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  1. B

    For Sale  200 Gallon Tank

    200 Gallon Tank For Sale Glass - not acrylic Owner passed away so it needs to go. Saltwater Height to floor: 72 inches Tank Dimensions: Width: 24 inches Height: 32 inches Price includes - tank - various reef fish, lobster, corals & sand - entire filtration system & overhead lights -...
  2. Jim_Pirarucu

    For Sale  Bichir - Endlicheri

    5 Bichir Endlicheri are up for sale $50 each. Their sizes are vary from 12 - 15 inches They are currently on pellets Pick up only. Take all for $225
  3. Fishguy17_Tigerfish

    For Sale  Forskhalii African tiger fish 5 inches

    Hi everyone I’m selling my Forskhalii African tiger fish for 225 if you come and pick up I live in Taunton Massachusetts for pic 8574159918
  4. M

    For Sale  Fish for sale Inland Empire

    Hi, im located in The inland empire and im looking to sell or trade (preferably trade) my current stock please send me a text for the pictures :) 951-905-3584 14” Fahaka Puffer $200 10” SB SRD Male Flowerhorn $100 12” Albino Oscar $35 6.5” festae hybrid $20 6” Male Umbee $50 3” Red dovii $35 3”...
  5. T

    For Sale  Mix cichlid for sale. 600 gallon tank $5-$10 a Fish

    As the title states have a 600-gallon mixed cichlid tank need to break down due to medical reasons I am located in Connecticut all fish will sell for 5 to $10 a piece. I have peacocks, venustus, frontosas, Geo's and much more. Need gone asap
  6. N

    For Sale  Leopoldi Stingray for sale

    Leopoldi Stingray for sale . She is in great health and feeds well. Contact me for all details you may need to have her.
  7. S

    For Sale  28-29” arapaima

    A year old. 2 1/2 feet long. The tank right now is a 150 gallon tank. I can let the tank go for extra 400. All equipments, canister filter, lights included plus an extra 60 gallon tank and a small 10 gallon tank. pick up only.
  8. getmethatgeoplease

    For Sale  Broken Line Royal Pleco

    About 4-5 inches looking for $60 or OBO
  9. T

    For Sale  grown tigrinus catfish, rare peacock bass, arowana for sale

    Tigrinus 13" $500 Peacock Bass 7" $50 each Peaock Bass (Teminsus)7" $80 Arowana 13" $200
  10. L

    For Sale  Phantom Redtail Catfish 15-18 Inches (Available)

    15-18 Inch Phantom Redtail For Sale. In excellent health condition. Asking $750 or OBO. We are only allowing sales with local pickup in San Diego / Carlsbad specifically. Let me know if interested! Thank you!
  11. F

    For Sale  True parrot cichlid

    White Saum green terror 7 to 8 inches 70$ True parrot 8 inches looking to get about 70for him or will trade for albino Senegal bichir, stingrays with cash on top, kelbri bass,mbu puffer cash on top, hecklii, tiger moray eel
  12. C

    For Sale  Black ghost knife fish

    Roughly 8 inches Open to bartering
  13. I

    For Sale  125 and 240 tanks for sale

    Complete like new 125 gallon tank, stand with lights $500 240gallon tank with custom stand, hang on back overflow box, sump, fx6 84.5in L x 24.5in W x 25.5in T $800 prices are firm and obo text me 818 6020553
  14. F

    For Sale  FS: Male Grammode in SFV 91335

    Doesn’t work well with current tank mates, looking to get what I paid for it $50. In Reseda 91335
  15. getmethatgeoplease

    For Sale  Driftwood and Rocks

    Hi All! I've got driftwood ready to go. Shoot me an offer if you are interested.
  16. getmethatgeoplease

    For Sale  ALL FISH MUST GO! Assorted Community Fish

    All remaining fish must go this weekend! Please send me offers for any of the fish below, I'm pretty flexible. The Guppies and Glo Tetra are free to a good home. Photos can be seen here of majority of the fish. Accepting Your Offers Striped Raphael Catfish Yo-Yo Loaches (Adult) x5 German Blue...
  17. getmethatgeoplease

    For Sale  150 Acrylic Tank (sump capable) + Light + FX6 + Stand + 2 Driftwood Pieces + Fish

    Looking for someone for my 150 gallon acrylic tank. It currently has 5 yo-yo loaches and a Raphael catfish in it which I would love to get sold but I can also throw them in with the price of the tank plus all the listed items. - 150 gallon acrylic aquarium (sump capable) - Stand - Light (Fluval...
  18. Y

    For Sale  Vittatus Tiger Fish

    5inch each feed on small goldfish and shrimp They are all active and health Contact me 3025593302 if you're interested. Let me know if you have any question.
  19. getmethatgeoplease

    For Sale  Aquariums For Sale (2.5, 5, 6, 9, 10, 15, 20, 55, 110, 150)

    I've got a bunch of aquariums I'm ready to sell. Some of them are still waiting on fish to be sold and others are ready right now. Majority of them do not have lids and none of the decor/accessories are included in the prices below. If you are interested in everything seen in the tank, pm me for...
  20. getmethatgeoplease

    For Sale  55 Gallon Glass Aquarium

    Used 55 gallon with a black painted back