1. M

    Any suggestions on breeding bedotia madagascariensis??

    Hello all! First post ever, so here we go. Have a group of 13 bedotia madagascarensis that have had one successful hatching of fry approximately 5 months ago (reared 4 to sub adults) while in a quarantine holding tank. They have since been moved to there permanent 53 gallon tank, and has yet to...
  2. GoldFinger


    Any help would be much appreciated. My Madagascar Cichlid has some skin lesions and white spots that occur randomly over his body. It doesn’t appear to be Ich and I originally treated it with a salt bath and then repeated water changes while adding salt. My fish is in a 20G hospital tank now...
  3. AquaScape

    Africa Shipment In! Polys, Oddballs, and More!

    Blue Neon Nigripinnis- 2"-2.5" - $65.oo Pearl Line Lamprologus- 2" - $8.oo Ea. or 3/$21.oo West African Lungfish(annectens)- 12" - $OLD OUT West African Lungfish(annectens)- 14" - $OLD OUT Slender Lungfish(dolloi)- 10" - $85.oo Trunkfish(Mormyrus...
  4. MooseTheWizard

    Paratilapia polleni

    I have had some friends say I should do threads for some of my more interesting fish. I know this guy isn't exactly rare, but they're quite uncommon in my area and I see a lot of people asking for information about them. I picked this guy up several months ago now (don't remember when, I'll...
  5. Hybridfish7

    Are cichlids evolved from saltwater fish?

    I've been theorizing this for awhile... You take a look at some cichlids, and they look close to almost exactly like some saltwater fish. I've also heard that cichlids can handle and live in decently salty water. I don't know anything about the evolution of cichlids or anything... but if you...
  6. B

    tank mate

    Im about to buy a 100 gallon tank 5ft long about 2ft tall and about 2ft front to back. My plan for the tank is a cichlid tank not african. I was planing to put a jaguar in it with maybe 2 convict cichlids or maybe a madagascar cichlid what type of cichlid would be best with a jaguar cichlid. I...