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  1. Jacob._.merc

    Mystery snail help

    Ive had this mystery snail for about a month or so and over the time his shell has been turning white and has green streaks on it. I have some big fish with him and i dont know if its them just knocking them around. His shell is like thinner in some areas, almost transparent.
  2. F

    Potamotrygon scobina hybrid

    Do scobinas crossbreed with other ray species like black diamond or p14? Im searching like forever but i cant find anything...
  3. A

    iso retic care & tips

    hello all! So 2 weeks ago i received a text from my LFS saying they have tea cup sting rays in, so i went ahead and got one. Im new to rays but have been doing research for a while before even purchasing this fish. I acclimated her and left alone with minimal light for a few days, offering...
  4. J

    Need help, with my fish and tanks

    I don't know what's wrong. My flowerhorn is 4" and right know he is in the hospital tank. Because for some reason every time he is in the 55 gallon he starts acting weird. He starts being scared, hitting himself, sitting at the bottom of the tank. I have test the water and everything is okay...
  5. Jacob._.merc

    Dragon goby with senegal bichir or africans

    I am looking to get a dragon goby for a 40 gallon tank. The tank already contains two peacocks and 2 mbunas a blood parrot and a callychthys cat. I also have a Senegal bichir, about 6 inches in a 20 gallon. Which would it be better with?
  6. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    20 gallon hillstream biotope/ small oddball idea

    Let me know what you think Option 1 20 gallon hill stream biotope (18-20degrees) and lighted with leds Tank dimensions -75x35x40cm (L,D,H) Filtration - 800lph internal filter Substrate - 10kg of 2mm mavi gravel Plants - X5 giant Vallisneria Decor - rounded cobbles and a small piece of manzanita...
  7. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    Opinions on these tank stocking ideas

    I have a 200 litre 45UK gallon aquarium I will divide it into 3 compartments a 20gallon area, 15 gallon area and a 10 gallon area I was thinking the following but open to more unusual ideas 20 gallon (option 1) X2 keyhole cichlids/rams don't know X15 cardinal tetras X2 angelfish (Peru altum)...
  8. M

    Couple questions before I drill

    I have some final numbers I wanted to run by you guys. I have a 220 I am setting up with a 55 that I'm turning into a wet sump. I have a jaebo dcs-1200 return pump in route. I know it's not the best pump but if it gets me through a year I'll be happy. My overflow is a eclipse L from...
  9. F

    New Flowerhorn! Any tips?

    Hey! This is my first flowerhorn, right now he is in a 90g community, I'm selling all of the other fish tho. Any idea of what type of flowerhorn he is? Does he look healthy? I'm feeding him northfin krill gold, and community. Plus frozen and freeze dried blood worms. Any tips on food and...
  10. Mbielek

    Is my Green Terror male or female?

    Been reading up on the differences between male and female green terrors, but I am still uncertain on which one I may have. Here are some pics to help out, please comment back and give me some pointers on what to look for when determining the sex if this cichlid. I'm very curious because I now...
  11. Mbielek

    75 gal cichlid community tank update!!!

    Hello all! So after battling an algae bloom, and finally returning water to normal condition, I have taken some updated pics!! Let me know what you guys think. Tank contains 2 blood parrots, 1 green terror, 3 silver dollars and one pleco.
  12. Mbielek

    Desperate for suggestions/help with cloudy water

    Hello all, so i had major algae bloom in my 75g tank that ive been battling for a couple weeks. It all started with me putting in an algae wafer for my plec to eat, and im sure because he didnt eat it all, it caused some cloudy water that i didnt like. With me being impatient, i took out about...
  13. Mbielek

    New to the forum, looking for general info/feedback/opinions

    So I'm new to MFK, just want to see what anybody has to say about my tank setup in general. I have a 75 gallon long stocked with fake plants/decor. Filtered by 2 marineland emperor 400s w/bio wheels. Few bubble stones in place, one 48 in bubble wall as well. I have in my tank two parrot...
  14. xDestro

    First bichir! Few questions

    I finally got my first bichir! ( sorry he's hard to get a pic of ) he's only maybe 3 and a half inches and I got him yesterday, he's in a 75 with 5 pictus cats. I feed the cats tubefix worms and they go crazy for them but I never saw my bichir eat so what do they normally eat? I saw him eat a...
  15. P

    Can I put this in my tank?

    Has anyone ever had a clay pot change the water chemistry in the tank? Is this ok to put In my tank?
  16. xDestro

    Pictus with bichir?

    Got my 75 setup and will be getting a senegal bichir, a peacock eel and a zig zag eel soon. I want a larger schooling fish so I was thinking clown loaches but they will eventually outgrow the tank, bala sharks also came to mind but I'm not sure how fast they would outgrow the tank, then I came...
  17. D

    Does my FW sump design look good?

    I just picked up a 90 gallon aquarium and it came with a sump setup for SW with a skimmer and I think it would be easier to start over rather than reconfigure it. I'm using a 20 gallon aquarium because unless I make one myself that's all that will fit in my stand. As of right now we are...
  18. P

    Longer Cycle??

    When adding more water to a tank (evaporation) during a cycle (with prime of course), does this make the cycle longer?
  19. xDestro

    Sick fish or just bacteria?

    I noticed this white clear cloudish stuff on my driftwood only today and wasn't sure wat it is? I'M not gonna lie I have been over feeding a bit in order to have my roseline sharks eat a bit since the 15 platies demolish everything (they'll be gone in a week or 2) I'm gonna do a water change...
  20. P

    Which one to buy?

    Anyone know what airstone/pump brand to buy that creates this effect? (Not my picture)