1. Benthebassmaster

    Black skirt tetras with angelfish

    Do you think black skirt tetras would be fine with angelfish. I heard bad and good things happening. I have a 55 gallon tank I know angelfish will probably not mess with the black skirts but will the black skirts mess with the angelfish
  2. Benthebassmaster

    What is the best fish or snail to breed for profit

    I saw a video saying someone got 1000 dollars in one month by breeding mystery snails. Do you think they are the best to breed for profit
  3. i Aqua

    For Sale  For Sale: iAqua Carbons for sale!

    " About our product:iAqua Carbon supplies a custom-designed range of carbon and a mixture of Lava rocks to maintain the carefully controlled conditions of the aquarium environment. Decomposed organics and even trace levels of residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramine. The Superior...
  4. T

    For Sale  Monster Fish sale cheap***

    Golden Chinese wels 22” $250 Shortbody Redtail 14” $180 Bumblee bee grouper 10” $150 Xxl sun catfish 10” $40 Everything must go all measurements are unofficial Central Kentucky willing to meet within reason for $
  5. redtail0812

    For Sale  Redtail catfish about 3-4 inchs

    Have a few rtc available
  6. T

    For Sale  *Rare Fish Sale*

    25” arapaima gigas 550 24” golden Chinese wels catfish $475 10” bumblebee Grouper $200 20” African lungfish $100 16” shortbody rtc $475 30” alligator gar $75 Pickup or meet within reason If interested contact me at 859-421-4524
  7. Jacob92677

    For Sale  150 gallon 7ft glass tank

    Selling my 150 gallon glass tank It’s 7ft x 18 x24 comes with black stand in good condition Tank is older has some knicks I wouldn’t consider it show condition but it hold water and has held water the last few years in my garage will come with tank stand and glass lids $350 Or possibly...
  8. O

    For Sale  80 gallon full set up(tank/stand/canopy)

    48x25x15 tank Tank/ Fluval 107 canister filter 1 heater /1airstone Air Pump Light Looking to sale with the stand and canopy in second photo. Used four months Bought for 400$ asking 300 due to moving. Full set up, my loss , your gain.
  9. F

    aquarium video ideas

    hi! my name is varshil and i own the aquarium channel varshil MVH Pets. i'm doing a video series on making a 230 gallon turtle planted paludarium. the series consists of setting up the tank, setting up the fiteration, spending a few days boating to get some aquascape ideas, spending a few days...
  10. F

    how much ceramic media

    how many grams of flual biomax do i need for a 230 gallon tank with a oscar , pleco ,RES turtle, 5 convicts, 2 accaras, 5 geophagus, and 3 severums. i have a 120 gallon tank as a sump filter. thanks!
  11. F

    215 gallon fish suggestions

    hey! i'm setting up a new 6 feet by 2.5 feet by 2 feet 215 gallon aquarium with a 120 gallon tank as a sump. fully cycled , currenly have a oscar, pleco, and a RES turtle, 3 severums, 5 convicts . any ideas for more fish in the future? BTW here's my aquarium channel where i will post a video...
  12. F

    how to breed convicts?

    how to breed convict chiclids? i have 3 males and 2 females in a 200 gallon
  13. K

    Peacock bass at bottom of tank gasping

    Hello I was shocked this afternoon after doing about 30% water change in my 120 gallon. All my fish; 4 peacock bass, a red tail, and a angelfish are now all gasping at the bottom of the tank. Does anyone know why this is happening. ph seemed a little high added some ph lower for the tank, did...
  14. R

    In need of new tank ideas!

    Hey everyone! How you guys been, I haven’t been on in a wild, and then I couldn’t remember my old password and what email I had it on so I just made a new account. Anyway, I’ve had my 20 gallon tank for around 3 years now, and I’ve kept my danios for the whole time, might sound like a boring...
  15. T

    Want to Buy  Looking for larger tanks

    Want to buy tanks/builds 225g + Contact me @ 859-421-4524
  16. I

    For Sale  Cichlids

    Have assorted cichlids and some plecos for sale ranging in price from 10-100$ Contact Andrew for more information. can ship all over the US and offer pickup to locals. I’m in the northern Colorado region. Chanchos,Midas,Red devils, Hoga,sagittae, Cubans, Rivulatus, L240 galaxy plecos. have...
  17. S

    For Sale  12" butterfly domestic koi for sale

    Hello everyone! I've had koi fish for a few years now and moved back to the valley in AZ. I was going to build a koi pond in the backyard, but with how hot, sunny, and little space we have, I've decided to sell him instead. Price is $50 and must go to a home with a pond. Pm me for more details...
  18. F

    What food is good food?

    People on here have been suggesting I feed my fish other foods. What food do you recommend ? How do you get a fish to eat other foods besides bloodworms even after you have not feed it for a 3 days?
  19. F

    Glass for aquarium

    HI i have 2 questions: i'm from india a i wanted to have my LFS make a 300 gallon 68 by 30 by 30 inch aquarium with bracing and 12mm glass. my LFS says it's impossible without at least 19mm glass even though most charts and calculators say it's more than enough! and he says a 68 by 30(w) by...
  20. F

    arownana tank size

    can i have a asian arowana in a 6 foot by 30 inch by 30 inch 300 gallon tank with excellent filtration?