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  1. B

    Peacock bass.... Really Urgent

    I have 4 peacock bass in my 5x2x2 tank..... Its been 1year, these guys never shown any abnormal behaviour or feeding delays...... Suddenly two of the basses, losts its appetite.... i was waiting for 15days till now.... trying with metrogyl 400mg (3days course).... this is my second day...
  2. Jacob._.merc

    Zilla in aquarium

    Does anyone know if it is safe to put a zilla vertical decor into an aquarium? Just realised it is made of a hard foam and it is too late to cancel the order. It did not say the material it was made of on Amazon. Thoughts? Will the foam deteriorate or harm the fish?
  3. Jacob._.merc

    Paratilapia polleni sickness

    Hey guys, I finally had the opportunity to pick up a paratilapia two days ago. I only payed 8 dollars probably because he has some kind of disease. I don't know what it is. I thought maybe columnarus but he's been alive for a while and I know that it is a quick killer. I'd love to keep this guy...
  4. Jacob._.merc

    Fish not eating anything I feed them

    So as you all know I have had an aggressive blood parrot that wouldn't allow my dragon blood peacock in the 90 gallon tank with him. Well things decided to work out I guess and she has accepted living with him in the tank. The only problem I have now is my fish will not eat absolutely anything I...
  5. Jacob._.merc

    African cichlid size

    Would a 4 inch peacock be okay with a 7 inch eyebiter? Not worrying about the other fish in the tank because they don't have huge mouths like the eyebiter. 90 gallon setup
  6. Jacob._.merc

    Fish gender help

    greetings again, I have a 6 inch Fossorochromis rostratus and I am having a bit of trouble identifying the gender. It has female coloration right now but I've seen some males with the same coloration. If it could be a male, how long does it take for it to get that bluish color? If it is female...
  7. Jacob._.merc

    Cichlid identification

    Can anyone identify this cichlid? I know it's an African cichlid, at the store it was labeled under it's scientific name but I of course forgot it. Any ideas? Never seen one like it before.
  8. Jacob._.merc

    Nocturnal catfish help

    I recently bought a false jaguar catfish and he is absolutely wicked looking. The only problem is he never shows himself at all. It is frustrating. I know he doesn't eat much because the other fish beat him to it because he is always hiding! I started helping him a little by putting worms into...
  9. Jacob._.merc


    Is this fungus? I have dealt with fungus before but have never had it this severe. I've had this fish for about 5 days and I've been treating him with meds for about 4 with melafix, putting in salt and turning the heat up. Any ideas what to do? Does it go away
  10. Jacob._.merc

    African cichlid floating

    I have a dragon blood African cichlid in a 20g for now. I had to move him from a large terror blood parrot. They used to be housed in a 40 gallon but the blood parrot got mean and chased him around. I didn't see what the problem was, the blood parrot clearly has no way of inflicting damage to...
  11. Jacob._.merc

    Fish diseases

    I have a 7 or 8 inch sleeper goby (freshwater) and he seems as healthy as can be! He swims around normal, eats, recognizes me and you know the rest. But i have been noticing he has some things on him. One being these white stringy things and kind of a red bump on his lips. He also has a couple...
  12. J

    Will this little chip on the inside of this 135 i got be a problem, or can it be fixed with silicone

    Bought a used 135ish gallon tank for $120 with stand and light today. Wasn’t until after I cleaned the glass I notice this little chip on the inside. Will this be a problem for the tank, or could silicone fix it? And no the glass isn't cracked, it was wet.
  13. Jacob._.merc

    Jade goby tankmates

    I currently have a 7 inch jade goby and I want to have a tankmate with him. I only need one tankmate due to size and stuff. I am deciding on 3 fish, a bluegill (one I want the most), cow goby or a flowerhorn. I know the bluegill likes more of a colder water but, they're tough fish. Which of...
  14. Jacob._.merc

    fat sleeper goby

    I recently picked up this freshwater sleeper goby at my lfs. It was labeled sleeper goby and didnt have any info on it. It looks to me like a dormitator latifrons which i hope it will be so it doesnt get as big like its counterpart, dormitator maculatus. Can anyone tell me which one it could be...
  15. Jacob._.merc


    I think I may have found some eggs in my 40 gallon tank. But the only pairs I have in the tank are bichirs and blood parrots. They look like little white clusters on the glass. There are three clusters. Could the be eggs or something else?
  16. Sarah J

    Marineland Aquarium Bacteria and 5 fish cycling

    Hello! Ok I just set up a new 125g tank this evening. I have a Fluval FX4 on it, two submersible heaters, a circulation fan and air pump. Not really important, just saying. Clearly not a cycled tank. Here's my question, I have 2 Blue Acara's and 2 EB Jack Dempseys coming in Wednesday. According...
  17. K

    Hand me down

    This is my first canister filter. A friend traded me my small fish tank for it, they are downsizing and I'm upgrading. My question is not the filter itself, but they had it in their garage for about 3-4 months. I replaced all the guts in it, however the hoses are gunked up, their fish tank was...
  18. AG458

    What are your dream fish?

    I've realized that, no matter what fish we've got, we realize that there's always more fish on our wish list. Some of the fish we'll be able to purchase, keep, and care for; others, we will have to view at aquariums, hoping for the day we can own one of those fish. Here are my dream fish...
  19. Mvrenko

    Ram Cichlid

    Hello, I am new to MFK. I have a general question about a ram tank that I currently have in the works. I have a 20 gallon, minimally decorated with a rock and fake plants. I also have a bubble wall. I was wondering how many dwarf rams would be suitable for this tank. Also if anyone has any...