fish tank

  1. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    FERNO the red oscar update!

    Ferno the red Oscar has been growing like a weed! He’s a bottomless pit and growing fast! Here’s some pics of him below, he’s somewhere around 6 or 7 inches!
  2. D

    30 gallon fish tank & stand. $120 OBO picked up SFV

    Fish tank & stand for sale. Fish tank is approximately 30 gallons. Dimensions are 20” x 20” x 20”. The stand is 32” high 22” wide 22” long. Includes everything in the pictures (lid, some filtration items). No leaks! Tested it and left the water sitting. Needs some cleaning. Slight wood warping...
  3. K

    Brand new 480g acrylic tank /Windham ct

    Brand new 8x4x2 acrylic tank made by myself with 1/2” acrylic. Tank is drilled and painted. Looking to get 2800 for the tank and 300 for a basic stand made of 2x6s. If you cannot pickup then I can deliver for a fee depending how far away you are. If you are interested or would like a tank made...
  4. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Red Oscar update

    Well plans have changed a little with the trio of oscars I have. Today I got rid of 11 fish which cut the bio load I had in half leaving me with 8 fish, I did a large water change and then got things back to normal. I have been housing 3 oscars temporarily in a 20 gallon long set up as a lot...
  5. Adrianrios1085

    13in male dovii

    I’m selling my 13in male Costa Rican dovii 120$ text me 6262033120 located in riverside ca
  6. PGJE

    evolution of the 23 gallon tank

    I was looking through my photos and found a lot of old pictures of my little 23 gallon tank. Ive made a lot of changes and just wanted to show you how it has changed over time! When I first got it, it was for my annoying, very shy texas cichlid:
  7. Abyssalisk

    850 gallon aquarium -$4,500-

    I'm considering selling off my tank due to an opportunity to move to Seattle next spring. I'll be heading into an apartment so I obviously couldn't be running this system there. Most all of the livestock pictured is gone aside from the pacu, but I'll probably still hold on to him inside of an...
  8. Luxury Fish Keeping

    WTB Big Bala Sharks 10 inches or bigger

    Looking for 10 inches or bigger Bala Sharks lmk what you’ve got. Can pick up locally in Southern California Orange County area. Text me 7144540867 Thank you
  9. A

    55 gallon hex fish tank

    Holds water fine comes with stand. 100$ Pick up whittier,90604 Call or text me 562-3091815 -moses
  10. pancakes

    FS | 55g & 75g Acrylic/Glass Tanks | I.E.| 92880

    Sup MFK! Got some extra tanks up for grabs. Tanks and stands will be emptied, cleaned, and wiped down before handoff. ====================== [Garage Acrylic tanks] ====================== 55g Clear for life w/o lids. Needs some polishing. Measures 48x13x20 (blue back and sides) (top left & right...
  11. pancakes

    FS/FT: Penn Plax Canister Filter 1000 | 40 | 92880

    Cascade 1000 with another sun sun canister filter with new uv bulb I bought to replace the old one. Both full media. 40 or trade for a 8 out 10 ac110. PM for faster response.
  12. Rossy

    Fish Tank In The Garage

    I know there are a few other topics about this. I live in Texas and during the summer it gets really hot. I'm just hoping there are some kind of fan I could use. I have a L shape garage. Don't laugh at me about this please.
  13. S

    can Spray polyurethane foam kill fish? Sealant foam

    Hey all, So here's the situation. I bought a 130 gallon sump, i hired a contractor to take apart my stand and put in under my 360 gallon. But this crack, didnt seal one of the PVC outlets properly, so the sump has been leaking (very lightly), the contractor wouldnt fix it (i paid him 350$ just...
  14. PGJE

    Is it a real convict???

    I got two convict cichlids a few days ago and I heard that they lose their stripes when they are stressed, which is what the female does (but she mainly has the stripes, just loses them if you first walk into the room), but the male never has stripes, and he has a slightly red tail. Is he sick...
  15. headlessblade

    Super kok red dragon flowerhorn breeding

    kok male and female flowerhorn cichlid
  16. headlessblade

    Red Texas x super red dragon

    They stopped fighting and started to prepare the tank for breeding :) . Red Texas x super red dragon flowerhorn Cichlids
  17. F

    November 3rd Current Monster updated stock list

    BELOW IS OUR CURRENT STOCK LIST~! WE SHIP VIA FEDEX & CARGO ! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR WEEKLY UPDATE ! 6" Nile Perch $125 ( THIS FISH IS NOW BANNED !! STARTING NOVEMBER 1ST 2016 ) 5-6" Wide Bar Silver Dollar $80 8-9" Wide Bar Silver Dollar $100...
  18. W

    Heat a 1250 s/f home with only fish tanks?

    Is this possible? Anyone done this beyond the fishroom level? Furnace is busted and winter is coming. Suffered a $500 bill one month this past winter running a space heater in the main living space. Looking for alternatives. Some details: Drafty, but plastic sealed windows at the moment and...
  19. T

    FS | Stunning 400 gallon acrylic show tank | So Cal

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Tank, Canopy, Stand, PVC plumbing. What are your prices?: $3000 Where are you located?: So Cal Pickup or Able to Ship?: PICK UP ONLY Description: 400 gallon aquarium. 1.5 inch bullet-proof acrylic. Tank, stand...
  20. Ocean Railroader

    Acrylic Creations Fish tank Company reviews?

    I'm looking at the possibility of buying a new acrylic fish tank considering I'm not going to be wrestling with a 200 gallon glass tank. And outside of this one possible thing on Cherglist. The large fish tank selection on Cherglist is pretty horrible in my area with most tanks barely reaching...