fire eel

  1. S

    Fire Eel problems.

    Hello all, yesterday I obtained a baby (its about 3 inches,) Fire Eel. It has not eaten yet. I understand that it probably is exceptionally stressed about the move. I'm planning on buying some bloodworms for it today and feeding some to him at night. Would this be wise?
  2. N

    An eel-mergency ( no seriously I need advice ASAP plz)

    I know this may sound silly but my fire eel is literally my favorite fish I have! I love her so so much and this is why I’m so upset with myself for not looking harder and acting before doing extensive research! So my blood parrot cichlid probably has ICH and my local pet shop gave me this...
  3. S

    Fire Eel gasping for air and has white 'ulcers'

    Hi everyone, I have noticed my fire eel has not been eating and now it has been gasping or breathing heavily. I did a 50% water change just now, tests show 0 ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, pH 7. Tank has sandy bottom and PVC pipes and decorations for hiding. It came out of its preferred PVC pipe...
  4. D

    Fire Eel skin issue

    As my fire eel has grown bigger he has these “chunks” of skin missing at the top of his head it started with one small white patch. Its only around his head. What can it be? We have two heater without cover and he spends most of his time inside of his tube comes out at night. He eats krill like...
  5. S

    My Fire Eel Jumped!

    Hey everyone, Last night my fire eel jumped out of our 120 gallon! Ive had this fire for about 4 years now and he has never done this before. I thought the tank was safeguarded well but I guess not. Anyways, my tank is a little more than five feet tall. I literally have to get on a step ladder...
  6. Kolossus

    For Trade  Monster Jardini Aro and Fire Eel

    24in Tank mate friendly Jardini 36in Fire Eel For trade or sale. What you got?! Pick up or possibly meet. Both eating pellets and frozen foods. Both tank mate friendly. The Jar chases the silver dollars from time to time but is cool with multiple various tank mates. Raised them both...
  7. A

    Fire Eel resting at the top of the tank and has white "scratches"

    Anyone know what this is? All of the sudden my eel has this huge white patch that looks like fin rot. Yesterday he was swimming completely fine and had no scratches on him, today he's chilling at the top of the water and this huge white "scratch" at the end of his tail. I'm assuming its a...
  8. A

    Whats on my fire eel?

    I have recently purchased a fire eel, he is about 6” long and I have had him for about 2 weeks, he is in a tank with a betta, 2 cory cats, a pleco and a snail, I had a molly and some fry but got rid of them today since they produce so much waste. I just noticed something on its side, it looks...
  9. S

    Fire Eel

    Hey guys, I have a fire eel now for about 2 plus years and he’s about 14-16 inches. Recently I moved the tank around and put a PVC pipe in there for him because I felt he was getting too big for his self made cave under some rocks I have. Recently I’ve noticed that he lays in there upside. At...
  10. M

    Baby fire eel NEED HELP!

    Does my fire eel have ick? I had a black sail fin molly in there but he had white spots on him and he didn’t make it but that was about two weeks ago and I’ve been watching all of my fish everyday since that happened and it’s the first day I’ve seen this on my eel I’m not sure if it’s ick or...
  11. J

    Fire eel bump

    Hey I just purchased a fire eel but didn’t notice it had a pimple like bump on its body. Any ideas what it could be?
  12. 6erikar9

    Iridescent Shark and Fire Eel Interaction Question

    Hey all, I purchased a fire eel and an iridescent shark from my LFS. The shark isn't very active, and when it's still on the bottom for a long time the eel nudges it gently and it starts swimming again. I figured I'd QT them together because they came from the same store, and they're both young...
  13. P

    Fire Eel Tank

    I know for sure adult fire eels need a very large tank. But I currently have 2 - 4” Senegal bichirs, a 3” black ghost knife, and a 9”fire eel in a 75 gallon tank. He seems to be growing quite slow. There was a 9” tire track in there with them but he became aggressive toward my fire eel so he was...
  14. Balake2424

    Ich ?or cloudy slime coat? or bacterial infection? Or fungal? Please help

    So I’ve got multiple different answers on what this is I just need someone who’s positive because I treated for ich and it does nothing at all but it sure looks like it . water temperature is 86 now I’ve added salt and ich x and this morning no sign of it disappearing no other fish has it in the...
  15. Balake2424

    What the hell is this ?

    I got 2 fire eels 3 days ago one is perfect and the other has these white spots kinda like ich but I’m not sure if it is can anyone help me ? Water seems great I only used the test strips to test it though, and I’m not sure how reliable they are. I really want this to go away it stresses me out...
  16. Serpentine

    Stocking A Monster Tank

    We are about to build a 750 gallon monster tank. It will be 10 feet long, 4 feet deep and 30 inches high as planned. Acrylic if we can swing it. Glass is too heavy and the risk of breakage spooks us. I could use a bit of help with part of the stocking. We already have most of the fish...
  17. Z

    Fire eel safety?

    Hi all, long time lurker first time Poster! I'm recently finishing building my 180g acryllic and 75 gallon sump, she's beautiful! As of now I will be stocking with a few clown loaches, some angel fish, a very passive frontosa, an Oscar, ornate bichir and of course a fire eel at only 10 inches...
  18. T

    Fire Eel SOS HELP!!!

    I bought a 3-4" fire eel a month ago. I have a 30 Gal tank with 2 black molly, 2 dwarf gourami, 1 pleco, 1 african dwarf frog, 1 cory catfish, 1 male betta, and my fire eel (All fish are small right now). I don't have any sand on the bottom but I do have small gravel (I was gonna get sand soon)...
  19. J

    Fire eel blotch on tail

    My new fire eel has a blotch on its tail. I don't know if its new or was already there. Recently did a water change. Haven't seen it eat yet. Only had it a week. What do you think?
  20. T

    Hide ideas for my new 400g

    Hey guys! So I just recently moved and set up my 400gallon tank in my new home. It’s 8 foot wide 2 foot 3 deep and 2 foot tall.. and succefully moved all my fish from the 120gal... I dropped a bichir but he’s fine :o . I transferred the canister with them and slowly acclimated them so the tank...