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    Help! My silver aro has been acting weird lately i noticed that she's having a hard time going down everytime she tries she always floats, she's always at the top and i noticed that she has a lil bit of a bulk near her fins and hasn't been actively swimming around the aquarium
  2. A

    Possible broken neck

    Hello everyone! I currently have a 7 inch Jardini whom seems to have broken his neck sometime while I was at work today...He was swimming a little different today so I took a closer look at him. After examining for some time, I noticed that he seems to be stuck looking more to the right. When...
  3. B

    Juvenile Jardini in 20g long

    My juvenile Jardinii got just a bit over a month ago is now 7" long (was about 5"-5 1/2" when purchased) and i got a 20g long for the temporary (used a cycled sponge filter btw) he has been jumpy at night and rubs his face against glass (i checked him for parasites and everything hes healthy...
  4. B

    New Jardini Arowana Help

    Hello MFK members, I need some help with my new jardini arowana. I took him home 3 days ago and he is in my 20 gallon long which was my QT tank while im Cycling a 210 to be my first monster tank. He is 6 inches long and seems to be healthy for the most part. However as a QT tank I did not have...
  5. Swaroop gadekar

    White poop after feeding freshwater prawn

    Hello . I am having jardini arowana 6 inch and when i change from hikari food sticks to frozen freshwater prawns. My jardini poops in white coloured. And sometimes it floats. But when i feed him sticks the poop is normal brown in colour and doesn't floats ..? Please help...