fish tank

  1. C

    Want to Buy  200-400 gallon fish tank

    Looking for a bigger fish tank in north california
  2. M

    For Sale  Fluval FX4 High Performance Canister Filter, up to 250 US Gal (1000 L)

    This filter is AMAZING! I have only had it 2 weeks but I scored a deal on a 400 gallon tank and this will not be enough for me. Timing was never my strong suit - haha. But you can have a MINT perfect Fluval FX4 for much less than retail! This was plugged in to a (non planted, no fish, empty...
  3. R

    For Sale  15" Jardini Arowana *Need to sell ASAP*

    Price to sell!! Need him gone ASAP!! I have a large 15" Jardini Arowana for sale. This Aro is strong, healthy, and king of the tank. Beautiful color all over, from head to tail. Feeding shrimp, tilapia, mealworms, and superworms. I need to downsize my stock to smaller fish. Please txt me...
  4. C

    For Sale  T5 light tube

    2 brand new t5 light tube
  5. C

    Want to Buy  250 gallon tank

    I was looking for someone who is selling a 250 gallon tank in the Massachusetts area please text me at +17816055553 I need a Fish tank ASAP as the one i have now is in very poor condition
  6. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  Medium/Large Aquariums NorCal Bay Area

    Title says it all, if you're looking to get rid of a tank over 100g let me know with the price youre looking for. Could be 150 gallons, could be 700. I can pick up as well. Have a spot for ready for another aquarium and the market around here seems dead. Ideally at least a 6x3 would be awesome...
  7. Jacob6556

    Jack Dempsey tank idea! Does this work??

    So I now have a 60 gallon tank, and ofcourse like all new tanks it’s empty. I was just wondering about what fish I should get. First I was think about just an Oscar but then I realized that one would just be to big and to much water cleaning required as the have a huge bioload. So I had an idea...
  8. T

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy a rack system or fish tanks

    Mainly looking for a rack system to house mutiple fish but open to other tanks
  9. J

    For Sale  300 Gallon Glass Aquarium(96"x24"x30") & Stand

    I'm moving, and having to sell the tank. The tank will be available for pick up in early April. The tank is has no cracks, chips or leaks. It is also currently running. Comes with stand, lights, and lids(some have chips on corners). Could include fx6 and/or fx4 if interested.
  10. Balake2424

    Can I use Lobster restaurant tank for monster fish???

    So a restaurant near me is selling this 400 gallon lobster tank I was wondering if there is a difference in this tank from you’re regular normal tanks? Do you think I could use it for monster fish without having any problems with the tank itself
  11. C

    Want to Buy  NEED A BOX 120!!

    I need a box 120 gallon tank asap, preferably with a stand but will buy without, im in Massachusetts but will go as far as RI. Box 120 is 4' long x 2' wide x 2' tall. Let me know what you have text 5082098014 thanks
  12. T

    For Sale  350, 180, 105 custom aquariums for sale

    350 gallon complete setup: $2500 108x30x24 3/4 inch thick Dual overflow Black back acrylic 45 gallon sump Heater Pump Skimmer Artificial coral decorations Tank has some scratches harder to see when filled. Not a perfect tank but seams are in great shape. Normal wear and tear. 180 gallon...
  13. C

    Want to Buy  Large fish tank. 300 gallon or bigger

    Looking for fish tanks that are anything like a 300 gallon tank or even a tank bigger than that. I’m from north bay so I prefer somewhere within 4-5 hours away. Thanks
  14. C

    Want to Buy  Any fish tank 300 gallons or +

    Looking to upgrade my tank size if anyone is selling their tanks. Thanks (Price is not what I’m offering)
  15. H

    32000 Litre Aquarium Thoughts

    Found this tank on eBay in the UK, £12000 for 32000 Litre “Commercial Fish Tank as seen at Angling and Dive Shows through out Europe” looks pretty impressive, just wondered your thoughts on it...
  16. M

    75g Geophagus, Apistogramma, Tetras and Plecos

    Hello everyone! I haven't had a tank for a few years now and the itch to get tanks again was really getting to me... so I gave in and purchased a 30 gallon tank. That lasted me two months, until I decided I needed something larger, so now I have both the 30 gallon tank and a 75 gallon tank...
  17. Kevin2006

    For Sale  Pair clown loaches

    Clown loaches pair 5-6 inch
  18. Jush

    For Sale  Multiple predatory fish, turtles & fish tank for sale

    Selling a decent amount of fish I have bought but either no longer want or don't need due to getting larger types for example. Redtail Catfish - 1-2inch - £28 each - 2 for sale in total - buy 2 for £54 Tiger Shovel nose - 2-3inch - £28 - 1 for sale in total - N/A Male Black Diamond Stingray -...
  19. the animal guy

    For Trade  60gl and 110gl aquariums

    60gl acrylic —- $80 110gl glass —— $140 Come Bare tanks only. Clean corners No chips Can neg trade both for a 4x2x2 glass tank.
  20. M|L

    For Sale  48x24x12 Glass Aquarium New

    Bought this from 48 long 24 wide and 12 tall I never liked standard size tanks that are much too narrow for any fish. At 2 feet wide, this will keep lot of small/medium sized fish happy! Pick up only in NE Philly. Never been used, never seen water. Tank only.