1. Cammo X

    Polleni Pair With Eggs

    Hey guys, Our Polleni Pair randomly had their first spawn lastnight, unfortunatly the female was stressed and she was eating the eggs, we managed to save a few. Next time should we leave the babies in there if shes not stressed? or take them out? They are alone in a 3x2x2 so we can leave them...
  2. T

    For Sale  Going out of hobby sale

    17" armatus Payara 19'' Redtail catfish 12" tiger shovel nose 9" albino Tiger Oscar 6" bd hybrid ray 6" bd hybrid ray 7" male pearl ray 34" silver arowana 12" peacock bass 10'' pacu 10'' feather fin squeaker a few common pleco 13''irredescant shark 12'' irredcesant shark 16 '' rtc hybrid...
  3. M

    75g Geophagus, Apistogramma, Tetras and Plecos

    Hello everyone! I haven't had a tank for a few years now and the itch to get tanks again was really getting to me... so I gave in and purchased a 30 gallon tank. That lasted me two months, until I decided I needed something larger, so now I have both the 30 gallon tank and a 75 gallon tank...
  4. mattybecks

    sandsifting, shoaling fish ID

    Hi Guys, I was hoping to get an ID on these fish that are always at the beach here so I can research more on them. I can say they behave very much like the Geophagus genus of freshwater fish. Loving it when you disturb the sand for them to sift through. The water is always saturated with...
  5. B

    Monster fish california

    Hello, which monster fish are legal to own in california?
  6. F

    Marineland 300g alternative

    So I was planning to upgrade my 180g to a 300g Marineland in October, but in my post a few months ago I posted that I have read many negative reviews on the Marineland 300g and many of you confirmed the leaking issue. I saw on line a Tsunami 245g bowfront. The dimensions are 72”L 30”W 30H...
  7. Jush

    Want to Buy  Azul Peacock Bass

    Looking for Azul Peacock Bass either 3-5 inch or 8-14 inch, if you have a size not listed still let me know, may be able to work something out. I'm from the North-West of the UK, in Preston/ Blackpool (PR3) I can often collect, as prefer not to ship bass due to friends having dead on arrivals...
  8. C

    16” redtail

    I have a 16” redtail I NEED gone. I’m getting back into smaller fish. I’ll take $20. I live in Lakeside, CA. Very mellow and sweet. He loves being pet!
  9. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  Larger Aquarium! Bay Area

    Am moving to a bigger apartment that will have plenty of space for a "Pet Room". Looking for a tank with a footprint of at least 72"Lx24"W. Im located in the North Bay but I can drive and pick up as far south as San Jose. Thanks!
  10. D

    FS 3 Oscar Fish 8" $75 Pick Up UNCC Charlotte, NC

    1 lutino? and 1 tiger both about 8", and the other tiger is 6" (might be stunted as I bought all 3 together and this one is not growing like the others). I am in the process of upgrading my tank but will not include these guys as they destroy my plants, and beat up other tank mates. Diet...
  11. Balake2424

    What the hell is this ?

    I got 2 fire eels 3 days ago one is perfect and the other has these white spots kinda like ich but I’m not sure if it is can anyone help me ? Water seems great I only used the test strips to test it though, and I’m not sure how reliable they are. I really want this to go away it stresses me out...
  12. D

    30 gallon fish tank & stand. $120 OBO picked up SFV

    Fish tank & stand for sale. Fish tank is approximately 30 gallons. Dimensions are 20” x 20” x 20”. The stand is 32” high 22” wide 22” long. Includes everything in the pictures (lid, some filtration items). No leaks! Tested it and left the water sitting. Needs some cleaning. Slight wood warping...
  13. Iamfish

    Fish suggestions for my 55

    So i recently moved my platysilurus to my 125 so I have some space in my 55 now. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for an active fish I could get. Current stock is Eba Toxotes mirolepis Megalechis thoracata Ossancora punctata Notoglanidium macrostoma or I might get bored an just...
  14. Adrianrios1085

    F.S pick up only breeding pair jaguar Cichlid

    Proven breeders need gone ASAP Male 12in Female 8in 626 203 3120 120 obo Pick up only riverside ca
  15. R

    Wild Caught Motoro Stingrays

    I have 8 Wild Caught Motoro rays from Peru for sale. They range in size from about 6" - 7" in diameter. They are eating the basics - shrimp and tilapia. Local pick up or meet only * Located in Boulder, Colorado. You can either message me on here or give me a call or text me anytime at 303-717-5430
  16. KelberiFishLover19

    Fish will be fish

    I currently have a silver arowana in one of my aquariums. He is about 6 inches. I know that young arowana are usually skittish, but not this one. Every time I walk into my fish room he comes right to the front and I open the lid and he lets me “pet” him! I know some fish like Oscars let you...
  17. J

    Help mw id my speices of peacock bass

    I was told he was an orino when i got him but it also kinda looks like a kelberi but im honestly not sure at all he is about 11 3/4 inches rn just starting to get his adult colors in
  18. KelberiFishLover19

    Making Money to Maintain Fish

    Everyone knows that keeping fish(especially big fish) is expensive. As a younger person who cannot get employed because of age, I just cannot figure out ways to make money for my hobby. I have 3 tanks currently and am barely maintaining them because I am always short on money. I had about 100$...
  19. KelberiFishLover19

    How do I get LOW pH?

    So I am currently doing some research on discus. While watching many videos, talking to discus keepers, and searching the web, I have noticed the same thing being repeated... “low ph” “must keep ph low” “ph between 6 and 7”. I also read that you can keep discus in a tank with a ph around 8, but...
  20. r3dbullxxx

    Diagnose My Tank --- Forced to Foster Fish

    Evening! Long story short...I have become the anxiety-driven foster owner of what I believe is an entire community of Jade Sleeper Gobies. Also know that my family and I have kept & bred the most common freshwater and saltwater fish in tanks up to 200 gallons. We've also kept crayfish, crabs...