS $100 each - 1 Wild Caught Medium L048 BLACK SUNSHINE PLECO $125 - 1 Wild Caught Small L007 VAMPIRE CF. GALAXIAS $75 - 2 Wild Caught Medium VAMPIRE SHRIMP $20 each emptying tank to start breeding
  9. M

    Want to Buy  RCS (or yellow) or Bloody Mary shrimps 91411 CA

    Working on a new planted tank, my previous supplier moved further than I want to drive (my zip 91411) Need 20-30 of either breed mixed sex Let me know the price/pictures thanks!
  10. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Shrimp only tank

    Going to be doing a cherry shrimp only planted biotope style setup with one of my 10 gallon tanks I have laying around. Advice on good low tech plants ? want to have it heavily planted. Also if anyone has good filtration ideas for this style setup let me know I have a plan but open to other...
  11. D

    Cleaner Shrimp Pregnant

    Hello everyone, Recently I noticed that one of my cleaner shrimp was pregnant, is there any way for me to keep the eggs and raise cleaner shrimp? Or are the eggs better left as food for the tank?
  12. cockroach

    Taiwan Shrimp Breeder

    Yesterday I went to a shrimp breeding I am looking at working with next year. He said I could take some pics and here they are. The pics are not the best as the space was not great for camera work. More functional. He had a bout 140 tanks set up and is looking at expanding next year.
  13. X

    Shrimp identification?

    Hey I got the sky the other day, and well I'm not sure what he is now... Looks like a super small crayfish to me... And has some major attitude.
  14. C

    Freeze dried food

    What would be the better for my Jaguar Cichlid. Freeze dried shrimp or freeze dried krill?
  15. H

    p. dolloi is a finicky eater

    i bought a p. dolloi last year and its weird how i feed it. its still alive, and healthy its not eating as much as i would want, seeing its a little one and i want to avoid stunting it. its around 15 inches now, and ive only ever seen him eat once or twice. i think he only ever does it when...
  16. Davidiator

    Clown Loaches With Shrimp

    Can i have my 5 clown loaches with any kind of shrimp (i would like names of the shrimp that i could have) (1 of the Clowns is 5-6" and 4 clowns are 1")
  17. Hybridfish7

    HELP!!! Cherry shrimp dying off!!!

    So at a CCA meeting in november, I got 10 small cherry shrimp from an auction. not the best color, but they were fun to watch as they swam around and ate algae. The tank was mature, I had a fish in it before. I also made sure the water was in good condition for the shrimp beforehand. My water is...
  18. N

    Need A Pleco

    I currently have a nano tank and desperately need another pleco. Right now I have a L162, but all it does is hide and only comes out during water changes since I clean his hiding spot. Also in that tank are various shrimp(cross breeding), cpos(the aquarium I got my pair from were raised in a...
  19. H

    When can my Fire Eel eat shrimp?

    I got a fire eel that was 4 inches and he grew to six. I've been hand feeding it frozen blood worms with nitrite gloves and I'm wondering when it can eat shrimp. (Even the tiny ones)
  20. The Dave

    Cherry Shrimp - How To Breed, What To Feed, And Everything You Need.

    This amazing high definition video takes an up close look at the life of the Cherry Shrimp. You will see detailed footage of them molting, mating, feeding, and giving birth. It is filled with detailed and accurate information about how to care for and breed dwarf shrimp in general, but with a...