gar fish

  1. J

    Is it possible that an alligator gar can eat another gar?

    i have 3 alligator gar the biggest is about 8 — 9´´ and the two is about 5 — 6 inches. Last I saw them complete was around 8pm and an hour later my sisters boyfriend saw 2 left. I was wondering if it’s possible that the biggest alligator gar ate the smallest one or not? And the now smallest gar...
  2. P

    Spotted Garfish skin disease

    Anybody know what is happening to my gar? Can someone tell me the name of the disease?
  3. C

    Gar Behavior

    Hello MFK, First time posting but have used MFK as a resource for quite a while. I did search but could not find an answer to this as it pertains to my setup: My Gar (sold to me as a Florida, I believe it is a spotted) goes through periods of pretty aggressive glass surfing. Swimming top to...
  4. Erkan

    ID please

    Hi guys I bought a gar fish seller said that alligator gar but I think it is a spotted gar ((Lepisosteus oculatus) is it ?