1. D

    Switching the food your fish eat

    So I normally feed my jag a variety of foods like northfin, omega one etc. Then i decided to try a bag of fluval bug bites cause of the large sized pellets. Fed it to him for about a week without switching it up, and now he won't take in anything else. I tried getting NLS won't take that either...
  2. F

    What food is good food?

    People on here have been suggesting I feed my fish other foods. What food do you recommend ? How do you get a fish to eat other foods besides bloodworms even after you have not feed it for a 3 days?
  3. FuriousFish

    Foods to try with a picky bass

    I have 3 bass, I got them off craigslist of all places for next to nothing, they were in sort of rough shape when I got them but have cleared up nicely and are totally settled in. 2 are between 14-16 inches and the third one is a bit smaller at around 10-11 inches if I had to guess. The small...
  4. Cichlids keeper

    Flowerhorns and vegetables

    Has anyone ever fed a flowerhorn a diet where there is more vegetables as opposed to protein? I'm interested in the heath effects of something like like this. This thread isn't meant to talk about pellet food btw, it's about actual fresh food or home made food.
  5. H

    Ropefish Only Eating Bloodworms

    Hey y’all! I know they’re not polypterus but this is the closest forum I found. I’ve had two young ropefish in a 55g community tank for about a month. I made the mistake of feeding them primarily frozen bloodworms with some frozen brine shrimp for most of this time. After further reading I...
  6. Cichlids keeper

    Best food for Red Texas?

    Does anyone have recommendations on what to feed a red Texas to improve it's color and increase it's pearls? Also should I feed a different food after I am done with grooming it?
  7. F

    African Pike Feeding Help!!!!!

    (I know this is the general aquaria forum but I didn't know where else to post.) I recently acquired an African Pike from my LFS, when I got him the guy down at the store told me he only eats live fish(which I kinda of expected) so I ended up getting some feeders along with the pike. Now, I hate...
  8. mattybecks

    Delicious mantis shrimp

    Hi guys, Just got back from China and saw loads of these guys in the restaurants. I have never seen mantis shrimp this big. All of them larger than my forearm.
  9. S

    Food to increase color

    Dear all, please advise how to increase the flowerhorn fish color equal to Thai breeders. Because after buying fish from thai breeders, within a month the fish color get dull. Please advice which is the best to food and how to increase color for fries.
  10. Jacob._.merc

    Fish not eating anything I feed them

    So as you all know I have had an aggressive blood parrot that wouldn't allow my dragon blood peacock in the 90 gallon tank with him. Well things decided to work out I guess and she has accepted living with him in the tank. The only problem I have now is my fish will not eat absolutely anything I...
  11. N

    Pleco food change/ripped fin recovery

    Hi All First off a great big thank you to the whole Monster Fish Community for all the help, advice, and support over the last few years... Q.1 So Our Pleco Squiggly suffered a ripped anal fin about a week ago from unknown source. No changes prior to the injury and the water has been clear...
  12. viper0397

    Hikari Sturgeon Pellets

    Question for you all. Has anyone here ever used hikari sturgeon pellets to feed young rays and if so how did you all like it? Pros and Cons?
  13. D

    Albino Bichir not eating

    Got a new albino bichir about the size of 4-5”.Its been a week hes in a tank with some yellowlabs, a green parrot fish and a baby oscar whos actually a sweetheart.None of the fishes bully the bichir except for some random nips when he tries to go near the dominant yellow labs area otherwise its...
  14. C

    My Motoro Stingray will not eat!

    My motoro stingray has not eaten in about 4 days. The water parameters are all good and all the other fish in the tank are perfectly healthy. This stingray has been in the tank for months and I have never had a problem. There also appears to be damage to some of the edges to her disc. I am...
  15. Zak03

    Feeding my Sun Cat problems

    So I have a sun cat with 2 oscars. All three fish are about the same size 3-4" ( sun cat is slightly smaller). But im having trouble feeding my sun cat. I researched that you should feed the catfish so that it should always have slight bump in the belly. i havent able to acheive that. i feed my...
  16. Zak03

    Feeding Oscar Cichlid Problems

    I have two baby oscars, both around 2" long. I got them a week ago. I am having trouble feeding them. I feed them in the mornign when i wake up, and the evening Usually when i go to bed, but not always that late. I bought cichlid pellets that float at first, but after they sit in the water for...
  17. Iamfish

    Peacock eel on bloodworms?

    Bloodworms is all I have been able to get him to eat, the rest of my tank eats pellets fine so I was wondering is it ok to just keep feeding him bloodworms or will that cause long term issues, and how often should I feed him? Thanks in advance :).
  18. N

    Sick? Pleco stopped eating again

    Hi I was hoping for some help. I posted on another part of the forum, specifically in the Pleco section but no replies yet. Since then we have done a water change, all levels good except ph was a little low- we did a ph chem add on a portion of the water change to try to get it closer to 7.0...
  19. Iamfish

    Fish food recommendations?

    So I have been feeding my fish mainly bloodworms for the last few years and recently I have learned that it is not that nutritious and can cause some digestive problems so I want to switch their main food. My current stock is blue acara albino rainbow shark hoplo catfish albino bristlenose...
  20. Rob909

    What do you feed your plecos??

    I’m looking to mix up the diet of my plecos and see what they like more than other types of veggies. I’ve had tons of success with broccoli with stubborn plecos, had some success with pumpkin, and with my curent batch, cucumber isn’t too big of a hit. What are some of the things you feed your...