1. H

    mastacembelus congicus - congo eel, not feeding

    Hi guys I picked up one these guys, very seldom seen in the hobby apparently, I assume they are similar to other spiny eels care wise. I’ve had this guy about 2 weeks and I’ve yet to see him eat, he’s on his own in a quarantine tank, pvc pipes and some wood, filter wise he’s got two sponge...
  2. M

    Fire Eels

    I'm investigating keeping fire eels and would like to learn from people that work with them, everything that I need to know. What size of tank? I Intend to keep them longterm. I read that they refuse to eat if not kept in brackish water but what I've read they inhabit freshwater habitats. What...
  3. R

    Thoughts on Fire Eel tank change

    Hello Everyone! I have a beautiful Fire Eel currently housed in a 125g planted tank. He's around 18 in. I'm doing some tank re-arrangements to maximize my fish room. I have a 135g cube tank (36 W x 36 L x 24 H) available. I am briefly considering putting my eel into this tank. It's not very...
  4. Experiment397

    Eel for planted indo tank

    Im trying to figure out what spiny to get for my 125. The tank is fully planted, with about 3" of a sand/soil mix, has lots of natural leaf litter and rockwork. The main inhabitants of the tank are some Bala Sharks all around 5-7" right now and an 8" kissing gourami, along with a dozen or so...