1. Blakewater

    Converting Fish To Pellets | Is It "Really" Worth It?

    In the fish keeping hobby, and predominantly in the "monster" fish keeping hobby, a question we often see arise with hobbyists is, "Do I put the effort and risk into converting my fish off of live foods and is it really worth the worry?". I'm sure most of us can agree that compared to "standard"...
  2. K

    Feeder Guppies- M/F question

    MFK, I have a tank where I raise feeder guppies. One guppy has confused me-. S/he is slightly larger than the other females and has some subtle coloring. S/he is also more energetic (a "scared" fish that darts around a lot, more likely to hide in the back at times, the only one in the tank...
  3. LBDave

    Fish Food - Thiamine/ Thiaminase

    Great thread I read recently has some good info on feeders and nutrition. Had me reading up. The Piranha Nutrition Thread Also had me looking for Thiamine (B1) containing foods and good warning to me regarding freeze dried minnows/ thiaminase. Not sure the freeze dried process neutralizes this...
  4. pancakes

    Freshwater Stock | SoCal | 92880

    Going different direction. All eyeballed... 1-400 Odessa (1-2” & 1-300 filaments) 100 20-25 RummyNose Tetras 30 3 LG (6-9”) male & 1 F Tapajos 200 20-25 (2-4”)F1 Tapajos 125 Discus (5-6”) take all 500 or 100ea F (Confirmed) Altum F F1 (Confirmed/Proven) Alenquer x2 Unsexed San Merah x2 M...
  5. itrebebag99

    Warning to Everyone against Feeder Fish

    I know that almost everyone here knows not to feed goldfish, but for those who don't, here is my lesson the hard way:
  6. Mugsyc


    So i was thinking of either keeping Crickets , feeder fish or something like that to keep and raise for my fish. Does anyone know whats better or how to do this? The breed them and raise them . Thanks
  7. P

    Introducing live feeders to young bass

    i have 2 baby peacock bass about 2 inch and am looking to start feeding Guppies,danios etc as I have a good population of healthy feeders in another tank but so far my bass have failed to eat one of them when I introduce the feeder into there tank today. Is there something I'm missing here
  8. Cowboy4LifeNYP

    Risks in feeding your fish feeders

    Majority of the people who I have met have managed to train their fish to only eat pellets, massivores, or some form of fish meat. I have only known to feed them feeders. That is what my fish stores fed them. So why is it bad to feed fish feeders? What are the risks? And how do I train my fish...
  9. B

    Can Guppie feeder fish live in a bucket without aeration?

    Can Guppies feeder fish live in a bucket without aeration? i want to try feeding my silver arowana a feeder fish, but i want to quarantine the feeder fish for a week or more to make sure that they will not give my arowana any disease. will they live in a bucket without aeration?
  10. 1

    Free marbled crayfish fort worth pick up only

    Hello! I've got a lot of marbled crayfish that I need to get rid of (they have multiplied and multiplied....). Free to whoever wants to come pick them up! My tank is getting way overcrowded, but I don't want to kill them [myself]. (They are parthenogenic, pretty docile, and eat mainly...