1. F

    For Sale  L155 Adonis Pleco 7 inch

    Hello Monsterkeepers, time to let my Adonis go. He's bullying the other plecos now. He's beautiful and healthy specimen. Only way to picture was to catch him out of the tank. Note pickup only, in Lake Forest, Ca
  2. Benthebassmaster

    Fish identification

    What is this fish called. I saw it in a YouTube video and I asked the person who made the video if he new what fish it is and he said no. So does anyone know what this fish is called
  3. A

    Bichir endli has white spots

    I am not sure what happened but I just looked at my tank and found my endli has white spots on BOTH sides of his body it doesn’t look that white in the picture buts it’s literally paper white I don’t know what happened I been doing the same thing I have for two years someone please help
  4. A

    For Sale  24” endli Bichir

    Very healthy fish for sale you will never find another one this size this guy is probably like 6 inches thick
  5. Benthebassmaster

    300 gallon saltwater aquarium

    I am thinking about someday getting a 300 gallon aquarium. I am thinking about getting a Nigerian triggerfish, Picasso triggerfish, blue line grouper, a smaller species of lion fish, and a snowflake eel. Somebody tell me if this is to much fish. I’m not really a saltwater tank person but this...
  6. J

    Tank Size For A Jardini

    I will be getting a custom built aquarium for my Jardini once it outgrows my 6ftLx1.5ftWx2ftH. I am currently trying to choose between a 6ftLx3ftWx2ftH and a 7ftLX2.5ftWX2ftH. Which of these two would be better?
  7. Benthebassmaster

    Pike cichlid in a 40 gallon tank.

    Is there a type of pike cichlid that is good for a 40 gallon tank. I think dwarf pikes are cool but they are pretty small and I was wondering if there was another pike that could be in a 40 breeder. So what would be a type of pike for a 40 breeder.
  8. Benthebassmaster

    Hybrid angelfish

    What will happen if a koi angelfish and a black and white striped angel have baby’s. They have laid eggs before but they are the eggs or my Cory’s are them. How will they turn out. I’m not completely sure what type of angel the koi one is. It might be a sunset blushing.
  9. A

    Lapradei Bichir colors washed out

    Hey guys I have had two baby laps for about 3 months both were about the same size one now is about 5 inches and the other is like 3 1/2 inches but the one that’s 5 inches completely lost all colors he looks looks like a Senegal now but the other smaller one didn’t lose his colors so I’m so...
  10. Bbuckley

    Eddie 3 month update

    Had this guy 3 months today its hard to believe he has changed so much his kok doesn't seem to stop growing, he's nearly 6 inch now he was just over 2 Inch when I first got him. First pic is him on first day and the rest are today.
  11. Benthebassmaster

    Pirate perch keeping

    I saw a pirate perch for sale somewhere. It is a small predator fish. It gets about 5 inches and I don’t really know how to keep one so if anyone knows anything about keeping them tell me
  12. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    For Sale  210 Gallon Tank

    Selling my 210 gallon tank, has overflows. Located in Concord NH area, pick up only. $850 obo
  13. A

    Want to Buy  Teugelsi bichir in Arizona?????

    HEY guys I really have been looking for a a teugelsi Bichir in Arizona I know ocean floor used to have them but they ran out! If anyone has a teugelsi of any size I will buy it please let me know or text me!!! 4807381815
  14. A

    lapradei Bichir

    How fast do lapredei Bichir grow??? I have them ina. 40 gallon grow out tank
  15. S

    Freshwater vs Saltwater fish, which one do you like better?

    Hi everyone, my first post here so I'm sorry if I made some mistakes. I was wondering what fish species do you like better in general, FW or SW, and why? I've kept both and while I love my Jack Dempsey and Green Terror I can't deny that I like SW fish more. I feel like they have more...
  16. A

    RED SAND???

    Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where to buy red sand for Bichir dinosaur fish I have been looking EVERYWHERE I live in Arizona btw!
  17. Benthebassmaster

    Golden wonder killiefish 10 gallon tank

    I have a 10 gallon tank. Dimensions-20 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 1 foot tall. Can a golden wonder killiefish be in here. I just got the tank and I want a predator
  18. Benthebassmaster

    Exodon tank mates

    What are tank mates for exodon tetras. Would a dwarf pike cichlid be fine.
  19. Benthebassmaster

    Electric blue jack dempsey

    Would you suggest for me to get a electric blue Jack Dempsey. I hear they die a lot. Is this true
  20. Benthebassmaster

    Predators for a 40 gallon tank

    I am thinking about getting a 40 gallon tank. I want a single predator fish or a single one with bigger schooling fish. Erythrinus erythrinus/red wolf fish/rainbow wolf fish are ilegal in Florida so I can’t keep one