kuhli loach

  1. C

    100-120 Gallon Paludarium Species List

    Hello, I am new here and while I have kept fish (African cichlids) in aquariums in the past I was hoping to start a new project, a paludarium. I have done some research on them and I am hoping to keep one that is relatively self sustaining, for example I was hoping to keep the prey for the...
  2. A

    Treating fungus the safest way

    I purchased cardinal tetras two weeks ago and noticed a small spot on one in the beginning but thought he had just got scratched on something however several have it now and it's definitely fungus. I have a vampire shrimp, bristlenose pleco, and Kuhli loaches in the aquarium with them however...
  3. The Dave

    How To Care For Your Kuhli Loaches

    Hello eveyone, In my most recent film I have decided to turn the camera lense on one of the most interesting and unique freshwater fish in the hobby. The KUHLI LOACH ! These fish have some strange features and habits that make them a very entertaining addition to a community tank. They are easy...