green texas cichlid

  1. I

    Help sexing green Texas cichlid

    I need help sexing my green Texas some people are telling me female others are saying male
  2. Q

    Green Texas or Hybrid

    Hello MFK members..I was sold this fish as a Green Texas but he/she looks like a hybrid to me. Maybe Flowerhorn, Vieja ×Texas or unfaded Red Texas 🤷🏾‍♂. He bullies every fish in the tank except for a Vieja Hartwegi if that means anything. New to the game and would love to know what you guys...
  3. James Quarterman

    For Sale  8in Green Texas (M)

    Pick up only For sale OR Trade (Text me pics of fish you wish to trade (352)208-5045 )
  4. Green Devils-Red Terrors

    New tank with babys.

    I've finally had time on break to have the 125 gallon set up!! :hearts: Question, I have four BABIES in the tank as of yesterday. 2" Jaguar Cichlid, he's gorgeous gold. 2" Firemouth Cichlid. 1 1/2" Green Texas. 1" Salvini. My brother got to choose 2 fish for setting it up and he chose the...
  5. Jexnell

    My Herichthys Carpintis jornal

    In this thread I will be keeping a journal of the growth and development of my group of five h. Carpintis. I got them from Jeff Rapps. They are about 1.5in in size. Will be housed with some Roseline sharks that I have had for some time now. Hopefully when the Texans grow up they will ignore...
  6. Aicdt97

    150 gallon tall with fish pictures

    Ok the tank
  7. A

    Help sexing my cichlids please!

    OK guys I have a green Texas, a buttikoferi, a convict, a golden jaguar, a rettropinnis bichir, sailfin pleco and a flowerhorn I need help sexing. Please drop your knowledge on me. I'm dying to know what I have. Thanks