1. F

    My flowerhorn's skin is peeling... i do not know what happened to him

    Recently i have noticed that my flowerhorn's head had a lump rising and i didnt know what it is. After observing for a few days, the lump grew bigger and eventually popped, showing the flesh of the head. There has been already 3 lumps that has grew on my flowerhorn, and i do not know what to do...
  2. A

    Growth on Venustus’ anal fin

    Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but I can’t find anything online to help diagnose this issue. My venustus has had this for a few weeks now and it’s gotten bigger. Not sure what it is, and was hoping someone on here can help me determine what it is, and how to cure it...
  3. N

    Comparing products: ich-X, microbeLift, fritz copper safe

    First off thanks to everyone here! We have learned so much in the past 3 years being members! NEED TO COMPARE: Ich-X (can order would arrive feb 14) microbeLift (can order would arrive feb 14-16 fritz copper safe (have) full details and questions: looks like Goldie has ich his buddy the 15”...
  4. F

    My flowerhorn is acting weird

    I have just moved him to a bigger tank around 2 weeks ago. He was doing fine until yesterday after I changed his water and put some algae solution, he has been acting weird since. Could the chemicals cause him to react this way, because in the past when i use the algae solution, he was not...
  5. F

    Help! Is this a parasite or illness?

    I noticed this red “thing” on my African Pikes tail and I don’t know what it is. Can some tell me if this is dangerous? I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’ve attached some images. If anyone knows what this is please help. Thank You.
  6. H

    Nox-Ich Instruction

    Good day, My 3 bettas have Ich and I was told to use the Nox-Ich product. The instruction is clear, yes, but I have some questions: - Do I add drops (drop / gallon) each day during the treatment? - Do I change the water each day during the treatment? Or only at the end of the 3rd day? Thank...
  7. N

    Help. Pleico sick again??!! :-(

    hi I feel like I keep coming back here for help - thank goodness you guys are here My pleico is maybe 6 years old, he’s in a 35 gallon tank on his own and he’s a little over 12 inches long (measure varies through the glass to as much as 13 inches). He’s been staying by the heater towards the...
  8. T

    Growths on Arowana?

    Hoping someone can help me out here. My asian aro has developed these growths towards his tail. I thought it might be fungal growth but its not white like ich would appear, its the same greyish colour as his scales. Any advise on what it could be/how to treat?
  9. DanHOB

    Stingray not eating and acting scared of food?!?!

    I recently lost my hybrid stingray, he stopped eating and was breathing really fast. Literally as soon as he died n my partner got it out of the tank my pearl stingray started acting weird... he swam on his side and sat over an air stone and his breathing slowed dramatically. Since then he is...
  10. Michibi

    Help! Sick African Lungfish!

    Hi everyone! Huuuuuge fish noob and forum noob here please bear with me. I work at a fish conservation lab at my uni and I'm concerned for this lungfish we have. To get straight to the point we have an African lungfish who I haven't seen eat in months (we feed reptile pellets and worms which...
  11. Nativefishkeeper904

    white area around my JD Cichlids eye?

    This white spot showed up on my JD this morning. Is this Normal? I can quarentine him and treat him if I need to. Any suggestions?
  12. D

    Cloudy Eyes - Running Out of Options

    Good afternoon everyone, TLDR; Woke up after moving my arowana to find two of them had cloudy eye that I can't seem to beat. I've tried nearly all the remedies I can think of and looking for more suggestions. Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently got back into Arow's after about a 5...