1. C

    non picky eel recommend

    could suggent what's the non-picky eel could recommend? looking at the eel, they got my attention... but the feeding: must bloodworm, must earthworm, must worm, frozen worm, frozen krill/shrimp, must live food..... NO Live or frozen food what non picky eel that WILL eat dry food? ex: have dry...
  2. Electrofunk

    Juvenile electric eel not eating

    I received a juvenile electric eel yesterday and I am having trouble getting him to eat when I tried to feed him for the first time today. The fish itself is pretty tiny, maybe 3.5 inches at best. So far I have tried cut up shrimp, and bloodworms. Neither of which it has showed any interest in...
  3. MetalRavioli

    New food now that fish have grown?

    Heyo MFK! I purchased my 6 keyhole cichlids and leopard ctenopoma when they were very little. Since then, I've been feeding them bug bites and an occasional carnivore pellet for the ctenopoma. However, both the ctenopoma and most of the cichlids are quite larger now, and I'd like to get them on...
  4. C

    Turn flake into pellet, possible?

    Taking care small fishes This is their food longer into this, brought also predator fishes. (small size) Anyway, is it possible to turn this flake food into pellet? Few of my fish prefer big one than sand one. One catch, a 'chunk' one.
  5. MetalRavioli

    Best diet?

    Hello all! I’m currently in the process of setting up a 90 -gallon freshwater tank, which I plan on stocking with a senegal bichir, a bristlenose pleco, a leopard bush fish, and 5 keyhole cichlids. I’m wondering what foods would be best for these fish? I assume bloodworms would be a good idea...
  6. Egemen

    What is a good food for Bichir.

    I have been feeding my Senegals variety of things but at the back of my head there is always a fear of not giving them the nutrients they need. I feed them frozen market shrimp and pellets but I realized that there is no specific pellet food for Bichirs. Is it ok to just feed them...
  7. A

    Not Eating Food

    Today is my Aro's third day. I gave him small pieces of prawns. He took it in his mouth and threw it outside. I tried giving him Hikari pellets too but he did the same then as the prawns. How much time will it take him to eat the food?
  8. J

    Jardini Arowana Growth Rate

    Can anyone tell me how fast a Jardini is supposed to grow? Does it grow slower than the Asians? I know it grows slower than the silver. I want to make sure that I am providing it with enough food to ensure proper growth.
  9. A

    Feeding live BSFL to Red Belly Piranha?

    Hey guys, I have been pondering. we started a home compost for vegetable waste at home, all natural, no chemicals. I have observed that it attracts a lot of soldier flies. And when in season, the eggs hatch and there are hundreds of larvae that explore outside the compost dump too. Would it be...
  10. N

    Golden Wonder Killifish Food??

    Hello, I am deciding between a golden wonder killifish or a rainbow cichlid for my tank, so far I might get a golden wonder due to the personality, color, and the fun of feeding it, however, I want to know what the best foods are to feed these fish, right now I have tetra mix flakes and blood...
  11. LBDave

    Tetra Krill

    I feed FD krill to my pbass and sometimes my oscars. Silver dollars and Jurupari's also eat it. They love the Tera krill. But none of my fish will eat any other type/ brand of krill. The smell must be involved. After they have spit it out the first time they will not touch again. Days...
  12. N

    Pleco diet question & food safety

    Diet question & could it introduce parasites? our pleco shares the tank with a goldfish, 125g freshwater. It’s planted but not w/anything they like to eat. right now we do flakes AM for the goldfish veg wafers & shrimp Pellets PM for the pleco (Goldie steals them) Fruit or veg 1-2x per week...
  13. D

    Switching the food your fish eat

    So I normally feed my jag a variety of foods like northfin, omega one etc. Then i decided to try a bag of fluval bug bites cause of the large sized pellets. Fed it to him for about a week without switching it up, and now he won't take in anything else. I tried getting NLS won't take that either...
  14. F

    What food is good food?

    People on here have been suggesting I feed my fish other foods. What food do you recommend ? How do you get a fish to eat other foods besides bloodworms even after you have not feed it for a 3 days?
  15. FuriousFish

    Foods to try with a picky bass

    I have 3 bass, I got them off craigslist of all places for next to nothing, they were in sort of rough shape when I got them but have cleared up nicely and are totally settled in. 2 are between 14-16 inches and the third one is a bit smaller at around 10-11 inches if I had to guess. The small...
  16. Cichlids keeper

    Flowerhorns and vegetables

    Has anyone ever fed a flowerhorn a diet where there is more vegetables as opposed to protein? I'm interested in the heath effects of something like like this. This thread isn't meant to talk about pellet food btw, it's about actual fresh food or home made food.
  17. H

    Ropefish Only Eating Bloodworms

    Hey y’all! I know they’re not polypterus but this is the closest forum I found. I’ve had two young ropefish in a 55g community tank for about a month. I made the mistake of feeding them primarily frozen bloodworms with some frozen brine shrimp for most of this time. After further reading I...
  18. Cichlids keeper

    Best food for Red Texas?

    Does anyone have recommendations on what to feed a red Texas to improve it's color and increase it's pearls? Also should I feed a different food after I am done with grooming it?
  19. F

    African Pike Feeding Help!!!!!

    (I know this is the general aquaria forum but I didn't know where else to post.) I recently acquired an African Pike from my LFS, when I got him the guy down at the store told me he only eats live fish(which I kinda of expected) so I ended up getting some feeders along with the pike. Now, I hate...
  20. mattybecks

    Delicious mantis shrimp

    Hi guys, Just got back from China and saw loads of these guys in the restaurants. I have never seen mantis shrimp this big. All of them larger than my forearm.