1. Jush

    Arowana Knifefish???

    Hi, one of my local fish shops has just told me they're getting Arowana Knife fish in this week, but what the hell is an Arowana knife fish? Ive done some reading and come across them being called marble or pom pom knife fish but is this true? What I want to know is how big they get, their...
  2. mattybecks

    Some Dubai LFS

    I mentioned before I would take a little trip around my area and show you guys the different types of fish stores and their fish stocks. There are 3 "types" of stores for buying fish here if I may say that. Each group of shops I combined into their own video. Some of the stores are your more...
  3. M

    Is Lancashire characins closed

    I've been looking online for new sources for predators and I've recently seen the Lancashire characins stock list. But then when I Google the store it says permanantly closed has it actually closed down or has it just relocated and reopened anywhere under another name sorry if this isnt the...
  4. KelberiFishLover19

    Making Money to Maintain Fish

    Everyone knows that keeping fish(especially big fish) is expensive. As a younger person who cannot get employed because of age, I just cannot figure out ways to make money for my hobby. I have 3 tanks currently and am barely maintaining them because I am always short on money. I had about 100$...
  5. A

    Your Favorite Things about your Local Fish Stores?

    A few weeks ago I created the Pet Peeve's thread for LFS and it got many responses about things that make us a bit uneasy and upset. If you haven't seen that thread, want to read it, or comment on it just go to this link here...
  6. Dustin3006

    Best fish store in Fl?

    I'm located in central Florida and travel a lot around the state. I'm looking for the best fish store here. Preferably in central Florida but not limited to
  7. PatrickMW36

    Info on LFS around Tampa FL/Bradenton FL

    I have family about 40 minutes south of Tampa that I'm going to be visiting. Wanted to check out some good shops. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  8. MikeGuerra

    IN NEED OF LFS Around Queens PLEASE

    Hi guys just got back into the hobby with a 125 after being out for about 2 years. Just went to my 2 lfs's I always use to go to and they're really slacking they have nothing. Does anyone live in queen or Brooklyn ny and know a good lfs that usualy has some good fish. Please let me know thank you
  9. kody929

    San Diego LFS

    Hello everyone. I'm going to be in San Diego this weekend. Does anyone know any good LFS with some exotic freshwater fish around the San Diego area? Thanks
  10. kim91

    Pros & cons on buying juvenile pr adult jardini arowana?

    What are the pros and cons on buying jardini arowana? Also is it better to buy it from a private seller / someone who is not a Fish Store/LFS. Thank you