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  1. N

    Pleco food change/ripped fin recovery

    Hi All First off a great big thank you to the whole Monster Fish Community for all the help, advice, and support over the last few years... Q.1 So Our Pleco Squiggly suffered a ripped anal fin about a week ago from unknown source. No changes prior to the injury and the water has been clear...
  2. Ricardo quezada


    I bought a Asian redtail catfish (black body with redtail) from my LFS and didn’t notice it untit two month later that it has no eyes. I don’t know if it’s a miss identification by the store. I call them and asked if this is normal and they said no that all of their red tails have eyes and this...
  3. gmwJOY

    help me build 24/12/12 inch tank, denisonii barb tank

    how many danisonii i can keep ? what will be their tank mates with danisonii ? which fishes i should add as cleanup crew ? what type of tank decoration is needed ? possible to go with low tech planted ?
  4. J

    Deep large ulcers cichlid

    Hi everyone. I have had this Texas x red parrot for a couple of years now and for as long as I have known he would always develop red swellings that would later ulcerate. The ulcers remain for 1-2 months before they heal over by which time ulcers would have developed elsewhere. They form in...
  5. J

    180 stock ideas

    I’ve finally set up my 180 and think Ive decided on a stock list. I’m concerned that it’s pretty bottom dweller heavy so would like feedback on the numbers and compatibility. Bristlenose Pleco-3 School of Cory-10 Giant Danios-10 Rope fish-3 Congo tetra-10 RH geophagus-6(not sure if I even...
  6. G

    Help! what’s wrong with my stingrays spiracles?!

    Hi guys, I’m a newbie to this site but I’m desperate for some advise. My black diamond stingray has some weird growths on its spiracles or gills just Behring it’s eyes! Ive only noticed it today and she hasn’t eaten today either. Any advice?
  7. S

    Tank Mates for Gibbiceps?

    Tank Mates Question. Ready to upgrade and want to know what may be best to add. Currently: I have a 40 gal/ the upgrade likely to 90 gal. Gibbiceps is 5 or 6 years old. He is in a freshwater tank and is almost 14 inches long. Artificial plants. As of 2 days ago, I have two more fish- I was...
  8. N

    HELP Pleco diet/stopped eating

    our big guy is several years old. He had stopped eating regularly and we have been noticing changes in his behavior since switching out his smaller hiding place for a reptile cave appropriately sized for him to hide in. He’s about 13 inches, and I’ve posted about him before. He’s had a variety...
  9. Jacob._.merc

    What's wrong with my Jade goby?

    My goby has these strange bumps in his mouth and 3 on his side. The 4 in his mouth look like pimples of some sort and the ones on his side look like a bunch of bumps in a large pile. There are 3 of these. He lives with a Raphael cat, a synodontis ocellifer and a goldiela eques. Any ideas? I...
  10. Dennis Kraemer

    New Pool Pond!

    Hey I just moved to a new house down in Florida and i love right on the intercostals. I am getting an above ground pool that is 1,800 gallons( I could...
  11. Z

    Need advise for my 180G setup

    Hi guys! Need some advice and hope u lot can help! Am setting up my first 180G, with a 40G sump! Planning to house 40-60 African cichlids..pea pebbles as substrate, and rockscape smack in the middle! Tank will be in between 2 common areas, so it needs to be eye pleasing especially both sides...
  12. Jacob._.merc

    Mystery snail help

    Ive had this mystery snail for about a month or so and over the time his shell has been turning white and has green streaks on it. I have some big fish with him and i dont know if its them just knocking them around. His shell is like thinner in some areas, almost transparent.
  13. F

    Potamotrygon scobina hybrid

    Do scobinas crossbreed with other ray species like black diamond or p14? Im searching like forever but i cant find anything...
  14. A

    iso retic care & tips

    hello all! So 2 weeks ago i received a text from my LFS saying they have tea cup sting rays in, so i went ahead and got one. Im new to rays but have been doing research for a while before even purchasing this fish. I acclimated her and left alone with minimal light for a few days, offering...
  15. J

    Need help, with my fish and tanks

    I don't know what's wrong. My flowerhorn is 4" and right know he is in the hospital tank. Because for some reason every time he is in the 55 gallon he starts acting weird. He starts being scared, hitting himself, sitting at the bottom of the tank. I have test the water and everything is okay...
  16. Jacob._.merc

    Dragon goby with senegal bichir or africans

    I am looking to get a dragon goby for a 40 gallon tank. The tank already contains two peacocks and 2 mbunas a blood parrot and a callychthys cat. I also have a Senegal bichir, about 6 inches in a 20 gallon. Which would it be better with?
  17. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    20 gallon hillstream biotope/ small oddball idea

    Let me know what you think Option 1 20 gallon hill stream biotope (18-20degrees) and lighted with leds Tank dimensions -75x35x40cm (L,D,H) Filtration - 800lph internal filter Substrate - 10kg of 2mm mavi gravel Plants - X5 giant Vallisneria Decor - rounded cobbles and a small piece of manzanita...
  18. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    Opinions on these tank stocking ideas

    I have a 200 litre 45UK gallon aquarium I will divide it into 3 compartments a 20gallon area, 15 gallon area and a 10 gallon area I was thinking the following but open to more unusual ideas 20 gallon (option 1) X2 keyhole cichlids/rams don't know X15 cardinal tetras X2 angelfish (Peru altum)...
  19. M

    Couple questions before I drill

    I have some final numbers I wanted to run by you guys. I have a 220 I am setting up with a 55 that I'm turning into a wet sump. I have a jaebo dcs-1200 return pump in route. I know it's not the best pump but if it gets me through a year I'll be happy. My overflow is a eclipse L from...
  20. F

    New Flowerhorn! Any tips?

    Hey! This is my first flowerhorn, right now he is in a 90g community, I'm selling all of the other fish tho. Any idea of what type of flowerhorn he is? Does he look healthy? I'm feeding him northfin krill gold, and community. Plus frozen and freeze dried blood worms. Any tips on food and...