1. F

    For Sale  Mpimbwe frontosa group

    I have 8 mpimbwe frontosa I would like to rehome please tell me your tank size
  2. Rishab

    Frontosa and EBJD tank open top or closed lid

    Hi all I was wondering if I can continue to keep an open tank top with a hang on filter for my five frontosa juveniles and electric blue Jack Dempseys
  3. R

    For Sale  African Cichlids, Clown Loaches, Jack Dempsey, Pleco

    Hey guys. Looking to unload some fish. Willing to deliver in the NYC area. Please see below. I'll text or email some pictures if interested. ~ 35-40 African Cichlids all ranging from 3-7inches. Includes huge 7 inch male Frontosa. Mainly Mbuna, however there's a nice mix. Take the lot of...
  4. S

    Frontosa question

    So AQ advisor says 5 Frontosa (4 females to 1 male) is fine for a 120g (48”x24”x24”) for life. They would be the sole inhabitants of the tank other than some ghost shrimp. I always throw a pile of ghost shrimp in tanks with rock work to clean trapped food out of the tiny crevices. Just want to...
  5. israelm

    3 Juvenile Frontosa FSOT. Pick up only - Miami, Florida.

    I bought these when they were tiny, as I was planning on setting up a 120g, where they would be relatively comfortable. However, those plans were foiled. So I would like to find them a new home. Make me a decent offer. No low balls please. Might Consider a Trade for small fish that will be...
  6. H

    SO I got these 1'' Zaire Frontosa the other day. maybe FREAKING OUT

    I bought these Zaire frontosa breeder in Ohio has a get shop owns 3 building with nothing but fish in them He has a lot of Frontosa projects going on and i trust him. Well the other day i decided i would buy 5 of these f1 Zaires looked at them they looked healthy but didn't really really look at...
  7. J

    Where can I buy Frontosas?

    Does anyone know US vendors with good Frontosas online? Looking for fish about 6". Thanks
  8. J

    Blue acara tank mates?

    I have a 55g with a two synos, a couple of BNs, a pair of blue acara and one gourami. I'm going to sell the gourami, but what can I get to go with the acara? I love the look of frontosa, but I'm getting mixed opinions from research as to if they would be suitable or not. Some websites say they...
  9. F

    Is it okay if I add a Red Jewel inside my 8 ph cichlid tank

    I hear jewels are supposed to be kept inside a tank of 7-7.5 ph, but ive also heard that they can withstand and adapt to a regular cichlid tank of an 8 ph. Red jewels are one of my favorites among cichlids and im wishing i could put one in my tank which is an 8. Btw my tank currently has a...
  10. P

    What other species could a Frontosa crossbreed with ?

    I had mines with a green terror female and they do the dance and he is interested but when she lays eggs wont let him close even though he tries. This was not done intentionally but now I'm curious and will try to cross breed Frontosa with something that could cross with it. I'm just not sure...
  11. J

    FREE | Stand and Canopy for a 6 foot x 18" tank (Black) | $0 | SoCal, CA | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FREE What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Stand and Canopy for a 6 foot x 18" tank (Black) What are your prices?: 0 Where are you located?: SoCal, CA Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Look what I found, wish I can pick up? Good Luck whoever gets it...
  12. the animal guy

    FS | four Bad Little Frontosas | $100 | CA 91789 | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: four Bad Little Frontosas What are your prices?: 100 Where are you located?: CA 91789 Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: They grow slower than American Cichids or other big fish. They are F1 Kipili strain...
  13. S

    My frontosa is having cotton wool fungal infection pls help

    He is suffering what i think is cotton wool disease. Yesterday when i noticed the cotton growth on his bump i separated him and applied anti fungal medication the wool sheded and again reappeared today . He is not eating anything and is going weak this way he will starve before i treat him . Pls...
  14. S

    What has happened to my frontosa.Pls help

    From last one week my fronyosa stopped eating and was somewhat when i saw him he acted wierdly and when i observed closely i saw something like white wool growing out of his hump and his right eye seemed little poped. I immidiately quarentined him to a separate tank and applied anti...
  15. F

    Looking For/Want to Buy Moba Frontosa

    As the title states, I am looking to buy some Moba Frontosa. I currently have 6 F1s and want to add a few more juveniles to this group. The 6 I currently have are all around 3"-4" so around that range would be great, but at the end of the day smaller or larger is fine as well. I don't have...
  16. Y

    I need a tanganyika expert (Tank Build)

    I am trying to build my dream tank. I currently have a 36 gallon with 6 leleupi and 6 julies. I would like to put together a tank with Calvus (Black Inkfin), Compressiceps (Mwela Orange), cyprichromis leptosoma, Julidichromis ragni kipili or marksmithi, leleupis and maybe Frontosa (Kigoma} (I...
  17. Cichlid_freak

    The case of missing frontosa

    Hi, I have a 55g gallon tank with 4 small fronts, a 4 inch red tail catfish, a tiger barb and a red tail black shark. Some days back , I added a 3/4 inch black ghost knife fish, two red tail botias and a couple of goldfish. Okay, I admit this is quite quite overstocked and I will take all the...
  18. Cichlid_freak

    What type of Frontosa is this?

    Hi, I bought 4 juvenile fronts a few days back. The LFS guy could not tell me what type of frontosa it is. Can you please identify this for me? Here are two pics:
  19. Cichlid_freak

    Parrot and Frontosa

    I have recently bought 2 Parrots and a few Frontosas for my 55g tank. The Frontosas are really small and the Parrots are quite small too. But the issue is that the Parrots, though peaceful and extremely shy, seem to push the frontosas while feeding and grab most of the food. I feed the fish...