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  1. J

    For Sale  300 Gallon Glass Aquarium(96"x24"x30") & Stand

    I'm moving, and having to sell the tank. The tank will be available for pick up in early April. The tank is has no cracks, chips or leaks. It is also currently running. Comes with stand, lights, and lids(some have chips on corners). Could include fx6 and/or fx4 if interested.
  2. Blakewater

    For Sale  Pbass, Festae, Bichirs, Catfish, Rares 94928

    Updating and changing my list of fish and items for sale. All fish are healthy, parasite/infection free and have been weaned off of live food/onto floating pellets. Fish are for pickup or meetup within 25 miles for an extra ten dollars. If you really want something I can try shipping it but I...
  3. Blakewater

    For Sale  Thinning Out The Extras

    Happy New Year! Decided to thin out the unnecessary fish in my Cichla/Amazonian Catfish tank a bit more. Not in any hurry to get rid of them but I feel they take away from the general look I'm going for. I have tried to make my prices pretty reasonable as I'd ultimately rather they go to a good...
  4. The-Almighty-Zugs


    Selling two brand new media kits originally sold by Filter Pro in the UK for FX5/FX6 canister filters. I ordered them for my two Fluval FX6's that were later returned and instead got two Ehiems 2262's. So I no longer have any need for the media and am selling at a reduced price. They are...
  5. K

    For Sale  Looking for Serrasalmus Rhombeus

    I’m looking to purchase a 9”+ Serrasalmus Rhombeus. It can be a black piranha or a diamond. I’m open for suggestions.
  6. S

    For Sale  iridescent sharks NEED to be re-homed ASAP

    hello!! I have 2 iridescent sharks. I got them 3-4 years ago and need to re-home them. One of them is about 10-11 inches and the other is about 7-8 inches. I hate having to let them go, but I cannot care for them or provide them with the space they need. I did not do my research when I got them...
  7. Jush

    For Sale  Cheap Predatory Fish for SALE - multi-buy DEALS

    Cheap Predatory Fish for SALE - multi-buy DEALS (Please refer to link attached below for photos of each fish!) (GOOGLE DOCS) Large Fish which are already large Large fish that are currently babies Contact & Location Information tags;
  8. K

    Serrasalmus Sanchezi For sale

    I have a 5” serrasalmus Sanchezi for sale/trade. I’ve had him for a while now and unfortunately I need to find him a new home. I live in St. Louis, MO -USA and would be willing to ship but would prefer if someone was local-ish and I’m asking for $75. Would be willing to trade for trade for...
  9. D

    FS 3 Oscar Fish 8" $75 Pick Up UNCC Charlotte, NC

    1 lutino? and 1 tiger both about 8", and the other tiger is 6" (might be stunted as I bought all 3 together and this one is not growing like the others). I am in the process of upgrading my tank but will not include these guys as they destroy my plants, and beat up other tank mates. Diet...

    FS 55 Gal glass tank, no lid, comes with fluor. light fixture 48" wide Brampton Ontario, CAN $65

    A well used glass tank, 55G, 48" x 13" x 21"h The tank cross bracing is good although one spot along the top rim plastic has a crack, see photo. Overall it could be a good grow out tank, no lid, but comes with a fluor light fixture that does work. I remodeled my fish room and there's no space...
  11. D

    30 gallon fish tank & stand. $120 OBO picked up SFV

    Fish tank & stand for sale. Fish tank is approximately 30 gallons. Dimensions are 20” x 20” x 20”. The stand is 32” high 22” wide 22” long. Includes everything in the pictures (lid, some filtration items). No leaks! Tested it and left the water sitting. Needs some cleaning. Slight wood warping...
  12. Mr geophagus

    55 gallon for sale in Virginia beach

    I have an old 55 gallon I’m looking to sell. It’s a bit dirty, but with a the azor scraper you could get it as good as new. I’m hoping for $50 for it.
  13. Empyreal


    I have a 9in aba aba knife fish for sale. Asking $70 but open to all offer. Pick up only. NW Las Vegas, NV. Please message with interest. If serious interest I will send pictures. Thank you!
  14. Mr geophagus

    Jaguar cichlid for free in Virginia area

    I have a jaguar cichlid that has become the runt of the pack. He is a solid 4” and an amazing eater. I don’t want him to die, so I’m putting him up on here. He is currently in a 30 gallon holding tank, but I can sell you a 55 to keep him in. The 55 is $50 (price negotiable) please consider...
  15. DanHOB

    For Sale  BD x Motoro pups

    We have just welcomed a very beautiful litter of BD x moto pups so won’t be ready for at least 6-8 weeks UK only collection or possible delivery depending on location.
  16. Jexnell

    For sale 6ft 125gal TruVu acrylic tank $200

    Shutting down all tank save one so this one in now empty and available. I had it up and running for over a year, selling it for what I paid $200 tank, homemade stand and two Aqueon basic white 34in LED lights, two homemade lids. Pick up only 98661 Vancouver/Portland metro area
  17. Z

    FS GOLDEN DORADO 8" $125 Saint Paul, Minnesota

    I have a 8" golden dorado for sale. Pellet trained and good colors showing. $125 pick up only. Text me at 6513360360
  18. W

    Hybrid stingray male

    freshwater stingray hybrid 11-12inch is male he’s healthy, there is some pics of him 850, more informations please text or call 3142233five7four
  19. Natural Cyborg

    Silver datnoids 4-6 inches

    Freshwater silver datnoids for sale 3 are available when though meds and are eating frozen shrimp and talpia very active there are putting on some size at 5+ inches $150 a piece or all three for $225 Pick up only Cleveland Ohio Dm for serious inquires
  20. P

    F2 Frempongi for sale

    F2 H. frempongi fry for sale. $15 US shipping only