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    For Sale  210 Gallon Tank

    Selling my 210 gallon tank, has overflows. Located in Concord NH area, pick up only. $850 obo
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    Want to Buy  Kelberi peacock bass

    Looking for Kelberi peacock bass, Anyone know where I could pick up some ?
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    For Sale  Red Oscar

    I have a Red Oscar around 9 inches that needs a new home, local pick up only, Concord NH area.
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    FERNO the red oscar update!

    Ferno the red Oscar has been growing like a weed! He’s a bottomless pit and growing fast! Here’s some pics of him below, he’s somewhere around 6 or 7 inches!
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    Red ceder wood in aquariums ?

    So I've been doing some looking around for a while now trying to figure out if red ceder is safe to use, ( I have 2 large pieces in my 125 gallon setup) I found mixed opinions, some people saying no at all and some saying yes if it is old and boiled/ soaked properly. I have been having an issue...
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    Anubias plant

    Hello everyone, I'm, looking to add a species of Anubias to my 125 gallon setup, I'm thinking of going with Anubias Nana, whats everyone's favorite type of Anubias or suggestion ?
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    Reverse Osmosis System

    I've been looking at starting up a Reverse Osmosis System to try and purify my tap water because I'm starting to think that my tap water contains high levels of nitrates and that is why I'm having a hard time keeping nitrates down in my 125 gallon setup. I've been looking at the RO unit that...
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    Whats your favorite Pleco species?

    Post up your pics below of your favorite Pleco species!:D My favorite being the L025 Red scarlet pleco (Pseudacanthicus) I have yet to come across one but is on my bucket list for sure. (Photo below is not mine, not my credit.)
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    Water change why not

    Had nothing going on so figured I might as well do a water change why not can’t hurt nitrates are a bit hire than I’d like anyway
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    Vulture catfish

    Quick video of my 14 inch vulture cat, I'll try and upload a better video at some point but this is what i have for now:D
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    BOLT CATFISH (Aguarunichthys torosus)

    Just found this species on planet catfish, anyone one here keeping one or seen one up for sale anywhere?
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    What’s everyone keeping for cats

    I have an addiction for larger odd ball catfish and wondering what everyone is keeping or what’s your favorite. Post pics and info below :D My current favorite is the vulture catfish or Calophysus macropterus. -Got the opportunity to get one about a month ago and couldn’t pass it up been the...
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    Advice on breeding

    Anyone have some good tips on breeding geophagus tapajos’ red head ? I have a group of 4 juveniles, 1 male and 3 females. Looking to breed them as they mature
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    California law question

    so in california where I live, all sharks of the carcharhinus genus are banned which includes reef sharks. However, the whitetip reef shark is not of the genus carcharhinus so does that mean they can be kept. Note, as of right now I do not seek to keep sharks of any kind but I do have some...
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    This bad for plecos??

    I got a L330 watermelon pleco today and it has significant teeth. I hear it grinding on the side of my tank wall with its teeth and I can hear it. That bad for the pleco? Thanks